May 27, 2019

Transgender activist: Inclusive language a “matter of life and death”

Rob ShimshockRebel Contributor

Transgender activist and Netflix whatsit Laverne Cox addressed students at California's Pitzer College on pet topics ranging from language policing to abortion.

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commented 2019-05-29 12:56:34 -0400
200 grand over four yrs. in tuition and all these pathetic grads are get is a carefullly crafted mantra that comes from the gender confused and another pitiful freak out about how wrong it is that in some places the government is making it harder for you to kill your own baby.
commented 2019-05-28 18:10:40 -0400
The only thing transgenders and LGBTQ, and now there’s a 2 at the end — LGBTQ2, which means the person has two spirits, masculine and a feminine apparently — so the only thing this community will get is a world of confused and angry people who will not know what to say or do with them. Mass avoidance instead of inclusion. I almost feel sorry for regular people who happen to be gay who don’t want to be part of this circus.
commented 2019-05-28 11:21:19 -0400
“Inclusive language a “matter of life and death””

That fallacy is only true in the Leftards’ version of reality.
People wonder why the Leftards started systematically dismantling all mental institutions so many years ago (phased out or relegated to a small portion of existing hospitals) – they knew they’d be filled to the rafters with this generation of whackadoodles.
commented 2019-05-28 01:02:31 -0400
No it isn’t , sorry but i will never bow down to your demanded fascism and tyranny.
commented 2019-05-27 20:35:37 -0400
Yes. Lunatics are DEFINITELY running the asylum.
commented 2019-05-27 20:31:34 -0400
I posted this earlier but it fits again here:

These bizarre accusations of hate coming from the trans-gender community are exactly the opposite of what’s really going on. If those who disagree with the trans-gender lifestyle were really the hateful, intolerant ones, wouldn’t they be the ones trying to silence the trans-gender community rather than the other way around? No, it’s obvious that it’s the trans-gender community that hates everyone who won’t affirm their lifestyle choices. As a Christian, I believe God only had one plan for human sexuality, and that’s for one man and one women to come together in marriage and stay together for life. But I’m not about to force my views on anyone. You leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. You try to force your views on me, and I’m coming for you…. individual or government, it doesn’t matter, I’m coming.

PS: Nobody is EVER going to force me to say anything I don’t want to say.
commented 2019-05-27 19:21:58 -0400
Dan: that sounds like a plan,now you need some cold ones!! LOL
commented 2019-05-27 19:20:05 -0400
The world doesn’t need to change because you changed into some gender blender crap!! Freaks don’t run this country and hopefully never will!!!
commented 2019-05-27 18:38:34 -0400
I think I’ll move my computer from the desk to the easy chair…that way I can sit back and put my feet up as I watch the world go to Hell…