March 10, 2016

Trudeau and Obama: World's two biggest narcissists meet at last!

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The two most narcissistic people in the world had a meeting today. Barack Obama, the king of the selfie stick, met the one world leader he hasn’t alienated yet: Justin Trudeau.

The Washington press corps is as giddy about Trudeau as the Ottawa press corps is. According to Politico, a “senior” White House staffer said, “Seriously, with his looks, heart and mind he’s dreamy… [he’s] my new political crush."

The CBS show, 60 Minutes, did a puff piece on Justin Trudeau that was so sickly sweet you’d think it was produced by the CBC.

The U.S. is electing a new president in eight months. So all of this air kissing and bro-hugging in Washington, it’s all gone. Maybe Hillary Clinton will win, and the love will continue. Maybe. Or maybe it will be Donald Trump.

In Washington last night, Trudeau took thinly veiled shots at Trump.

That goes over well with the Obama crew. But they’re leaving. How do you think President Trump will reply, if he wins?

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commented 2016-03-12 14:48:08 -0500
Kenneth Lawrence: I hear you on the edit feature. I make my share of typos and a few times when I went to correct I seemed to have slaughtered it further. My bad for not proof reading.
commented 2016-03-12 14:45:36 -0500
The real narcissists here are EL/others who think that their comments/opinions matter. They are full of themselves and their views of the world, the way things should be according to them. They could not be objective if they tried. Any disagreement with them is labelled an attack on (Israel, Christmas, etc). They do not want a civil discussion on issues.
commented 2016-03-12 12:42:55 -0500
John S……You’re certainly getting your $8 worth of comments here. You say conservatives are against free speech, yet it’s the opposite. Who are the ones protesting all the time if not the left, as they try to shut down anyone who speaks differently from them which makes them total hypocrites. Protests against the police, protests against pipelines, protests against anything for the sake of protesting & causing chaos & violence. I don’t see anyone like who are instigating these protests especially against Trump try to start the same thing against Clinton or Sanders or any leaders who disagree with the right no matter what the subject is. Like Lisa R. & the majority of Canadians I am not anti Muslim either, what I am against is if you come under false pretences & start demanding changes. You cannot deny the fact though that any changes to our way of life, whether it’s…… accommodating a karate student…..Muslim women at the swimming pool……eliminating pork on the school menu……..providing special room for praying at a university….& the list goes on & on, these demands are all made by people from the Islamic faith & all of these changes are not for health reasons or security reasons but for religious reasons. Please enlighten me if this is not the case. I, personally have never heard of people from any other religion, be it Catholic, Protestant, Hebrew, Hindu, Presbyterian, etc, etc ask or demand those same changes & more. We, Canadians are a very tolerant people, be it Conservative or Liberal but don’t disrespect us or try to remake us because that’s when we will put our foot down.
Just because we point out our differences does not make us bigots or racists or homophobic or islamophobic or any other “phobic” you accuse us of which btw are all terms directed only at conservatives by the liberal minded if we don’t agree on every matter.
commented 2016-03-12 12:37:27 -0500
Ezra, thanks again for starting and building this website, without which the truth would be buried under a fog of MSM lies, coverups and outright news suppression. I hope you agree the suggestions below make sense.
commented 2016-03-12 12:27:23 -0500
Justin Trudeau is so stupid, he actually thinks Barack Obama is a friend of Canada. Imagine a Canadian Prime Minister toasting an anti-Canadian liar of a President who held up Keystone XL for years on the false pretense that he was waiting for the studies of the proposed pipeline to be finished, so he could continue importing oil from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia instead of Canada, and then nixing the project at the politically correct moment. What a dolt Trudeau is. With this kind of ‘leadership’ at the federal level, Canada is the real toast.
commented 2016-03-12 12:15:53 -0500
Also I wish the video didn’t start playing when you click on ‘Post your comment’. Hey, we already saw it!
commented 2016-03-12 12:12:17 -0500
I wish this site had a two minute delay on comments like The Blaze has so you could re-edit the text and fix the typos you missed on the first edit. Sometimes your best thoughts occur right after clicking on ‘Post your comment’.
commented 2016-03-12 11:20:28 -0500
I wish this site had a thumbs up for comments and maybe a recommend, sort of like Disqus.
commented 2016-03-12 11:19:12 -0500
Way I see it if this is what we call Gov’t can we just fold up the Federal Gov’t and split the money.
commented 2016-03-12 01:08:34 -0500
John Siliciano: I get that you are angry by your ranting at strangers on the internet. I hope you find a resolution that brings you personal peace.
commented 2016-03-11 23:34:59 -0500
@edward Jobin – I want a multi-party democracy. I am angry that you fail to see we live in an oligarchy. Why is there no rule of law when it comes to lack of fair and free elections? Why in Toronto-Centre were the independents and minor parties excluded from debates with the CON, Lib, GRN and NDP. That speaks volumes yet you continue to ignore it. Comprende? Also, CBC invites CON strategists and Libs and NDP and sometimes near elections Bloc and GRN. Your fake outrage speaks volumes. I am bringing up real legitimate issues here and you brush them aside and do not even pay attention. I think Rebel and the right wing has played victim forever and you buy into it!
commented 2016-03-11 23:32:05 -0500
And yes I support the PC party of Canada ( or Canadian Action party to bring nationalism and civic nationalism to Canadians because we once had interest free money all both liberals and conservatives since 1974 have worked for internationalist bankers over Canadians and thus have proven to be working for special interests and thus working against Canadians. Think about it. Our foreign policy is written in Tel Aviv and Washington. In terms of media, I think the CBC and CTV are for the political class and defending the mainstream model which is Lib, CON and NDP. That is the truth. We need more networks like CPAC, TVO and smaller networks to challenge the system. Like I said, what do I care about mainstream politics. They are so close and offer nothing to Millenials and the average Canadians instead of playing narratives and giving people false hope. That is what I care about.
commented 2016-03-11 23:28:44 -0500
I said nothing in relation to Islamic State. You are putting words into my mouth when I believe the War on Terror is the problem meaning it was dropped on us whether we wanted it or not. 9/11 was a false flag.
commented 2016-03-11 23:27:41 -0500
What do I care if conservatism succeeds or fails. Like I said I am anti-mainstream meaning part of an anti-mainstream movement which has no coverage aka nationalism.
commented 2016-03-11 22:38:07 -0500
Gosh! Imagine being there! What an historical moment! Romantic, in a kind of way…like the court of Louis XIV. Truly worthy of some great and noble prose.

Two assholes, both alike in dignity
In fair America where Maggie laid the Stones
commented 2016-03-11 21:30:55 -0500
What Planet you living on John . . . it is the Progressives/socialists/leftists that are protesting in Universities against diverse “Conservative” opinions . . . It is the Unhinged left that rail against business, pipelines, LNG and Prosperity. It is the “Left” that dominates the Air Waves . . . from CBC to CTV to Global. They censor us from the world and do little real journalism today.
The last decade in Canada was much better than anything we have seen in 40+ years . . . even the NY Times in 2014 said “Canadian Middle Class wealthiest on the Plant” . . . they won’t be saying that in 2017! Your reference to Lester B . . . who was a “Diplomat” back in the day . . . but in today’s world only YOU and Justin think that we can sit down with Izzzlamic State and have an intelligent conversation.
Harper was easily the best we have had in the last 50 years . . . we are now back in the hands of the Eastern Elites who use the West as their “Cash Machine” . . . with clueless Justin down is the New Up !
commented 2016-03-11 21:23:43 -0500
sorry Ezra, I can think of a better word to describe the two of then … it’s spelled A double $ whole
commented 2016-03-11 18:02:03 -0500
John Siciliano: Your contention that the rebel is against free speech is the purest form of nonsense: Before the rebel as you may or may not know was the Toronto Sun media station who had a definite conservative leaning but they had a good share of guests of other political leanings and had some good conversations as a result. The rebel has guests form other leanings from time to time mind you less as they operating with a fraction of the budget they had. They also keep their comment section open to anyone as long as they don’t overly use foul language or engage in persistent personal attacks. But the idea they are against free speech is laughable when you consider how the CBC is getting 1 billion plus 150 million dollars per year and they are quite overtly liberal in their leaning.
commented 2016-03-11 17:45:14 -0500
Watching the media treat Trudeau like he is freaking royalty makes me want to gag. I hope Trump kicks Trudeau ass if elected.
commented 2016-03-11 16:57:40 -0500
You are one twisted little chameleon John. Very practised at attempting to turn our own arguments back on us. Skipping all over the place. You are the most dangerous kind of prog. Its still, for the time being anyway a free country and you have a right to your take on things the same way I have a right to mine. Canada has always stood with Israel, any country or citizen of, who thinks world peace will come from arming the Iranians is on crack. I welcome all Muslims as long as they come in legally, in small numbers, are properly assimilated and/or are true refugees in imminent danger, and need. But my biggest prerequisites for quests invited into my country is that they don’t expect any special treatment, respect our laws, and denounce Shariah law. I don’t give a rats ass if they are Christian or not, just as long as they don’t expect to be literal followers of the Koran (orthodox Muslims). Because the social, political construct of the Islamic state is not a religion, its an evil ideology and it is not compatible with western values. You can’t follow Shariah and be a good candidate for Canada, in my opinion.

Also, hiding your identity used to be against our laws, and I will resent anyone I see covered that way. Aside from the fact that it is misogynistic, it is Shariah creep, and an insult.

As Edward Jobin pointed out ," Perhaps you have the problem with bigotry."
commented 2016-03-11 15:30:44 -0500
But no the conservatives on here want total war and to follow their party dictates. That is intolerance, close-mindedness and following orders tantamount to being an ultra-authoritarian party and for rapturist policies which is what neoliberalism is about since neoconservatism and neoliberalism are linked. Once a nation relies on war for its economy, then that means war and business link arms as well. Which is why we must stand with the troops and support them, but criticize those that wish to take the nation into war. War should only be fought if it is not manipulated and if all Canadians support it as much as nearly 80 or 90%. Which is why I support direct democracy, recall and referenda, an old Reform party trait which it never stood by. Direct democracy would be useful to use on issues such as war, monetary policy, economics and foreign policy.
commented 2016-03-11 15:24:15 -0500
I am not a progressive in the sense that you mean anyways Michael as I do not support the Liberals or NDP actively. I support the Canadian Action party, a civic nationalist party, and the PC party of Canada which is also a minor party to divide the right wing in Canada, so Canadians can have real parliamentary democracy and MP independence and a Pearsonian foreign policy. Both of those minor parties want tolerance, multiculturalism, a balanced foreign policy, non-interventionism, and real discussions on what economic direction we should go in rather than the omnibus bill direction displayed by the Conservative party which is really a top-down and centralized control party with no real say for its MPs. Canada needs our politics to be open and truly accountable. I watched the Conservative party and how they behaved from 2006 to 2015 and they had contempt for taxpayers and those wanting a better democracy. They had no respect for anyone that opposed them. They had hatred for anyone that spoke out against them. They hated everyone and people call progressives, nationalists, or anyone else intolerant. They despised everyone and conservatives meaning neocons or interventionists despise anyone that is not interventionist and Christian.
commented 2016-03-11 15:19:33 -0500
The right does not believe in freedom of speech or else it would call for all voices on every media yet Rebel is a self-serving online arm of the Conservative party. If you truly believed in universal voices for all parties including minor parties you would demand as I do money being taken out of politics, banning of attack ads in elections and real choice in elections based on merit. Canada is an oligarchy. I do need any lectures from another self-serving conservative. Canada is an oligarchy and that is tantamount to being a fascist promoter.
commented 2016-03-11 15:03:40 -0500
It’s really a comical read, when the likes of John boy s. below, who chastise because of the assumed hate on this site. Then turns around does just what he condemns others for doing. It’s a trait of the progressives to demonize those that don’t agree with themselves.
There are none more intolerant than those who promote/demand tolerance.
commented 2016-03-11 14:18:50 -0500
Bigotry works both ways and I do not think that I am a bigot against Israelis because they are a nation. I have a problem with their leadership but their people seem to support what their regime is doing, and their calls for attacking Iran’s reactors. So you can ignore certain things, and to me that is the problem with looking at things through just a single lexicon. But war is a profitable business and that is the thing I have trouble with. So yes why does Rebel not bring up anything doubting stories. They take them at face value. They won’t even question 9/11 or say how that was used to justify all the wars until now? Clearly, Rebel and the mainstream parties, including the Conservatives which are mainstream, have an interventionist agenda. You clearly are conservative and I am a nationalist and civic nationalist at that so I believe in doubting mainstream narratives which should occur. The political class brought us here and they should be ridiculed and scapegoated.
commented 2016-03-11 13:54:37 -0500
John Siciliano: I don’t have a problem with anyone who wants to live peaceably with others and i don’t believe all Muslims are terrorists but wake up. Many of the Muslims countries were once Christian and now those left there are but a remnant of what they were as they were driven out. Add to that many Muslims do see it as part of their religious belief to spread their belief throughout the world and change our laws to suit themselves. You would be scarce to find a region on the earth where Muslims are not in conflict with their neighbors. Do I wish we could all get along? Sure but trust is earned not handed over without thought. I am grateful that many countries open their borders to help people of other races and religions but we don’t seem to find the same level of conflict from other religions wishing to assimilate into a new culture. You seem to have no problem claiming Zionists. Perhaps you have the problem with bigotry.
commented 2016-03-11 13:41:08 -0500
The Liberals and Conservatives and NDP nowadays all agree with interventionism to a point and we need anti-Zionism policies in Canada in order to ensure that no special interest group on foreign policy tells us how to act. We had such policies during the Pearson years and we need mediation, diplomacy, peacekeeping and a way to get out of NATO. By doing all this, we can become more free and prosperous and we won’t waste money as a result. I am glad Canada kicked out that neocon Harper, but the Liberals voted for much of the same wars as the Conservatives, and the NDP voted for Libya, along with the Libs and CONs. Which is why to me Canada has no non-interventionist party federally other than the Canadian Action party and I would say the other smaller parties.
commented 2016-03-11 13:35:18 -0500
The Conservatives on here always post hate against Muslims to the point of causing a clash of civilizations and probably decades more of war. They have certainly drank the koolaid starting since 9/11 and this coincides with their own ideology. I feel that allowing people in every nation around the world to decide what to do in their nation and them having a free choice to not be part of the IMF, World Bank and internationalist organizations will end the War on Terror. People in the world must decide and not the Western nations, NATO or the BRICS group. As I stated on here, the right wing neocons, aka the bigots, want death and are in most cases accomplices to those that call for war. So much for them being religious or having a moral compass. We have been given a false choice and Levant is merely another neocon and Zionist wanting more war since it serves Israel and serves the agenda of a NWO (New World Order) and the interventionist and globalist USA. We need an independent and non-interventionist foreign policy, in Canada, to decide for ourselves what direction we want to go in. Never again shall we be lied to by snakeoil salesmen like Levant, Lilley and people calling for war and they choose not to serve.