June 03, 2015

After one legal victory, Trinity Western's freedom of religion battle continues

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I've been covering the case of Trinity Western University for a while now. They're ready to open their new law school, but three law societies won't accept the credentials of any future graduates.

Why? Because Trinity Western is a Christian college with a strict code of conduct.

Civil rights lawyer and intervenor John Carpay talks about how this case is proceeding in various provincial courts.

Critics say the school discriminates against gays and lesbians. Carpay explains why this is a bogus charge.

He talks about the school's recent victory in one province, but there are two more court cases coming up.

These cases cost money to fight. I've pledged $50 to get the donation ball rolling. If you'd like to contribute to Trinity Western's legal fund, go to TheRealBigots.com.


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commented 2015-06-07 22:49:35 -0400
That’s pretty much it. I’m indifferent until the agenda forces me to compromise
commented 2015-06-07 22:35:05 -0400
Peter, I am not sure what “your stance” is…but ACTIVISTS are often the cause of much of the problems of the people they represent…i.e. radical feminists often end up making life worse for women in danger by making women appear to be more of a threat to those who are already hostile to women, and radical gays don’t really help their cause when they behave in destructive ways to take away the rights of others for the same reason…many people are relatively indifferent to gays if they live and let live, but when these ‘gays’ with an agenda deliberately seek to take away the liberty of others out of spite, they bring hostility upon themselves and those they represent. I suspect many of these activists may be well meaning but they need to be careful that they are not being manipulated by professionals seeking to make money out of their cause by goading them into actions they will regret or using them as pawns to work things to their advantage.
commented 2015-06-07 19:14:59 -0400
Reminds me of a story Fr. Jim told us. The teacher asked the class to define ignorance and apathy. Little Johnny said “Teacher, I don’t know and I don’t care”.
commented 2015-06-07 16:42:58 -0400
Judy, I think you got it right. 2 billion catholics,3.5 billion Christians in total on this planet. 1.5 billion Muslims. The LGTBQ represent 4% of the population. But who sets the agenda for the majority? It is sickening to see Scott and a few others play devils advocate while we are told to be apathetic otherwise labeled bigots. I don’t care how much they persecute me. I know my mission. It’s nice to have good people like so many on this site to affirm my stance
commented 2015-06-07 09:02:42 -0400
I am NOT ONLY concerned with Christians or gays here…I am concerned with the hearts of those who seem bent on TAKING LIBERTY away from others, rather than seeking either LIBERTY OR EQUALITYAND USING THE COURTS, Human Rights commission etc. for deliberately destroying the rights of others…we are dealing with BLACK HEARTS HERE! My other question is ARE LAWYERS USING THESE CONFLICTS AND INFLATING THEM IN ORDER TO GAIN FINANCIALLY? If so, perhaps here is the source of the black hearts…could that be the case?

And, if this is so, what is OUR ELECTED government going to do to RESTORE BALANCE?
commented 2015-06-06 22:13:05 -0400
Christians have rights also. What is getting troublesome is that there is a fringe of Christians haters that want to disregard Canada’s Charter of Freedoms and Rights that cover everyone who lives in Canada. There are lawyers & judges that are liberal in opinion & when gives some power, they will always go against the Christian belief. The Bible says there would be coming a time when GOOD would be called EVIL and EVIL would be called GOOD. But some Christians are asleep and should not side in with evil . Some of the lawyers in B.C. that are going against Trinity, I hope they aren’t Christians!!!
commented 2015-06-06 22:13:04 -0400
Christians have rights also. What is getting troublesome is that there is a fringe of Christians haters that want to disregard Canada’s Charter of Freedoms and Rights that cover everyone who lives in Canada. There are lawyers & judges that are liberal in opinion & when gives some power, they will always go against the Christian belief. The Bible says there would be coming a time when GOOD would be called EVIL and EVIL would be called GOOD. But some Christians are asleep and should not side in with evil . Some of the lawyers in B.C. that are going against Trinity, I hope they aren’t Christians!!!
commented 2015-06-06 19:26:28 -0400
Judy, well said.
Tolerance these days goes only one way apparently. There is a war on Christians today, such as there always has been. It is just more open these days.
commented 2015-06-06 19:24:00 -0400
Scott, perhaps you didn’t see this…it was the attitude of LAWYER Christopher Hincks (sp?) here that put the steel into my soul on this issue more than the actions of his clients:


He seemed to be more of an activist than a cool-headed lawyer…and he appeared to THREATEN ACTION by ‘gays’ deliberately applying to enter the school to discredit THE SCHOOL…his attitude seemed very unseemly and frankly it appears that he is one who might recommend gays to behave in this aggressive manner so as to do a STING against the school in order to MAKE THE FACTS FIT HIS THEORY. His manner appears as one who is SALIVATING ($$$) at the conflict that he is warning WILL COME and his concern for gay rights appears to override any other rights. He speculates that the school may be found to DISCRIMINATE, and that they WILL inevitably do SOMETHING that will JUSTIFY taking their rights away from them. Is this a planned SET UP to destroy Christian liberty or just a desire to make money?

Is it possible that a lawyer would MANIPULATE a particular group to take actions in order to MAKE A CASE FROM WHICH HE WILL MAKE MONEY? Is this kind of behaviour typical for lawyers (i.e. divorce lawyers surely DON’T manipulate their clients to make them become more hostile and aggressive in order to lengthen the duration and cost of a case …do they?) :)

…what say you readers here who have listened to his remarks? Am I reading him right?
commented 2015-06-06 18:48:51 -0400
@ Scott…I said NOTHING about Gays as a group…what I said was about rabid, spiteful and RADICAL, WARRIOR ‘gays’ or those who have other agendas who are seeking to CRAM THEIR IDEOLOGIES DOWN OTHER PEOPLE’S THROATS and using the courts and the legal system to destroy the LIBERTIES OF OTHERS…come hell or high water. That is what they are doing…Scott…the WARPED VITRIOL is ALL ON THEIR SIDE

I am all out of patience for all sorts of people of ANY STRIPE who use the courts, human rights commissions, and other means, NOT TO GAIN LIBERTY FOR THEMSELVES, but to TAKE LIBERTY FROM OTHERS and trying to force people to bend to THEIR WILLS using political means…I don’t care whether they are gays, feminists, MRA’s, Muslims, pinks elephants or purple spacemen…

Why are these gays SO determined to CLOSE Christian law schools? Where is the real vitriol Scott? These radicals warriors are where the vitriol is…in their hearts…the hearts of some ‘gays’ who cannot just live and let live but they feel they have to make sure that those who don’t cross all their "T"s and dot all their "I"s are RUINED financially and career-wise. This is cultural rape and it is ugly. If you like their sort of VITRIOL and cannot see my point, then I have to wonder at your reasoning. Sometime the facts just aren’t enough for some people.

My accurate point is that Christian’s haven’t infiltrated the Gay soccer league or any other gay lobby group…something they COULD DO if they were obsessed with removing the rights of these gays to DISCRIMINATE AGAINST CHRISTIANS BY EXCLUDING THEM FROM THE LEAGUE. They aren’t LIVING TO DESTROY THE RIGHTS OF THESE ‘gay’ SOCCER PLAYERS, nor have they made a point of interfering with gay rights anywhere else…so why are some gays SO DETERMINED to prevent these Christian students from having a right to practice law in their particular provinces? This is THEIR VITRIOL, not mine…a most despicable, spiteful and rabid bigotry that has no respect for the rights of others…they don’t belong in a free country because they have no respect for liberty or designated charter rights, except for themselves.

@ Peter B….thanks for the link…briefly…there are some very good points there!
commented 2015-06-06 15:14:49 -0400
it’s people like Judy with such warped vitriol about gays that make me want to go back to being a closet conservative……
commented 2015-06-05 22:55:05 -0400
The Law Societies are RAVING ABOUT A COVENANT that is for the endurance of the student’s education period, only! It is no more than a SCHOOL RULE to set standards of behaviour ON CAMPUSNOT A RULE FOR BEHAVIOUR OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL OR FOR LIFE. Anyone can apply to the school. Homosexuals can apply and sign the covenant and attend the college if they wish to INFILTRATE AND ATTEND with the intentions of breaking the covenant…and the school has been warned that this WILL HAPPEN…I must say, this is enough for me to recoil in disgust considering what kind of IMMORAL LAWYERS will be produced by these deliberately deceitful homosexuals who are willing to sign a contract they intend to break just to make a point about ONE law school (AMONG MANY THEY COULD ATTEND) that offends them because of the religious beliefs of the students there. The bigotry that goes this far is base indeed. I can’t imagine a homosexual college being infiltrated by Christians in an attempt to do such a thing. This says a great deal about the contrast in MORAL FIBRE between the two groups. This homosexual lobby group is no more than a group that INTENDS TO IMPOSE ITS WILL ON ANOTHER GROUP COME HELL OR HIGH WATER…and shows that the homosexual agenda has nothing to do with sex here but with LEGAL RAPE OF RELIGIOUS PERSONS in the courts…FOR THE PURPOSE OF DESTROYING THEIR POTENTIAL CAREERS AND KEEPING THEM OUT OF THE LEGAL PROFESSION. I hope, that , no matter what the end result is, that the Christians will overcome and rise victorious over such immoral people who will not live and let live. They deserve to fail… and biGod (THE ORIGINAL FORM OF THE WORD bigot) they will…as they have in 6 provinces so far.
commented 2015-06-04 22:30:57 -0400
Law societies that are running scared of young future Christian lawyers are showing that they haven’t the confidence of their convictions… This would be laughable if it weren’t so creepy. If the lawyers of the Supreme Court find in favour of these immoral law societies then they should have to kiss their jobs goodbye…their job is to be independent and loyal to the law. So much for the Canadian Charter and the rights that these lawyers claimed to represent in the past.

“Chief Justice Brian Dickson wrote that this freedom (religion) at least includes freedom of religious speech, including “the right to entertain such religious beliefs as a person chooses, the right to declare religious beliefs OPENLY AND WITHOUT FEAR OF HINDRANCE OR REPRISAL…Freedom of religion would also prohibit imposing religious requirements.”

How does threatening FUTURE young Christian lawyers with BLACKLISTING not become THE IMPOSITION OF HINDRANCE AND REPRISAL?

Is Canadian policy going water down the charter with “RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, BUT”?

The Charter is becoming a tool for biased judges to control the liberty and rights of their pet preferences…it is time we ELECTED these judges with short TERMS of office like parliament…better they have to answer to the people than the parliament that has no power to remove them. We must find a way to take back our liberties from politicized judges before it is too late…and if electing them is the only way…then so be it.
commented 2015-06-04 13:56:03 -0400
Maurice, I’m glad to have you here at least. Stay with us. You too Dan. You’re a godsend
commented 2015-06-04 11:39:56 -0400
The forces of darkness appear to be winning – the Nova Scotia Judge’s correct decision notwithstanding.
The acolytes and sycophants of the Devil’s brigades are unapproachable with reason and moral absolutes, they are willfully blind and hard-hearted. Narcissists and degenerates reveling in their sickness, chauvinism and filth, and in denial of their indoctrination, or blissfully unaware.
The enablers and promoters of the sick and self destructive homosexual agenda, have stopped up their ears to fact and logic and law. Our representatives refuse to even hear the voices of opposition to this agenda – or ridicule the people who are struggling to maintain some sense of order, correctness and sanity in our country, in the face of this well heeled and determined juggernaut of evil and deceit and degeneracy, relentlessly rolling over the good people who stand up and speak out against it.
I guess they’re ignoring us because they figure they can get away with it – like they have been…
commented 2015-06-04 01:47:26 -0400
I’m not considering running, Jason. Sorry, Peter.
commented 2015-06-03 22:36:53 -0400
Maurice, you always have such great things to say. You remind me of a few people I talk to on Twitter. But PM might be a bit tough…
commented 2015-06-03 21:42:59 -0400
I second that. I wanted to post on another site but you had it covered
commented 2015-06-03 20:58:04 -0400
I wouldn’t worry too much about Gary Wood. He’s incapable of formulating a coherent thought or sentence unless it’s copy and paste job. And then it’s usually so far off topic, it just seems like bizarre gibberish. I still think he may be having a stroke. Boy, it’s sure lasting a long time!
commented 2015-06-03 20:40:00 -0400
yeah, Garry, Christians having to defend themselves because a group of people don’t like the standards set at a school where students willingly accept them, but people outside the school don’t accept them, is totally bowing down to Christians. Good grief.
commented 2015-06-03 20:09:50 -0400
Interesting how society runs “freedom of religion”… until that religion is Christianity. Then they do an abrupt about-face. There is no legal standpoint whatsoever to these law societies’ stands of not recognizing a degree from TWU. This is another case of prejudice against Christianity (isn’t that what this hypocrisy boils down to?) that has no legal precedent to fall back on when this eventually hits the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, it will have to go that far.

That being said (written?), I have zero confidence in the Supreme Court to actually uphold the Law…
commented 2015-06-03 20:02:08 -0400
Garry, eventually you will. Ezra I’ll just hand you some cash next Thursday to do with as you will. Love how you recognize so many diverse promise in this land. Good works
commented 2015-06-03 19:25:34 -0400
do we gotta bowdown to all christians now!
commented 2015-06-03 19:17:53 -0400
I’ll bet that there are more than a few muslim lawyers in Canada. Probably more reprehensible personal codes of conduct, too
commented 2015-06-03 17:55:32 -0400
So why do these law societies say you can’t be a lawyer if you have Christian morals. That is the Second most Stupid thing I have have seen today.
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