August 28, 2019

Tristin Hopper's viral racoon-killing tweet wasn't a fluke — “He thinks about dead animals a lot”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I used to like a journalist at Postmedia called Tristin Hopper. He was a bit quirky, in an industry that is full of completely flavourless, interchangeable, think-alike drones.

I wouldn’t call him right wing, but he was contrarian.

But then it got really weird, really quick — Look what he tweeted just the other day:

Romantic night with wife cut short by having to kick a potentially rabid raccoon to death. Randomly attacked a pedestrian.

I’m a Torontonian now, and believe me: we have so many raccoons in this city, it’s actually the mascot for the Toronto airline called Porter. They’re gross, and they’re not scared of people.

But really: Did this raccoon really just kept attacking, and he wouldn’t stop when he was shouted at, or even kicked once?

And you posted a picture of that — heroically?

So gross. If it’s dead, why is your foot still on top of it? Is this like a trophy shot? Why are you boasting about it to the world?

And then said his dad took out a machete to chop off its head or something, or stab it — even though it was already dead?

Maybe the whole thing is a joke.

Maybe they just found a dead animal and thought it would be funny to make up a story.

Who would do that? Well, this isn't the first time Tristin Hopper has shared something about dead animals. WATCH and I'll show you more of his tweets on that disturbing subject.

Funny: Tristin Hopper has also trashed the Rebel's media ethics, using our name as a byword for poor journalism.

Hey, Tristan, I don’t really think I’m going to use your moral code or your sense of judgment as a guide for anything.

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commented 2019-08-29 17:59:49 -0400
Hopper’s (apparent) killing of this animal and then bragging about it reminds me very strongly of an incident that also happened in 2001, also in Toronto. Three students grabbed a cat, skinned it alive and beheaded it, filming the entire thing, and then posted the video somewhere. They were caught and charged with animal cruelty. I remember reading at the time that very experienced police officers and prosecutors who had seen all manner of horrific things said the video was the most appalling thing they’d ever seen. Jubal Brown, renowned art critic – and art destroyer – defended them by offering the opinion that the video was “art”. (Brown is the guy that a few years earlier deliberately vomited on two pieces of expensive art at a Toronto gallery as a “review”.) Brown’s defense was not successful and the three men had the book thrown at them – which turned out to six months in jail, the most they could do for deliberately murdering a harmless animal and then bragging about it.

I don’t know whatever became of the three animal abusers: I can only find that one of them was named Jesse Power. Is it possible that Tristin Hopper is one of the other two? Or maybe he’s just a fan of their “art”. Either way, he’s appalling.

I’m sure that getting bitten by a racoon – rabid or not – is no joke and I would have no problem with Hopper defending himself against that if he felt cornered. I don’t know if calling Animal Control was realistic – are they staffed 24/7? how quickly can they respond to an emergency? – but mutilating its body with a machete after it was already dead seems like nothing but pure sadism and certainly nothing to brag about.

As an aside, getting bitten by a rabid animal is not fatal if you seek treatment promptly. I used to work with a guy who’d grown up in a remote area of Quebec. He told me that as a boy, he’d sometimes played with the wild dogs in the area and had twice been bitten by animals that were either rabid or potentially rabid. In both cases, he had rabies shots. In the first case, he had one shot a day for two weeks. By the time of the second incident, this had been reduced to a single shot. I worked with him years later so he obviously made a complete recovery.
commented 2019-08-29 11:51:38 -0400
Betty Power,
well said and common sense not to mention the humanitarian thing to do!
commented 2019-08-29 11:48:05 -0400
Hopper needs to be investigated for animal cruelty!
He SHOULD have called the police who would then have contacted the correct agency to take care of this poor animal.
The more I get to know PEOPLE, the more I LOVE AND PREFER ANIMALS!
commented 2019-08-29 11:43:54 -0400
Keith Barnes,
You made my day!!!
commented 2019-08-28 19:13:50 -0400
Raccoons are better than the other fast breeding rodent that has invaded Toronto.
commented 2019-08-28 19:01:13 -0400
Toronto is invested with raccoons? Gee…I thought it was with rats.

Written as a Citizen of rat-free Alberta, who freed ourselves of sewer rats last April 16th.

Side note, isn’t Hopper the one who writes ‘meaningfully’ about First Nation issues in the Post, particularly West coast nations? First, as Levant points out, a hunting culture respects the fauna it hunts which Hopper allegedly does not. Second, why does a Torontonian believe he can write about cultural concerns of a people 3-4 K away…I had always assumed he was of FN extraction.

Last point, I give Hopper the benefit of the doubt that he thought he was destroying a rabid animal. However, I have never known others who have done so to brag about it, beyond saying the spread of the disease was prevented. That said, was there a follow up by animal control officers (assuming Toronto is progressive enough to have such a department), and if so, what was the result of the tests?
commented 2019-08-28 18:16:42 -0400
That head-on-a-pike thing doesn’t work for varmints, not animal or human, mostly…
…but deer on a spit, over coals, with a baste…yum!
commented 2019-08-28 15:57:14 -0400
On a later note, where’s the honour for a well battle? “All right you little shit. You nobly defended your claim on my garbage. You fought well and you deserve a warriors honour”.
Find a decent part in the garden, few firecrackers for the seven gun salute and it’s done.
commented 2019-08-28 15:37:39 -0400
I hate deer. I hate the pests on the west coast. They are arrogant, shitting, car crashing, beautiful bearded Iris eaters. I live in a garden city and can never grow a rose in my front yard. Hate the things.
If I took a rock pick and defended my last bearded iris, it would not be on social media. Even if I was proud to defend my beautiful property. Even if I entirely loathed the animal.
Same goes for cat sized rats in BC. Those bastards are BIG and they’re awful.
Grey Squirrels will kick your ass too.
I’d only take it’s head as a prize if it attacked my kid & take the criticism.
I’d put it on a pike on my front yard to scare off any other animal that thought about hurting my kid again.
That’s when you go full metal jacket. If it attacked a loved one.
commented 2019-08-28 15:29:45 -0400
Yah, a chunk o’meat would be out of his leg with a psychotic raccoon fight.
commented 2019-08-28 13:45:20 -0400
“…we have so many raccoons in this city, it’s actually the mascot for the Toronto airline called Porter. They’re gross, and they’re not scared of people.”

Toronto infested with racoons? Gee, that’s too bad.

I mean, if I lived in the country outside of Trawna, instead of shooting my problem racoons I’d consider live-trapping ‘em and doing nocturnal drop-offs in some of the trendy areas. You know, the places that are full of those tree-huggers who keep telling us country-folk that we shouldn’t be hunting and trapping.

Hey, I wonder! You don’t suppose people might be doing just that….eh?
commented 2019-08-28 13:23:12 -0400
Not sure where you were going with that Ezra…
Other than pointing out that this particular establishment media ‘journalist’ is weird…but hey it’s the left…they’re messed up…in general.
Given the divide in reality between urban liberals and not-urban people…varmints are thought of, and dealt with, differently in these two different realities.
Have you ever been stalked by a rabid animal? You know exactly what’s going on and how potentially fatal it is. You take necessary steps…it’s basic common sense, and survival.
Given the divide in reality between urban liberals and not-urban people…
commented 2019-08-28 13:15:35 -0400
That man is clearly sick in the head. If the racoon was a problem, all he had to do was pick up the phone and call Animal Control. Period.