November 04, 2016

Trudeau and his Liberals one year after taking power: What have Sunny Ways wrought?

Brian LilleyArchive

A year ago Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet were sworn in. What have they accomplished in the last year? By their own accounts, not too much.

Watch as I take a look at the first full year of Trudeau and the promises broken, the promises still not kept.

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commented 2016-11-07 11:24:13 -0500
Justin Trudeau is a waste of space!
The man has no judgement and since he has never really worked a day in his life it is very easy for him to sit back and metaphorically say let the people eat cake!

Justin is more concerned with cheating the Canadian people financially and posing for selfies than actually enacting any policy that would benefit “real Canadians”.

Justin likes to protect his sexually corrupt friends, such as Wynne!

Justin you can take your " Sunny ways & Sunny days and stick it where the sun does not shine!"

You sir, are a traitor to Canada!
commented 2016-11-06 18:02:10 -0500
There just has to be enough sane people in Canada to do this.
commented 2016-11-06 17:59:21 -0500
Is there anyone out there that doesn’t see where this is going?
where does the line form to add our names to the list of people who wish to vote no confidence in this highly shady government.
commented 2016-11-06 17:44:31 -0500
Sunny ways has wrought nothing except run up the debt, create more taxes, undo everything PM Harper did that made sense, create more divisiveness, taken in more Muslim refugees, taken more vacations, visit more mosques, slow down the economy, slapped on more conditions for pipelines, aggravated more people, made more people sick of listening or watching him, made me swear more, on & on & on, in other words he is still in way over his “air” head.
commented 2016-11-06 14:10:50 -0500
Peace Keeping? Nah! Trudope wants to ship the Troops out of the country before the inevitable revolt starts. No “soldiers on the streets” to counter the police implementing a dictatorial police state!
commented 2016-11-05 18:08:16 -0400
Lloyd Marshall: Your last comment was funny.
commented 2016-11-05 18:04:20 -0400
Dear Minister Freeland,
Thank you for your sharing your most memorable accomplishment so far, “Serving in Canada’s first gender balanced cabinet”
Thank you for all you do in creating and sustaining a meritocracy. Thanks for ‘serving’.

As this cabinet was put in place by a party comprised of a majority of males, and by a male PM, on behalf of men everywhere, “you’re welcome!”
commented 2016-11-05 17:49:44 -0400
Every time he and Hillary talk I want to vomit.
commented 2016-11-05 17:43:22 -0400
I can’t wait for Trudeau to fall on his face. And he will.

Let’s just hope there’s an intelligent Right to swoop in and pick up the pieces. Rebel Media is such a valuable part of that new Right voice.

Stay vigilant. Stay focused—by which I mean stay focused on the issues that really matter and make the world better: freedom of expression (including freedom to critique dangerous ideologies), celebrating national values, freedom of markets, smaller less invasive government, and freedom of the individual to live their private lives the way they want.
commented 2016-11-05 17:41:51 -0400
I live in southern alberta, was just talking about this with a neighbor, couldn’t come up with anything except record high unemployment, more taxes (carbon tax) and higher costs for everything. They have done nothing for alberta zero nothing. The only thing they have done is add to the debt. The finance minister lectures Canadians about high personal debt and claims he is concerned, then goes out and borrows billions upon billions for what.? someone name one thing they have done.
commented 2016-11-05 15:17:29 -0400
You spelled ‘Sunni’ wrong.
commented 2016-11-05 15:07:12 -0400
I see Kelly Weber betrays the fact he’s a LPC suppository – another Librano butt plug. pfffttt these things must be cloned – all the same narratives and pathetic borg-like conformity.
commented 2016-11-05 13:52:10 -0400
It is Nauseating to have to watch and listen to the “Camp Councillor” . . . the boy is a moron ! ! !
Freeland is another piece of work . . . but the “Lifer” in the upper right from South-east Saskatchewan leads me to wonder if those folks “Get It” ?
commented 2016-11-05 12:04:57 -0400
How out of touch can one Prime Minister be? Trudeau is essentially a wartime prime minister promising “sunny ways”. Maybe he meant to say, “Sunni ways”.
commented 2016-11-05 08:55:45 -0400
@sandra M…Obviously you haven’t been to Alberta lately. The over riding hate is two fold, federal and provincial.
commented 2016-11-05 08:36:45 -0400
Sandra said, "The only question I keep hearing is “can we take them down legally, or do we have to resort to other means? I’ve never seen such hatred for a government.”

Obviously you did not pay attention to the main stream media, and the socialist/progressive “pundits” when Harper was in office. The vitriol, bile, and downright seething hatred was palpable … and it lasted for all 10 years.
commented 2016-11-05 02:15:43 -0400
The only question I keep hearing is "can we take them down legally, or do we have to resort to other means? I’ve never seen such hatred for a government.
commented 2016-11-05 00:48:33 -0400
commented 2016-11-05 00:35:07 -0400
Thanks for that Kelly. Lefties complain because they can’t handle the truth. Conservatives complain because we love our country which makes us patriotic. We’re just sick and tired of watching stupid ‘liberals’ trying to destroy it.
commented 2016-11-05 00:33:24 -0400
Right-o, Elton Braun.
I for one want to see Tater Tot travelling the world and being the selfie king. His narcissism keeps him from focusing on his supposed job and doing more damage. He can’t break away from his self-indulgent past since he’s never carried any responsibility or even a job for that matter. The more he stays away the better off we’ll all be. All hail the Selfie King!
commented 2016-11-04 22:52:07 -0400
Incredible link , this should be a REBEL video in its own right
commented 2016-11-04 22:36:51 -0400
It gives you something to whine about the next 3 years, maybe the next 7.
commented 2016-11-04 22:27:30 -0400
I still am having difficulty understanding the angst over all of JT’s broken promises. What scares me is that he’ll actually follow through with them. Of course all his good ones have been tossed aside but bad ones get priority. His obsession with erasing everything Harper accomplished reminds of when the Egyptians chiseled off all the likenesses of a pharaoh they didn’t like after his death.
commented 2016-11-04 19:59:05 -0400
“sunny wayz™ " has created a false sense of euphoria which is now wearing of quickly as pogy runs out and still jobs vanish
commented 2016-11-04 19:57:08 -0400
will gerald butthead get this moron to a public speaking course? i cannot stand hearing this pm who sounds um like er a um breathless um teenage er girl!!! apologies to actual teenage girls.
commented 2016-11-04 19:50:00 -0400
Waiting for the trolls to make something up.
The truth is they have done nothing but damage.
commented 2016-11-04 19:24:03 -0400
The FOOL on the hill , is also the resident HILLBULLY