Help fund a lawyer to fight Justin Trudeau continued snooping around our credit information!


Justin Trudeau had secretly ordered Statistics Canada to seize the personal banking records of 500,000 Canadian citizens — without a search warrant.

But, due to mounting public pressure, Trudeau seemingly backed off his plan — or so we thought! 

We spoke with Alan Berk, a Canadian who received a bizarre letter from a credit bureau, informing him that Statistics Canada had performed a "soft inquiry" into his credit records. 

Credit records can be even more personal than banking information. 

So, we offered Alan to help crowdfund a lawyer for him to fight this continued snooping from Statistics Canada and the Trudeau Liberals. Thankfully, Alan excepted our offer, and we are going to fight this breach of privacy. 

We’ve hired a senior lawyer who is working on a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner on behalf of Alan.

Please donate below to help us cover Alan's legal fees for our formal complaint.