June 25, 2019

Trudeau welcomes anti-pipeline candidate for Montreal

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

Steven Guilbeault, the Liberals’ new star candidate in Montreal, doesn’t support the construction of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

But that should come as no surprise to the Liberals who recruited him, because Guilbault is the co-founder of a radical, far left-wing oil-hating organization called Equiterre and has spent more than the last 2 decades engaging in activism against Canada’s oil and gas.

During his time with Greenpeace in 2001, he and another green kook scaled the CN Tower and unfurled a banner that said “Canada and Bush Climate Criminals”

Equiterre was one of the environmental organizations targeted for audits under Harper’s conservatives those audits were canceled by Trudeau and then the Liberals and Guilbeault solidified their cozy relationship. Guilbeault officially left Equiterre in October 2018 and joined the Liberals’ Climate Advisory Panel as a “climate leader” co-chair of the working group the following November.

However, unfurling a hyperbolic banner and stuffing his snout in the public trough could be the least damaging forms of activism Guilbeault has engaged in over the past decades.

He was Tides-funded to destroy Alberta - a bought and paid for mercenary.

Equiterre received $60,000 in 2009 from the Tides Foundation, specifically as part of the Rockefeller Foundation-backed Tar Sands campaign to landlock Alberta oil and gas.

In 2011, Equiterre received $50,000 from the Tides Foundation for “research, education, and outreach on climate and tar sands-related issues.”

In 2012, another grant from the Tides Foundation totaling $45,000 went to Equiterre for the same purposes.

Today I’ll show you all the details.

The Liberals are just paying lip service to pipeline proponents and trading on false hope to save some votes in the next election.

You don’t actively recruit people like Guilbeault and build pipelines.

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commented 2019-06-27 12:40:59 -0400
It may not last forever, but they’re not going to build new facilities in the hopes they’ll one day be useful. The previous oil boom was driven by that very expectation, that the easy oil was already running out. Then someone figured out how to extract shale oil.

Yes, bitumen is great for heavier fractions such as diesel – as long as you can comply with ever-stricter sulphur requirements. The upcoming bunker oil ban is anther major concern. It probably does have a longer future since electrification will probably impact gasoline first, that’s what the “low hanging fruit” commuter vehicles use for the most part. That being said, the market is far from guaranteed and that’s a lot of what’s inhibiting investment.
commented 2019-06-27 00:54:20 -0400
ANDREW STEPHENSON— Good oil is too cheap. Bitumen can’t be profitably extracted at a cost where it’s competitive to convert refineries to use it.
Point about having to upgrade refineries is well taken, but thin, easy to refine Oil won’t last forever. As a sidebar I’m told that HEAVY OIL makes more powerful diesel for special needs.

Liza also makes a good point that our Provinces are selfish, where they should be all for one, and one for all to a certain extent.
When I lived in Vancouver a water moving proposal came up; take half of the Fraser River that drains into the Pacific Ocean and divert it to California for good money. You
would think that a War was declared, and the BC Gov’t didn’t even know about any proposal.
The same happened in Ontario, Greats Lakes water to help another Ont. community. The public went crazy.
Here is a Heavy Oil Refinery Proposal that would solve Alberta’s problems and help Canada for the next 50 years. No Gov’t money needed.
commented 2019-06-27 00:43:00 -0400
I know, Quebec can separate and go their own way, and the west can separate and go their own way, and Ottawa can get screwed, and Lotus land can fall into the sea. That big one is due any day now.
They were down with it in 2013

If western crude cannot get to tide water and to markets, forget transfer payments. F.U. go print some more worthless monopoly money.
commented 2019-06-26 23:41:28 -0400
““Alberta Premier Jason Kenney wants to increase sales and market access for Alberta oil and has called for building the Energy East pipeline, which would cross Quebec on its way to the Irving Refinery in New Brunswick and export markets through the port of Saint John.” "

Kenney forgot to ask the Irvings if they even wanted the bitumen.

Hint: they don’t. They’re set up for light crude. There has to be some sort of economic advantage to switching, which is to say that bitumen has to be cheap enough that it’s worth installing and using upgraders. If WTi is 50 dollars and WCS is 40, it’s simply not worth it. WTI won’t get more expensive – the shale taps open quickly – and WCS isn’t economical to extract if it’s much cheaper.

That’s why pipelines won’t save Alberta. Kenney knows this, but he won’t admit it (Alberta being Alberta, it doesn’t matter. He’ll get re-elected). Good oil is too cheap. Bitumen can’t be profitably extracted at a cost where it’s competitive to convert refineries to use it.
commented 2019-06-26 22:31:38 -0400
You are right about the foreign oil reduction and my info was dated. I forgot about the line 9 reversal, which is a fairly recent development. The east screamed bloody murder over that pipeline when all they were doing was changing the direction of the flow. I am speaking of the entitled government of Quebec and not all French Canadians as being in opposition, as many from Quebec work and have worked in the patch for decades.

Quebec will still limit access to eastern refineries and a route to foreign markets by not allowing pipelines, yet expect Alberta to pull money out of their arses for their equalization payment. If the west has no access to markets there will be no money to be pillaged.

“Alberta Premier Jason Kenney wants to increase sales and market access for Alberta oil and has called for building the Energy East pipeline, which would cross Quebec on its way to the Irving Refinery in New Brunswick and export markets through the port of Saint John.”

Good for them. Then they won’t need pipelines, Alberta’s oil and gas or any transfer payments. They will be a prosperous province and can afford their own welfare. They can drive electric cars in the Quebec winter and heat with electricity. Good luck.
commented 2019-06-26 18:47:36 -0400
Liza Rosie, Quebec has nothing against Alberta or its Oil, as they use it now for half their use. They recently dropped half of their Saudi Oil for Alberta Oil.

Quebec is in the enviable position where they have endless Hydro-Electric Power right in their back yard, not 900 km away. This is the reason why they are not too concerned about Oil.
commented 2019-06-26 16:55:33 -0400
commented 2019-06-26 16:49:49 -0400
SHELDON EISLER commented 2 hours ago
Andy: you truly are a freak!”

And an ass.

But I know you love it that way, so I won’t try to change it :)
commented 2019-06-26 14:27:09 -0400
Andy: you truly are a freak!
commented 2019-06-26 14:22:34 -0400
Quebec would rather ship Saudi oil up the St. Lawrence or have U.S. oil shipped to Maine and sent in a PIPELINE to Quebec City.
That isn’t bad enough. They refuse to extract their own resources and the west has to pay for their province in equalization payments. They would rather pipe and ship in foreign oil than western oil then not a problem but forget about your usual equalization payments because the west isn’t going to be pillaged any more. The bank is empty, we will not let the east suck us dry.

Bernier has vowed to make equalization payments FAIR. That would be embraced by all who want fairness and poo pooed by those who are happy to be parasites and don’t give two craps about anything but themselves. The east buys their oil and gas from other countries and leeches off the west for way more than they have a right to. Its done now, either with Bernier or some kind of of split in the country. Its over.
commented 2019-06-26 12:05:05 -0400
SHELDON EISLER commented 38 mins ago
ASS: syndrome"

I’m glad you like my ass, sheldon. flaunts. Or were you referring to Grade 5 me’s tendency to sign the high scores on the pinball machines in the lunchroom as ASS (ah, elementary school, when such things were funny)? I never did beat that bastard POO though for the top spot.
commented 2019-06-26 11:21:43 -0400
ASS: syndrome

Andrew Stephsenson Stupidity!!!
commented 2019-06-26 10:59:52 -0400
And this POS loves G. Soros and the CBC.
commented 2019-06-26 10:43:13 -0400
Quebec does not need or want new pipelines. Why should we ruin Canada for Alberta’s sake?
commented 2019-06-26 01:25:11 -0400
The Alberta Separatists should conduct a professional survey of the BC Interior in order to see the interest level of joining a separate Alberta. I hear almost weekly of Sawmills closing, some in business 60 years. Video below.

Another practice of the BC NDP is making the Interior pay for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland’s Bridges, Roads and their modern Public Transportation Systems.
For example The Lower Mainland just got a new Port Mann Bridge and drivers that used it automatically got charged two or three dollars, until it got paid for. Premier Horgan when elected stopped this fee and the whole Province had to pay for a bridge that they would never use. There are Billions of dollars of new projects coming up.
Like Alberta, many BC Interior people aren’t happy.

Also Separatists will have to know the interest from Manitoba and Sask. before starting an plans.
commented 2019-06-25 23:30:55 -0400
Time to turn off the money tap to Quebec and see how long they’ll last.
commented 2019-06-25 21:47:07 -0400
If Alberta crude isn’t free to be pumped east coast to west coast by pipeline unencumbered, then there is absolutely no reason for Alberta to remain in Canada.
commented 2019-06-25 21:22:40 -0400
Hopefully the three per centers get their hands on these liberal stooges if they come into Alberta Territory.Heads on a swivel you liberal scum.
commented 2019-06-25 20:47:39 -0400
I don’t think the west is going to put up with anymore bullshit. I hope that guy doesn’t vacation out west.
commented 2019-06-25 20:33:50 -0400
How much more of this horse shit are Albertans gonna take,pull the damn trigger Kenney and hold a referendum on separation already!! The intentions of this POS PM are crystal clear so quit posturing!!!
commented 2019-06-25 19:45:40 -0400
Taking a stand is not an action I would apply to Scheer.
commented 2019-06-25 19:00:01 -0400
Looks like Trudeau is going to take the eco-crazy route and steal back Green voters. Scheer should now take a stand and stop following the Trudeau narratives. Justin has claimed his far-left position and if Andy can do the same on the right, then let the games begin with a very clear choice and let Cdns decide if they want debt and green-induced poverty, OR freedom, lower taxes, a unified culture, and a return of national pride.
commented 2019-06-25 18:59:29 -0400
Lance said, “Is kind of like us out west having a say so and input on the Muskrat Falls project in Nfld…ridiculous”

You would think so, but this is that evil oil & gas from that evil Alberta so the Liberals welcome and grant weight to all people who are against Alberta’s oil and gas industry regardless of where they come from or their relative level of expertise in the industry.

While simultaniously the Liberals vomit out the other side of their mouth using the other side of their forked tongue how much they love Alberta’s oil and gas industry and how they are doing all they can for Alberta.

Typical lying duplicitous creepy Liberals.
commented 2019-06-25 18:49:23 -0400
Kenny will run and kiss his ass and say pretty please.
commented 2019-06-25 18:42:57 -0400
Is this guy related to Trudeau? He has that chubby cheeked Castro look about him.
commented 2019-06-25 18:28:57 -0400
Is kind of like us out west having a say so and input on the Muskrat Falls project in Nfld…ridiculous