November 08, 2018

“I wish I were kidding”: Trudeau’s Liberals blame Trump for anti-Semitism in Canada.

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Did you see this outrageous CBC story?

Trump and other politicians empower anti-Semitism in Canada, says Liberal MP Comments come as Trudeau prepares to apologize in House for 1939 decision to turn away Jewish refugees

Wait: Donald Trump, who was born in 1946, is responsible for the 1939 decision by Canada’s Liberal Party to turn away a ship of Jewish refugees from Hitler?

"When people start saying that there were good people in a neo-Nazi rally at Charlottesville, when people start tolerating speech that attacks groups or communities anywhere in the world, it obviously empowers people here in Canada who hate to come forward and speak publicly of things that they would never have before said in public," Anthony Housefather told CBC News.

Hey, I bet Donald Trump was even responsible for the fact that the neo-Nazi named Ernst Zundel ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party a few decades ago — and they allowed it!

That Trump and his racist time machine...

Yeah, I’m not really interested in Justin Trudeau making another tearful apology about something that happened almost a hundred years ago, while he funds anti-semitism today, giving $50 million to Hamas-controlled hate schools in Gaza.

Let's look at Trudeau’s own Liberal Party:

Trudeau’s Muslim liaison, an MP and a junior cabinet minister, Omar Alghabra, used to run the anti-Semitic Canadian Arab Federation, which actively called for the legalization of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Trump didn’t do that. A Trudeau Liberal did — and was promoted for it.

Trudeau unveiled a memorial for the Holocaust — but it managed not to have the word "Jews" or "anti-Semitism" anywhere in it. How do you even do that? It’s like a museum about slavery, without the word black.

But the CBC loves it. And by the way:

I noticed something about this CBC story that was very revealing, but they didn't think anyone would notice. TONIGHT I'll show you what that was...

Trump — whose daughter converted to Judaism, and married a Jewish man, and has Jewish kids. Trump — who moved the embassy to Israel; who helped wipe out ISIS; Trump, the most pro-Israel president in history, with the possible exception of Truman who helped create the modern state of Israel.

Donald Trump isn’t an anti-Semite.

And he’s not whipping up anti-Semitism — other than the odd wacko who thinks Trump is far too Jewy.

Justin Trudeau isn’t a philo-Semite. We’re not stupid enough to think that his crocodile tears about something 80 years ago means that Trudeau is a friend of the Jews today. Not the guy who have $10 million to a terrorist named Omar Khadr.

And right wingers aren’t the threat to the world’s Jews.

Muslim extremists are. Louis Farrakhan. Omar Alghabra. Every radical mosque where Trudeau campaigns. Every failed state that Trudeau dumps our foreign aid money on — and invited their unvetted migration.

I’m concerned about anti-Semitism, because I’m a Canadian, and because I’m a Jew.

Donald Trump isn’t the cause of it.

And I won’t say Justin Trudeau is.

But too many of his decisions are...

NEXT: Some men in the UK were charged after making a tasteless joke about the fatal Grenfell Tower fire. Who better to talk about this than someone who knows what it's like to be prosecuted for a joke?

My guest is "Count Dankula" himself.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2018-11-10 16:18:11 -0500
Mo Jones, the conservative party is conservative in name only just as the Liberal party is truly the Communist party of Canada and has been since Pierre Trudeau. These parties should be forced to change their brand name as the parties were hi-jacked long ago.
The Big Switch:
In 1963, as you will remember, Trudeau had campaigned for the Marxist New Democrats, and had called the Liberals “idiots” and “a spineless herd.”
Two years later, in 1965, Trudeau, Gérard Pelletier and Jean Marchand, of Cité Libre, decided to run for Parliament themselves – as Liberals.
In an article in Le Devoir, Trudeau and Pelletier explained to the dumbfounded N.D.P. that,
“we are pursuing the same objectives and adhering to the same political ideas we have been espousing for so long in Cité Libre…”
Among these ideas was “a politics open to the left.”
It should be understood, they explained, that “a political party is not an end, but a means.”
Trudeau, in other words, was still working for Communism. He had become a Liberal simply because the Liberals could win and the N.D.P. couldn’t. He was frankly using the Liberal Party, in accordance with the Maoist tactics he so admires.
Conservative leader Andrew Scheer said he’s “proud” to welcome her into the party fold.
She also denied that the spring provincial election, in which Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives captured the riding in a rout, played any part. In 2015, Alleslev won her seat by roughly 1,100 votes.
commented 2018-11-10 09:52:28 -0500
Hey Ezra, your commentaries just keep getting better and better. You’ve not only become the moral voice of conservative Canada but have single handedly become the only real opposition party to Trudeau and his Liberals. Trudeau must burn at the very thought of you and if Andrew Scheer hasn’t signed up and/or doesn’t pay attention to the critical insight that keeps falling out of your Rebel shows, then he’d have to be an utter political fool. Keep it coming, we love it.
commented 2018-11-10 01:41:44 -0500
What irks me about The Irksome Groper is that he apologizes for the act of Canadians when in fact it was the act of the Liberal government of the day. More hypocrisy from the king of it.
commented 2018-11-09 16:14:32 -0500
commented 2018-11-09 12:15:44 -0500
Liberals in Canada in the 1930s were onside with much of the agenda of both the Mussolini & Hitler regimes. King was Canada’s krazy PM in those days . . .

The CBC continues to lie to Canooks . . . as jihad Justin imports more mooslim Jew haters.
commented 2018-11-09 10:06:10 -0500
Not sure if anyone here has listened to the Munk debate in Toronto between David Frum and Steve Bannon… If not its worth setting aside an hour and a half to do so…
commented 2018-11-09 09:40:38 -0500
LOIS MACKENZIE, “Will Jason Kenney be attending ‘Rebel Live’ this weekend?”
When pigs fly.
commented 2018-11-09 09:03:10 -0500
Robert Greeley – Thanks for the video – my hubby is ex-military and we both enjoyed it. Brought tears to my eyes as I was listening to the radio early this a.m. and heard about Canada’s participation in WW1. I had forgotten how much we had contributed to ending the war and how many thousands of lives were lost. We owe a great debt to the men and women who are willing to give their lives in protecting the great country we currently enjoy. While wars should NEVER be celebrated, sometimes it is required in order to bring tyrants to heel when diplomacy doesn’t work. God Bless Canada and those who serve to protect it.
commented 2018-11-09 08:56:36 -0500
At election time an hour long special on turdos bs. on second thought a one week series. With sub titles so we can skip the err ahhs.
commented 2018-11-09 08:17:58 -0500
Soy Boy Trugrope and his ridiculous claims seem endless, hopefully very soon he’ll be a distant not so fond memory.
commented 2018-11-09 07:30:11 -0500
Meanwhile, the anti-semites are saying that Trump is a Jewish/Israeli stooge!

I don’t agree with that either, but it’s clear that he has strong pro-Jewish/pro-Israeli sympathies (as do I – I think that it comes from Trump seeing Israel as a “Western” force in the area). So for once, the “classic” anti-semites are actually closer to the truth. That’s how deluded the Liberals are. More deluded than the Zundels of this world.

For what it’s worth, Israel is probably the most pro-Trump country out there, at this point. The Liberals – and “progressive” American “Jews”, too – really need a reality check, big-time.
commented 2018-11-09 06:09:50 -0500
“I’m concerned about anti-Semitism, because I’m a Canadian, and because I’m a Jew.
Donald Trump isn’t the cause of it.
And I won’t say Justin Trudeau is.
But too many of his decisions are…”

Maybe it’s a job for Bernie Farber?

Okay, okay. I was just being silly.
commented 2018-11-09 05:03:46 -0500
What kind of idiot says this?? If this clown gets back in a will no longer give a damn about this country.
commented 2018-11-09 03:25:41 -0500
Canadians have been forced to live in The Twilight Zone since Trudeau was elected. The idiot has our very Democracy hanging in the balance. Any PM who trifles with our Constitution MUST be ousted. Canada belongs to CANADIANS…can’t wait until we take our country back October 21st, 2019.
commented 2018-11-09 00:39:40 -0500
Watch the video. Kids enacting hanging Asia Bibi…
and sign the petition.
This is the Christian woman in Pakistan who is desperately trying to get out of the country.

Trump – a man of ideas? He said he may have the answer on the abortion issue that no one else has. Say a prayer he’s found the solution.
commented 2018-11-08 23:58:24 -0500
The biggest joke about the Grenfell Tower fire is the Governments story that it was started by a Fridge blowing up.

That fire was started by a Bomb Operation, in other words somebody was making Nitro in there kitchen, a pastime not recommended for anybody unless they really know what they are doing. It involves making up two separate and different chemical mixes that are quite safe on there own, the big danger comes when these two mixes are blended together. if this is not done at exactly the right time the whole lot will blow up in your face and, depending on the quantity the whole building that you are in will go with you.

I have a video of some guy asking people who were running from the tower block and every one of them are saying that there was a very large explosion that shook the whole building.

I have the video stored on a external drive but I converted it to mp4 format and don’t think I can post it on the Rebel.

I also have the video of how to make the Nitro if anyone should care to try their luck. It was floating around on You Tube quite openly for a while but not anymore.
commented 2018-11-08 23:19:26 -0500
Remembrance Day…
commented 2018-11-08 23:18:20 -0500
Making fun of cultural stereotypes is not only funny it serves a purpose. It makes the stereotype more ridiculous. It makes anyone who actually thinks such things in a malicious way is obviously short sighted and unworldly. The death of Apu by political correctness only serves to pat thin skinned people who can’t laugh at their own cultural quirks and history. Every culture has something to laugh at and if you can’t admit that you have no sense of humor and are far too sensitive and you rob us all of the joy of comedy.
commented 2018-11-08 23:17:50 -0500
commented 2018-11-08 22:58:51 -0500
We need more jesters, we need more Count Dankula!
commented 2018-11-08 22:43:46 -0500
A five year sentence in Saudi Arabia for satire! and that’s no joke Mohammad! Do these humourless schmucks not know that we are laughing at them? Behead us if you will, but know what the free world thinks of you. You’ll have to kill us to make us stop.
commented 2018-11-08 22:40:43 -0500
RON JOSEPH commented 11 mins ago.

Ron how dose your friend plan to take Trudeau down. With a 357 Magnum? Should this be the case, I imagine he will have, not a few, followers.
commented 2018-11-08 22:31:18 -0500
Mohammad Trudeau imports the most anti Semitic religion in the history of the world at record speed into Canada and then blames the anti semitism on Trump ! …….unbelievable behaviour even for that feckless entitled elitist little puke
commented 2018-11-08 22:26:32 -0500
Not a shocker, everything Trudeau does is to the detriment of Canada and Canadians.

Remember the millions given to Bombardier? Well interesting article is in the financial post has appeared.

“…Despite receiving billions of dollars from Canadian taxpayers over the years – most recently $372.5 million given by Trudeau – Bombardier’s failed executives gifted themselves massive bonuses and shipped Canadian jobs to other countries including China and Mexico.
As if that wasn’t enough, now the Trudeau government is giving them even more. …”
“…Bombardier is slashing 5,000 jobs — including 2,500 in Quebec — as part of a restructuring plan landed with a thud Thursday, sparking anger from workers and calls for action by opposition politicians. …”