March 06, 2019

Barbara Kay: Trans athletes have “erased” REAL women from sports

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant ShowNational Post columnist Barbara Kay joined me to discuss the latest outrage concerning male athletes competing as females in women's sports.

Barbara explained how biological men aren't just winning competitions they have no right to compete in, they're actively discouraging real women from attempting to qualify.

The participation of trans athletes in women's sports is erasing the careers of actual females.

WATCH my interview with Barbara to see how one male weightlifter destroyed the trans narrative by singlehandedly smashing every British women's weightlifting record while he "identified" as female.

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commented 2019-03-10 16:12:26 -0400
Some crazy stuff going on here.. Because of the stupidity that has been allowed to run rampant in our Western Society over the last half Century, I find the whole thing Hilarious.. And I will not apologize for that. You were all warned Decades ago.. I was one of many that warned our Society of what might happen.. Few listened.. Now you’re screwed…
commented 2019-03-07 11:06:28 -0500
Liza, IF the tranny’s are ever allowed to have their own category in sports No-One ( that I know) would be interested in watching, so IMO having a special category for less than 1% of the sane population is doomed to fail.
Besides, I would make it a Rule that “only post-operation athletes” could compete!
commented 2019-03-07 10:32:27 -0500
The stupidity of these PC people is absolutely mid boggling . There must be an awful lot of angry women out there who have been forced to throw away years of training . It is heartbreaking !
commented 2019-03-06 19:00:52 -0500
I don’t know why any woman would enter sports in this post modern, post truth nightmare. Trannies need their own league/category. That they compete against women is decidedly unfair and it boggles my mind that it is allowed. There is no integrity in any of our institutions anymore. Everything is under attack.
commented 2019-03-06 16:51:35 -0500
The first thing we need to do is stubbornly and relentlessly keep using the correct pronouns: he/him for biological men, she/her for biological women. Bruce Jenner is “him.” Charity Bono is “her,” regardless of what they might feel – biology is a science, not an opinion. If we refuse to play their game it will at least be a start.
commented 2019-03-06 12:37:39 -0500
’Marxist Brainwashing of our society to weaken our Moral Fiber & instill Confusion to Destroy our Critical Thinking Skills.