June 12, 2019

Trudeau's liquor-soaked flight menus: A special vodka policy, Liberal-friendly wineries

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

A few months ago, using Access to Information requests, we asked for details about all the food and booze ordered for Justin Trudeau's India trips, as well as a couple of other trips that took place around the same time frame in early 2018.

We got back 366 pages of gourmet food menus and adjustments for the discerning and expensive Trudeau palate.

The ATIP was so liquor-soaked that the details of the high flying booze cruisin’ required their own video. (I'll get to the food another day...)

In an email chain between two bureaucrats, we discovered how flight staff had a policy of keeping special vodka on hand, just for Trudeau.

On the Delhi leg of Trudeau’s humiliating and ill-fated trip to India, arrangements were made for 44 bottles of wine and 12 cans of beer to be served at a dinner for just 40 people!

Normally, that much booze improves my dancing skills. Trudeau? Not so much.

The seemingly never-ending requests for wine and beer began to confuse the DND staff responsible for stocking the PM’s Airbus. A February 14, 2018 email reads:

“To be clear, are the additional 36 bottles for the reception or a different event?”

Trudeau’s garish performance in India embarrassed Canada and harmed our relationship with the world’s largest democracy.

However, credit where it is due:

I’m surprised Trudeau could walk in India, let alone dance.

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commented 2019-06-15 04:48:51 -0400
A half dozen plates of cheese sandwiches would be more than adequate . If this embarrassment , this dancing fruitcake is not gone at the next election then all is lost I fear and the Canadian public will deserve everything they they have brought upon themselves ! Trouble is that with the way things are so polarised half the country is blameless though maybe they should have tried harder to spread the word .
commented 2019-06-13 20:46:33 -0400
The dancing fruitcake likes “Cellar Cask” remembers he likes drinking things out of paper box thingys,uh drinking water bottles out of water uh uh must reorganize thoughts uh uh
commented 2019-06-13 19:39:14 -0400
What? No Tsingtao? Chinese beer not good enough for the PM? China will not be pleased, but nothing new there. Was the Vodka Grey Goose? I did not vote for Trudy. I did not vote for this…
commented 2019-06-13 17:58:24 -0400
That’s what I have been saying for years now Henry Stim; and you only have to look at the body language of other world leaders when they are around our Boy Blunder to know it’s an open secret that Canada has a fruitcake for a leader…
commented 2019-06-13 11:38:05 -0400
When I read comments about Trudeau and what he has done, said, contradicted etc. I notice that people are constantly pointing their fingers at Trudeau. Ok, that’s fine but let’s remind ourselves of something. The only reason he is PM is because some of you elected him! He would not be PM if he didn’t receive the votes….period. Too many people will look at you and say “in our family it’s tradition to vote Liberal…” or some moronic statement to that effect. Here is the point. If tradition means that much to you then you are responsible for the destruction of this nation. Those who rely on tradition are too blind and arrogant to see what will happen down the road as in the case of Trudeau and his treasonous actions. In simple terms, Trudeau IS a traitor to the core. By allowing muslims to flood into Canada he has given the muslims permission to rape, steal and kill at will. To ad insult to injury, those of you who voted for Trudeau share the blame equally. Every victim of a muslim assault falls on your hands. You are not innocent of these crimes, if anything you are a full accomplice. Trudeau can be summed up in one word and that word is; BANDIT. He is no different than Hitler or Stalin with the exception that he hasn’t yet ordered to removal of opponents and have them sent to concentration camps…. yet. Trudeau has proven himself to be a dictator and nothing else. Come October this will be Canada’s last chance to take our nation back or be prepared to experience the same hell that Western Europe is experiencing with the muslim invaders. Death and destruction are just months away and you, the voter are the only solution to the hell that Trudeau is about to unleash on us.
commented 2019-06-13 11:27:58 -0400
No wonder this excuse for a man can’t make a speech without a script, without a script loses track of where he is, goes blank – which is what his mind mostly is – looks nonplussed, then talks even more rubbish than he had before, doesn’t care about who enters the country, and too often behaves like a idiot. As one Toronto Sun reporter, Stroble, wrote of Just-an-ass when he became p.m., “42 going on 17”. Worst of all the mainstream media doesn’t comment on any of this.
commented 2019-06-13 10:15:12 -0400
Still….I can’t believe that Canada, one of the most developed countries (not nations) has this moronic creature as a leader of the state.
commented 2019-06-13 09:49:18 -0400
Laughing Stock wine? Boy, does that stuff ever work!
commented 2019-06-13 09:37:38 -0400
The Liberal media blast Trump, yet Trump eats and serves KFC, Wendy’s McDonalds, Pizza for his staff and himself. Trudeau on the other hand eats like he owns the world. Think about that for a moment……
commented 2019-06-13 00:22:37 -0400
commented 2019-06-12 23:48:01 -0400
Too Funny !
And no amount of booze could disable the crindgeworthiness of his “Indian” dancing
commented 2019-06-12 20:55:08 -0400
Great I gotta go pay my GST tax bill
tomorrow for my small business,good to see my hard earned tax dollars are allowing that twit to have a good time. I’d much rather donate my cash to something that would make this fool go to sleep permanently!!!
commented 2019-06-12 20:41:59 -0400
Obviously Junior is a souse, but at least he gets soused on Canadian products. Got to give the Junior that.
commented 2019-06-12 18:58:10 -0400
There were forty four green bottles hanging on the wall….Forty four, one bottle per guest plus four for Justin?…. Hic….We are ruled by a Lush.
commented 2019-06-12 18:47:46 -0400
So he’s a martini man. Does he think he’s 007, or, 000?
commented 2019-06-12 18:18:14 -0400
Speaking of Justin-jive-ass ‘dancing like an idiot’…a little off topic, but at around the 4:30 mark Sheila, you mention that you thought booze made one dance better…
It’s been my experience that booze only makes you think you’re dancing like Gene Kelly – or Cyd Charisse – when in a more sober reality you’re actually dancing like Elaine Benes…or Just-a-drunken Trudeau:

I don’t drink and comment anymore, either…and I never did drink and drive!