July 10, 2017

Transgender activism, “gender-free” babies and the true self

Tanveer AhmedRebel Commentator

The transgender movement continues to gain pace with the first baby yet to be assigned a gender making news in Canada last week.

Similar clashes are occurring throughout the Western world, from medical consulting rooms to bathrooms.

I treat such patients and believe the vast majority of sufferers will recover and accept themselves as ordinary, usually gay, adults.

But activists are increasingly embracing the tools of science to encourage early intervention, potentially damaging lives forever.


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commented 2017-08-25 21:26:37 -0400
“Assigning gender at birth is a violation of a child’s human rights to freely express their gender identity, Doty argues.”

One could argue the exact same thing about circumcision, perhaps the baby didn’t want to have his foreskin removed and his human right to an unaltered body was violated. I say the same thing about ear piercing for little girls. My point isn’t ban circumcision, in this case it’s suck it up and stop looking for attention with the use of your baby social experiment.
commented 2017-07-11 17:18:22 -0400
Every time a terrorist attacks, the subject of mental illness is raised, rather than religious beliefs. Every time a transgender issue is raised, the subject of mental illness is not raised. Something is wrong here.
commented 2017-07-11 16:31:25 -0400
@Bill Elder – Smiling and walking away is a good solution when the person is just a random stranger you meet in passing. But what happens when that person is your new manager or a government employee – say, a police officer or someone from Revenue Canada reviewing your taxes – that demands you acknowledge their fantasy? What if your performance review and raise hang in the balance: do you play along with their pretense or face a bad performance review or maybe jail or a tax audit?

Those are the situations that scare me. With Bill C-16 in place now, we could GO TO JAIL for not playing along with these fantasies!! So could their employers. Who is going to take the resulting bullet for resisting this nonsense?

In my opinion, we URGENTLY need a test case or two to see if the courts will actually uphold C16. With a bit of luck – well, maybe a LOT of luck – sanity will prevail and the courts will strike down that part of C16. On the other hand, they might uphold it, in which case we’d know very clearly that we are well and truly down the rabbit hole and no longer living in a rational country with a rational government and rational courts. That might give us time to find somewhere else to live where rationality still reigns supreme.
commented 2017-07-11 14:01:24 -0400
When someone says : “I identify as……” what they are really saying is “I’m pretending to be….” At that point I know I’m being confronted with delusion looking for my acceptance their fantasy is real – which they will never get, I refuse to renounce reality. I just smile and walk away because I don’t associate with mentally unbalanced people.
commented 2017-07-11 13:04:37 -0400
I like Lloyd’s idea too.
commented 2017-07-11 11:49:44 -0400
Good one Lloyd. Might take first place over Sue. The visuals it pulls up are so 2017. And the material says so much.
commented 2017-07-11 10:31:45 -0400
ALLEN , how about gender bender , made out of silly putty

All of you lazy " progressives " out there , the ones I grew up with , your grandkids and great grandkids birth certificates are going to be forced on the public, wheather you like it or not
commented 2017-07-11 09:49:09 -0400
In no way should transgender sex change operations be covered by OHIP. I can’t even get a new set of contact lens covered unless I wait two years.
commented 2017-07-11 08:46:48 -0400
When the birth certificate list U instead of M or F, it’s a good indicator that the infant will be raised to be confused and delusional. Keeping this in mind, child protective services should be involved on a regular basis to do welfare checks on the child & determine whether other forms of abuse are happening. A complete Home Study seems very reasonable to me, and, interviewing the parent/s at length throughout the child’s life.

I heard a partial radio report last week discussing uterine transplants and how transgender population are excited at the prospect of having this surgery. It is a long way off, but, this organ transplant will be available in the future. I found a few articles this morning, here’s one
commented 2017-07-11 03:58:13 -0400
Look on the bright side. All these trans people will have screwed up their reproductive systems, to the point where they can no longer have kids.
commented 2017-07-11 01:25:31 -0400
It has nothing to do with gender – this is a self evident biological matter. This is about normalizing delusion and subjugating society to the whim of delusionals – it expands the state into the realm of illusion and the power to subvert reality – that is a awesome weapon of societal devastation more powerful than any WMD.
commented 2017-07-11 01:21:44 -0400
Why do these mental cases have to push their sickness onto others?
commented 2017-07-11 00:48:08 -0400
Tammie, I’m a big Cash fan as well . Good choice. If it takes off I’ll put you in for a percentage.
commented 2017-07-10 22:45:49 -0400
@Tammie Putinski-Zandbelt….funny….that was an example I often invoked on MGTOW forums in response and outrage to feminist emasculation of men and “toxic masculinity”.

But it is really not new ….it started long ago with a cultural concept and ….Jezus I want to spit for conceeding to this….“social construct” called GENTLEman.

And like it or not even the biker with the nom-de-guerre of “Apache” who is the handsome devil bad boy the girls love….is expected on certain social occassions to be a complete “pussy”.

So gender role confusion is not something we should be surprised about nor unfamiliar with.

The edge of the wedge and the first concession that was made to John Stuart Mill liberalism and feminism was the foppish wig and lace wearing creatures who were deemed acceptable at the courts of kings…..nothing new about the metrosexuals at all…

commented 2017-07-10 21:32:29 -0400
Allan Peterson, I’m a Johnny Cash fan, so let’s name it Sue!
commented 2017-07-10 21:03:40 -0400
There is money to be made here just as with any fad. What the world desperately needs is toy like Mr Potato Head that allows kids to assign various naughty bits and accoutrements to “it” and then give it a name. I guarantee you will make a fortune. You’re welcome. If you feel any obligation for the idea you can send me a cut. My white privilege kind of demands it.

Let’s give it a name now shall we? Who’s first?