July 06, 2018

Trans Actress Bitter She Didn’t Get Johansson’s Role

Martina MarkotaRebel Contributor

Scarlett Johansson is playing a trans man in a new movie, and a trans actress who nobody has ever heard of is bitter about it.

The actress is complaining that ‘cis’ people get to play trans characters, but not the other way around. But that’s nonsense. Gay actors play straight roles all the times, and there are plenty of trans actors getting major Hollywood parts.

Let’s be honest about this. If you look the part, then you might get the part. If you don’t look the part, then don’t be bitter you didn’t get the job.

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commented 2018-07-06 15:28:40 -0400
Great commentary Martina.

This unknown person is resentful and bitter, full of excuses and reality isn’t valid!!!
commented 2018-07-06 14:45:22 -0400
Again. I agree with Martina Markota​.
People use all kinds of excuses for why they weren’t chosen for a part.
Get good at your craft. Work hard. Be reliable. Be punctual.
That goes for EVERY line of work except Professional #Thumbsucking and #Mudflinging.