December 07, 2018

Trudeau defends UN Compact on Migration by attacking The Rebel

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, I reported on the Trudeau Liberals defending the globalist UN Compact on Migration by attacking us at The Rebel!

If you watch my live YouTube show every Friday, you’ll know that last week we went through the United Nations Global Compact for Migration, point by point.

I went through ten troubling passages in it, like the one that says governments have to facilitate migrants to bring their entire families along with them, regardless of their skill level. That’s pretty incredible — even Canadian citizens don’t have that right.

Or this one, where governments have to set up specialized, migrant-focused health care, culturally appropriate, they say, at the national and local level.

I showed how this document goes far beyond just immigration policy, to propaganda — it calls for pro-immigration content to be put into school curriculums.

And in one of the most worrying passages, the governments agree to re-educate journalists on the positives of migration — seriously, journalists will now go through government training; and any journalist that doesn’t is to be punished — the UN compact calls on governments to cut off any such media outlets, cut them off from resources, and punish them.

My point is:

I actually read the thing, and went through it line by line — including the full title of the document itself, which says quite a bit:


In other words, this is already negotiated and agreed to. Happened back in July, apparently. Did you know we were negotiating and agreeing to this?

Do you think most MPs even knew about it?

Do you think Justin Trudeau has actually read through the 34-page document that he has agreed to? He leaves the heavy thinking about immigration to George Soros, seen here at one of their meetings in New York. That’s not a conspiracy theory; it’s a conspiracy fact.

Here’s an official press release from the Government of Canada a few years back in which Trudeau outsources Canada’s immigration policy to George Soros’s foundation in New York, called the Open Society Foundation. It has three main points, the first two are about refugee policy, but look at the third one: Trudeau agreed with Soros that Canada would, quote,

"Provide a vehicle that mobilizes citizens in direct support of refugees and encourages a broader political debate that is supportive of refugee protection.”

So, again, it’s not just about immigration. It’s about immigration propaganda.

Although George Soros had an enormous setback in 2016 when his preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost, he has simply colonized Canada as his base of operations. I haven’t seen a single news story about that in the mainstream media, have you?

We at the Rebel filed an Access to Information request asking for any background documents showing the contracts and agreements and communications between the government and Soros. We know they did a deal — it’s not a theory, it’s a government press release.

But they said there were no documents.

So we wrote to them again, more clearly. And they wrote back saying, nope, sorry, nothing, can’t find anything, not a single e-mail, not a single memo, not a single record at all.

They’re lying of course.

So that’s where we are — and next week, the official UN conference on this compact for migration kicks off in Marrakech, Morocco.

Like I say, it’s a done deal. This conference will simply be a big party and photo op.

I don’t know what Canadian media will be going. But we’re going.

We’re sending David Menzies, our experienced reporter, who was just down in Mexico for the better part of a week, embedded with the migrant caravan there, that was making its way up to the U.S. border.

So he’s well-briefed on this file, and he’s a fair journalist. As in — he’ll actually listen to both sides of the story. Unlike the bulk of the mainstream media, which treats any criticism of mass migration as a form of bigotry.

It’s not, of course; in fact, 80 per cent of Canadians, according to this recent poll by Angus Reid, want Canadian immigration levels to either stay the same or be reduced; only 6 per cent want it increased.

We also know that Trudeau isn’t vetting migrants — 13-year-old Marrisa Shen of Vancouver was raped and murdered, and police have arrested one of Trudeau’s Syrian migrants and charged him with the crime. He wasn’t even supposed to be allowed into Canada — Trudeau said he wasn’t taking single, military-aged men from Syria. He lied. No-one trusts Trudeau on immigration; and the fact that every question about it is met with the charge of racism is really gross — and it’s backfiring.

Now, until just a few days ago, no-one was talking about this.

Michelle Rempel raised it in Question Period, and Justin Trudeau replied by mentioning... The Rebel.

You’ll notice he was reading that word-for-word from a script.

And then Ahmed Hussen did the same thing: Same exact wording.

I think Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s manager, wrote that script for them all — he is obsessed by The Rebel. Then Trudeau said it a third time, in his own words. And then that Liberal MP from Calgary, Kent Hehr, who was fired from cabinet over sexual misconduct allegations, but not fired from the Liberal caucus, he went on a rant about The Rebel.

It’s a really weird thing — I mean, are we small and marginal, as our enemies say?

Or are we powerful and dangerous, as those same enemies say?

But to answer the charge directly — what conspiracy theory have we posited?

I’ve just read from the document — that I know Trudeau hasn’t. I’ve pointed to a government contract with George Soros — mentioned in a government press release. They won’t release the contract itself, so I think it could feed a paranoid feeling of some conspiracy. But I’ve documented everything I’ve said.

This only makes sense when you remember that part of this UN migrant pact is for governments to demonize any critics of mass migration — so that’s what they’re doing.

And to reward and “re-educate” journalists who are on message with the Liberals. And that’s what they’re doing. They’re rewarding journalist Trudeau can “trust” — with $595 million in the coming election year.

The Media Party generally ignore us. But not today!

Today the National Post’s John Ivison — who is plugged in to the Liberal government — he refers to my video about this migration pact right on the front page!

And the Globe and Mail’s Campbell Clark — Trudeau’s man over there — does the same.

Neither the Post nor the Globe could actually find anything we said that was inaccurate — the Post merely disagreed with my contention that this pact is “dangerous” — well, that’s my opinion, and it’s probably the opinion of Marrisa Shen’s family.

The Globe disagrees with my contention that this pact will regularize illegal migration. Well, that's exactly what it does, in 34 pages of detail. But seriously — if that’s the best they got, they don’t have a lot.

We're going to keep criticizing the UN migration pact — by actually citing the facts, and reading the document, two things Trudeau hasn’t done.

And we’re going to send our reporter, David Menzies, along with a cameraman, to Morocco next week for the conference.

The UN is giving us trouble with accreditation; obviously Trudeau and Hussen have told them not to let us in. Again, not a conspiracy theory — the Canadian government has told the UN not to let us in to previous conferences, specifically saying Canada blackballed us.

If you want to help us send David to the UN, by helping to cover his flight and that of our cameraman, please go to

Unlikes the Globe, the Post, and Justin Trudeau, we actually read the deal — and we’re with the 80 per cent of Canadians who are sick of Trudeau’s immigration policies...

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commented 2019-11-14 14:54:12 -0500
I’m curious to know: who actually benefits from immigration and why is it being pushed so hard? Who gains? Certainly not the receiving country.
commented 2018-12-09 00:35:17 -0500
To try to play it safe or be PC and “nice” with our corrupt MSM / CBC and elitist globalist political class is stupid and suicidal and plays right into their manicured little hands. People like Max Bernier and the Rebel followers must pull a Trump and throw the shit right back in their faces immediately. That’s the way to victory ( and humour ! )
commented 2018-12-08 14:00:30 -0500
I’ll tell you why trudeau hates Canada. It’s because this countries stance on the world stage is not No.1. Say, countries like the U.S., or Russia or China. Therefore he cannot be NO. 1 and his ego demands that he be, even if it means selling out all Canadians to achieve that end. Issues that are important to Canadians means nothing to him, except for that one prickly thorn, Immigration, which is now everything to trudeau to try to achieve his imagined worldly status. The rest be damned.
commented 2018-12-08 13:56:36 -0500
Forgive me for using the term middle class because it is used as a manipulative terminology and tool, particularly by the leftists.
That being said , the future burden placed on the so called middle class taxpayers ,you and me ,is going to be totally unsustainable. This is evidenced in France already.
Instability and the death of the nation state is the United Nations goal. A goal steeped in bitterness by member nations who refuse to reject the religions and tyrannical corruption in their own countries and look upon us to blame for their misfortunes. Retribution ?
Nothing good will come of this. I fear that the Canada we know is almost gone ,with nobody to defend her.
I was at the local Legion Hall when Trudeau was declared the victor with a majority.
I turned to a table occupied by veterans and said “We just lost our Canada” So sad that my observation is being realized.
commented 2018-12-08 10:53:02 -0500
Even in the days of Stephen Harper when the preponderence of Leftists and Liberals in Canada were no fans of his, you rarely saw so much visceral hatred towards him shared on social media the way you do now with Justin Trudeau. He is becoming utterly despised by a large percentage of rational Canadians. And you can’t blame them. The path he is taking this country on, with the help of activist liberal judges that make up laws to suit their radical ideology, is truly dangerous. That is not an over-statement. It is truly now time for people to take to the streets, as they are doing in Paris, and make it clear ~ we’re not going to take it anymore.
commented 2018-12-08 00:56:52 -0500
Well done Ezra, and Rebel and your fellow Canadians of spirit. We have to watch you from New Zealand because our present Government would like us to go where Trudeau goes.
I wonder how that man became a Canada hating Communist. Probably from his father Fidel.
commented 2018-12-07 23:55:12 -0500
Move the UN to Somalia where it belongs. Send Ahmed along as well.
commented 2018-12-07 23:33:32 -0500
JAN G commented 5 hours ago
Al Peterson:
The protests in Ottawa and other cities are scheduled for tomorrow.
But, Jan, I don’t think he would be in favour of those. Sounds like he is looking forward to whatever he is referring to.
commented 2018-12-07 22:33:49 -0500
“For the witness of two is truth”

If you doubt my prediction….ask Bill Gerula….Bill was instrumental in bringing down Michael Ignatieff….at a pre election forum Bill asked “what about men’s rights”….Ignatieff foolishly made light and laughter out of that….the recording of that went down MGTOW social media network….politically speaking….it was like an avalanche.
commented 2018-12-07 21:57:44 -0500
Billy Howard….I have another prediction….I see a future where Justin Trudeau manages to alienate so many people with his feminazi bullshit and insults against men not of his social class….that he ends up just like Michael Ignatieff…and for exactly the same reasons…crying….because he was defeated in his own riding and forced to relinquish leadership of the beaten into the ground liberal party……

He should then seek councilling so as not to commit suicide.
commented 2018-12-07 21:36:40 -0500
We’re being Islamized in the same way former Soviet republics were Russiafied with influxes of their people. And like all totalitarians from Hitler to Mao, descent is stifled. Let’s hope citizens wake up to this threat BEFORE it’s too late.
commented 2018-12-07 18:30:00 -0500
Al Peterson:
The protests in Ottawa and other cities are scheduled for tomorrow.
commented 2018-12-07 18:21:47 -0500
Is it just me….
Notice the chair that the “pussy” is sitting in.
Don’t tell me…..
Is that a animal hide?
Where is bbbbutts as the senior political adviser to Prime Minister Trudy. Since November 2015, he has been the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister. From 2008 to 2012, he was president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund Canada, a global “conservation” organization.
Oh excuse me thats everyone except soro’s, who is “special” and has the right to “slaughter” for personal gain and profit.

Have a nIce daaaaay…..
commented 2018-12-07 15:25:48 -0500
Hmm, Nick is letting on he knows something very “secret”. Does he have an inside track? Maybe he IS a payed troll. That would explain whee goes nuclear if you prove him wrong.

NICHOLAS CONKLIN commented 14 hours ago
Al Peterson,

You will see tomorrow.

AL PETERSON commented 14 hours ago
NICHOLAS CONKLIN commented 8 hours ago

The hammer is coming down. Get ready.
Could you be any more vague?
What does this mean? Justin is going to shut down those he can’t buy off?
commented 2018-12-07 14:51:18 -0500
Liberals around the world including Canada, are proving to be the talking heads for the corrupt UN ignoring EVERYTHING their country wants and/or needs. How massive a bottomless pit have they (liberals) dug for themselves by now? People are starting to realize, thanks to Trudeau and all the other stupid global liberal leaders that there is no such thing as a liberal party anymore as they have turned into a dictatorship doing the will of the corrupt global UN communist party. They (liberal parties) plan everything in secret and then enforce it after the fact that it’s already been done and the slave citizens can all just shut up and quit complaining or it’s off to prison or out on the streets for you. And they always like to bark loud at anyone who dares question their authority (from the Adolf Hitler manual of How to control a nation). Well, we might not be there quite yet but It’s what the old demon Soros and the corrupt leaders of the UN would like to see. It’s not too late to end this rampant evil that has been unleashed on the earth.
commented 2018-12-07 13:07:16 -0500
Prediction: Trudeau will get Facebook, YouTube, Paypal, etc. to deplatform the Rebel.
Motive: Force Scheer to stand for the free press (defend Rebel Media’s right to exist) or surrender out of fear of the Media Party attacks (as directed by the PMO).
Result: 1. People’s Party (Bernier) popularity soars because it’s expected that Maxime will be the only conservative voice in Canada fighting for freedom of speech/press resulting in a split conservative vote and another Trudeau majority.
Result: 2. Scheer will defend our rights to free speech and demand that Rebel Media be allowed back. This will embolden Trudeau and his Media Party to attack Scheer as “alt-right”. The propaganda onslaught will assure Trudeau another majority (Liberal motto: voting CPC is racist) unless
a) the Rebel can find some way of continuing to be available for mass-market viewing (unlikely) or
b) the MSM will decide NOT to abandon all journalistic integrity and defend the Rebel’s right to exist or
c) MSM will split: CBC and TorStar of course will remain loyal to Dear Leader but other media may decide to follow journalistic principles of objectivity and freedom of speech (while bravely risking similar censorship by the PMO)
Conclusion: It’s up to the Media Party who wins the next election.