April 28, 2017

Tribunal dings landlord $12K for failure to accommodate “Sharia tenants from Hell”

David MenziesMission Specialist

A recent Ontario Human Rights Tribunal decision proves two points: Islam occupies the very pinnacle of the Human Rights hierarchy and the Canadian Constitution needs to be amended to recognize private property rights. 

A recent Toronto Sun column by Michele Mandel is must-read material to understand the way Human Rights racketeers game the system to reward the takers while crucifying the makers.

Watch as I explain how a landlord who rented out the main floor of his Brampton, Ontario home to an Arab Muslim couple, ended up being ordered to pay them $12K for not “accommodating” their religious practices.

By the way, it should be noted the landlord was looking for new tenants because the couple were proving to be Sharia tenants from Hell.

While attempting to defend himself, the landlord accused the tenants of trying to impose their way of life on him but the Tribunal wasn’t buying that because he had made a "racist" joke on Facebook about devout Arabs.

Poor guy. He told the Tribunal that he had the right to freedom of speech, clearly unaware that Human Rights Commissions consider free speech toxic.

So it is that the couple were awarded $6K each for “injury to their dignity, feelings and self-respect”, while the landlord must take a course called, “Human Rights in Rental Housing.”

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commented 2017-04-29 16:45:53 -0400
hippy tee hop..hippy tee hop…time to go to justin trudeau land..hippy tee hop….
commented 2017-04-29 14:06:57 -0400
This is a cautionary tale for all who rent their property, due diligence ahead of signing a lease is needed to prevent cases like one. Islamists will use HRC to punish you for not being sharia compliant or sharia receptive.
commented 2017-04-29 12:05:34 -0400
The UK is likely going to pass a new law; If a Refugee’s Country is considered safe after 5 years, they are sent back. The Homeland Government thinking is Give refuge to those that need it . If they no longer need it, (as the Country is now deemed safe) the UK has done its International duty.
Trudeau should follow the UK’s example of common sense.
commented 2017-04-29 03:56:32 -0400
What ever happened to the disabled guy that could not move into the Muslim apartment because he was not a Muslim? We could use a follow up report. I love how there is such a huge contrast when you reverse the identities.
commented 2017-04-29 02:18:49 -0400
It is simply the tax on the infidels. Hope the owner was a pro-refugee, maybe he’ll learn something.
commented 2017-04-28 23:56:51 -0400
That story was both frightening and enraging!
All these restraints and rescinding of rights, the new strictures of thought crimes being forced on us, daily, by the state/media cabal, are not going to end well. At a certain point The People, or enough of them will react! Rebel. Revolt.
There will be blood…
This oppression we are experiencing – from taxpayer funded, elected representatives – seems to be insultingly and pointedly meant to cause this rebellious anger – to drive us to violence. For a reason.

I never thought this could happen in Canada.
commented 2017-04-28 23:24:29 -0400
HRC is involved in the sharia creep…
commented 2017-04-28 20:58:25 -0400
I have called Toronto Canada’s Anus in the past and i see it is becoming more and more true every day.
commented 2017-04-28 20:08:02 -0400
“Human Rights in Rental Housing” yep, I’ll be running off to the local college and enrolling in that one. Has anyone noticed that we’re turning into a lunatic asylum?
commented 2017-04-28 19:51:47 -0400
Maybe he had a hole in his sock? Maybe he didn’t want to expose his naked toe to a modestly dressed woman?
commented 2017-04-28 18:52:50 -0400
That story will encourage Canadians to like them more. I’m glad I don’t have a rental, it sounds problematic. My contract would include chores like shovelling the snow from the rented sidewalks, out front and up to the house. Wow, the nerve of the tribunal to facilitate more alienation.
commented 2017-04-28 18:22:26 -0400
Time for some Jewish Lightning, collect the insurance and move to Hungary.
commented 2017-04-28 17:47:13 -0400
It’s ok, we don’t need a referendum to change the constitution, private property rights can be “read into the spirit of the document” by the Supremes. I won’t hold my breath.
commented 2017-04-28 16:44:46 -0400
Billy Howard – I wonder how much longer it will be our right to rent to whoever we want to? These globalists may confiscate property. Look at what Hitler did to the Jews. This is no longer Canada, and our laws don’t matter one wit to these liars and thieves. Don’t advertise your property, do it without advertising, or you very possibly could be taken to the kangaroo HRC.
commented 2017-04-28 15:49:58 -0400
Keith Barnes:
Of course I wouldn’t “say” the reason for not renting to them – that would be stupid. But you’re correct when you say it is my right to decide who I rent to. Besides, there are exclusive “Muslim” housing units being reported in Canada, so what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
commented 2017-04-28 15:39:39 -0400
Correct me if I am wrong, but is it not illegal to refuse a renter because of Race, Creed or Color? To me this is all BS, it is your Property, you should be able to rent it to whom you like.
commented 2017-04-28 15:06:42 -0400
I have rental suites. I will not be renting to Muslims because your report shows me how intolerant and vengeful they can be, not to mention the PC/SJW human rights tribunal being Islamist shills. I also wouldn’t want to be sued if they smelled my breakfast bacon frying.
commented 2017-04-28 14:51:25 -0400
Thanks and great job OHRC :)
You helped me decide my approach on renting.
commented 2017-04-28 14:46:19 -0400
The Human Rights department is nothing but a pro-Sharia group of pathetic nut cases. Hey HRC..Islam is poison! Don’t believe me…read the Quran you fu’cking morons!
commented 2017-04-28 14:44:55 -0400
HRC are scared to go against the Religion of Peace, they may get their friggin throats cut.

Every day we see evidence of the war against the White Man but it is White Civil Servants who are fighting it. They like their supreme Boss, Justin Trudeau, are traitors to Canadians.
commented 2017-04-28 14:44:06 -0400
Human Rights Commission is the most effective scam yet.
commented 2017-04-28 14:16:01 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,211 Attacks, 213,831 Killed, 295,018 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-04-28 14:13:09 -0400
Let’s face it, the HRC’s were set-up to imposed sharia law in Canada. It’s a kangaroo court system!
commented 2017-04-28 14:10:40 -0400
Who in their right mind would want to rent out part of their home to muslims? If m103 goes through it’s going to be like muslims just won the lottery. They’ll all be suing anybody who even looks sideways at them. When’s all this sickening islamic takeover of Canada going to end?
commented 2017-04-28 14:04:30 -0400
“Rewarding the takers while crucifying the makers.”

This is the norm now in this upside-down, downside-up, right-is-wrong, wrong-is-right world of ours.