March 10, 2016

Trudeau and Obama: World's two biggest narcissists meet at last!

Rebel Staff

The two most narcissistic people in the world had a meeting today. Barack Obama, the king of the selfie stick, met the one world leader he hasn’t alienated yet: Justin Trudeau.

The Washington press corps is as giddy about Trudeau as the Ottawa press corps is. According to Politico, a “senior” White House staffer said, “Seriously, with his looks, heart and mind he’s dreamy… [he’s] my new political crush."

The CBS show, 60 Minutes, did a puff piece on Justin Trudeau that was so sickly sweet you’d think it was produced by the CBC.

The U.S. is electing a new president in eight months. So all of this air kissing and bro-hugging in Washington, it’s all gone. Maybe Hillary Clinton will win, and the love will continue. Maybe. Or maybe it will be Donald Trump.

In Washington last night, Trudeau took thinly veiled shots at Trump.

That goes over well with the Obama crew. But they’re leaving. How do you think President Trump will reply, if he wins?

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commented 2016-03-10 21:06:33 -0500
Don’t bother replying to “Ron”. He just saying what he thinks will bother as many people as possible. Just ignore his comments and they will mysteriously stop showing up. I’m sure he is a very nice man who just needs to find a new hobby.
commented 2016-03-10 21:04:49 -0500
As I posted in the NP which will undoubtedly be deleted. What the hell do these vacuous, semi retarded politicians think they are royalty??!!! Dumb and Dumber and their consorts Miss Piggy and the Wookie…Jesus wept.
commented 2016-03-10 21:00:57 -0500
RON CHRISTENSEN commented 1 hour ago
Yes, posibly, but Canada just got rid of the biggest sociopath that ever became PM last October.

Fuck off Ron. You talk crap. Go see a psychiatrist.
commented 2016-03-10 20:58:10 -0500
Really I wouldn’t expect anything else from Trudeau and Obama. Obama is seeing this as a way to get the US public excited about Left wing politics… he’s using Trudeau at the cost of a State dinner. “Look how amazing and cool Left wing politicians are… just think how sweet it would be if we had a dude like this in office!”. Trudeau is willing to be taken advantage of (perhaps he doesn’t realize it) if he can get some more publicity and some celebrity South of the boarder. They should be splicing in clips of Trudeau constantly making derogatory remarks about American style politics… although he doesn’t seem mind telling Americans what to do (become more aware of what’s going on in the world). Give him enough air time and Trudeau will put his foot in his mouth in the States and he won’t have the CBC down there screening out all the undesirable parts.
commented 2016-03-10 20:49:24 -0500
Interesting. Too bad your opinion means nothing outside of your little Rebel world. Once I see The Rebel reps in the press corps asking questions, you might mean something.
commented 2016-03-10 20:33:03 -0500
They are making Themselves —
commented 2016-03-10 20:19:34 -0500
What a bromance!
commented 2016-03-10 20:18:01 -0500
Hey guys, the last two members videos are in low definition, All your previous videos were in HD.

Just wondering if this is an oversight?
commented 2016-03-10 20:15:14 -0500
At least for once, Ron Christensen, just grow up.
commented 2016-03-10 20:14:50 -0500
Prediction. In the upcoming weeks, Trudeau will openly endorse Clinton. And when that happens, Trump will retaliate to all our hearts content.
commented 2016-03-10 20:14:18 -0500
Oh Ron, stop your bullshit. You use the word sociopath the describe Harper, but you cannot show anything action or words that showed Harper as a sociopath.

It is comments like you just made that make people not take you seriously. Stop being a child.
commented 2016-03-10 20:10:43 -0500
Yes, posibly, but Canada just got rid of the biggest sociopath that ever became PM last October.
commented 2016-03-10 20:08:13 -0500
They should have put this on entertainment tonight