September 28, 2015

Trudeau believes "terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship" -- Here's how his failed logic threatens Canadians

Brian LilleyArchive

Should terrorists with dual citizenship keep their Canadian citizenship if they take up arms against Canada?

The Conservatives say no, the NDP and Liberals say yes.

I'm the son of immigrants. Stripping citizenship may seem extreme but I explain why I believe it's the right thing to do with people who turn their backs on Canada.


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commented 2015-10-02 01:09:55 -0400
But how do you decide who loses their citizenship? There are some 200,000 people in Canada of Danish background. And all of them, as far as I can tell, are endangering Canadian lives through food poisoning. Raw ground beef is a serious matter. Do you strip all of them of citizenship and then send them back to Denmark?
Don’t get me wrong — I am no lefty Dane-hugger. I just think it is impractical.
commented 2015-10-01 08:53:11 -0400
has butt-head told justy to run a more taqiyya-style campaign?
commented 2015-09-30 07:56:12 -0400
This guy Trudeau is a bloody idiot, even more of an idiot than your average politician. Any terrorist not born here, take their citizenship and send them back where they belong. The ones born here? Put a little bit of lead between their ears. That, in my opinion is how you deal with terrorists.
Even if I wasn’t a conservative I would definitely vote for Stephen Harper after watching this fiasco.
It really amazes me how "anyone " could vote federally for a Liberal, knowing what they’re doing to Ontario. Do they want the country ruined as well?
commented 2015-09-30 02:32:24 -0400
As was my understanding, one took an oath upon becoming a Canadian citizen—seems breaking that oath means revoking one’s citizenship; niquab or no.
commented 2015-09-29 17:09:58 -0400
Don’t worry terro-boys, some day the Lieberals will win an election, and they’ll pass a special amendment to the Citizenship Act (Bill C-69?) to give you your citizenship back. I hope that the opposition manages to jump the gun on them and propose it as: “An Act to Restore Canadian Citizenship to Convicted Terrorists” with short title “Terrorist Citizenship Restoration Act”.

Then once one of the beneficiaries commits a second terrorist act, despite having been deemed to be reformed (i.e., shown a willingness to vote Lieberal?), it’ll be “fun” to see the result of the next election.

I have a better idea: why not be proactive? FREE FLIGHT TO DAESHISTAN available to anyone renouncing their citizenship? (Broken) parachute included!
commented 2015-09-29 16:59:00 -0400
So I guess by Trudeau’s logic no matter how many votes Quebec had on a referendum they could never secede because a Canadian is a Canadian rinse and repeat.
commented 2015-09-29 15:00:17 -0400
Frankly. I’m surprised he doubled down on this policy seeing how unpopular it is with Canadians – just re-enforces the charge that he displays poor policy/political judgement.
commented 2015-09-29 14:13:15 -0400
All Canadian citizens, whether born here or naturalized have a duty to uphold the law of the land. That means Canada comes first. If that’s not the case and you take up arms against your country and fellow citizens, it is only common sense to hold them accountable for their actions. Treason, as far as I know is still a charge available to prosecutors, and deporting these terrorists back to the country they revere over their adopted land, Canada, is a lesser penalty than than the actual consequences they face under our treason laws. It’s time for the judiciary to grow some “cojones”.
commented 2015-09-29 11:25:35 -0400
@raefraser Pass the eye bleach.
commented 2015-09-29 11:23:47 -0400
I would suggest that if a person participates in terrorist activity they have violated their oath to observe our laws. Stephen Harper mentioned that they kicked out war criminals in the past but this was never addressed by Trudeau who simply raised his voice and kept repeating himself.
commented 2015-09-29 09:06:23 -0400
I say save a few bucks skip Jail Deport them Post Haste…Its a privilege to immigrate here and we need to start to drive that point home….
commented 2015-09-29 05:55:39 -0400
Your statement is just ridiculous! Steven Harper didn’t give a person his our her citizenship nor does he take it away. That is the domain of Citizenship Canada. The Conservatives just came up with a law that Strips those of citizenship who what to promote terrorist actions union the citizens of this country. If they were born here so be it, they get to stay, but if they are born elsewhere, they have a moral duty to obey the laws of the land they wish to become a citizen of. How could you possibly disagree with that.? So Ya I think they should be removed post haste when their term in jail is complete. If we don’t stand up for Canadians and the values we hold dear, I do hope you are the first to suffer from your lake of convictions.
commented 2015-09-29 01:37:13 -0400
Trudeau’s point that no Prime Minister should be able to withdraw someone’s citizenship is very compelling. Of course we would like to get rid of a convicted terrorist. But the question is would you be willing to have your citizenship subject to the whim of a Prime Minister?
commented 2015-09-29 00:51:41 -0400
Thoughts of Mulcair becoming PM makes my sphincter involuntarily contract.
commented 2015-09-28 22:14:03 -0400
Thoughts of Trudeau being our PM makes the hairs on my neck stand on end. Hopefully there are still enough sensible voters left out there that will keep him from that position.
commented 2015-09-28 21:33:59 -0400
It is worthwhile to read the Globe and Mail article linked by Jason R. below. Keep in mind, however that there are by default two levels of citizenship defaulted through the process. Canadian born citizens are not required to take oaths of citizenship and allegiance, naturalized citizens (like me) have to take such oaths. It is disingenuous to claim that there is only one uniform right to citizenship. Taking arms against Canada, either domestically through terrorist acts, or internationally by joining enemies in combat is incompatible with that promise of allegiance. Keep also in mind that the citizenship oath says nothing about an intention to reside in Canada: “I swear (or affirm) That I will be faithful And bear true allegiance To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen of Canada Her Heirs and Successors And that I will faithfully observe The laws of Canada And fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen.” There can be no dispute over the central point of this oath- which is an allegiance to this country and a a corresponding duty to protect it. Civil rights groups can, of course, take issue with vague formulations and details of the legislation, but there can be no doubt that, regardless of their position on the political spectrum, Canadians are united in the view that naturalized Canadian citizens who take arms against Canada or those who plan or execute terrorist acts against Canada do not consider themselves bound by the oath of citizenship and should, accordingly, be stripped of their Canadian citizenship. Canadian jails have become prime grounds for Islamist recruitment and most Canadians know that examples of genuinely reformed and remorseful terrorists (as opposed to imagined ones like Mr. Khadr) are exceedingly rare (to put it mildly). Canadians expect their leaders to neutralize serious threats to the public safety and order. Where punishments are unlikely to neutralize serious threats, deporting terrorists is the next best thing. Mr. Trudeau’s smug challenge highlights his abject lack of substance because what is expected of a true leader is to articulate a rational and hopefully better alternative. He offered none and, instead, came through as a defender of terrorist rights.
commented 2015-09-28 20:21:34 -0400
Well said Linda Cayer.
I wish the Speer family could come to Canada and spit on Dizzy Lizzy’s face while she drinks her Vodka.
commented 2015-09-28 19:40:34 -0400
It is the basest of political ploys. The Liberals and the NDP are pandering to yet another minority. In this case it is muslims in general and the supporters of radical muslims who are members of that minority. It gives one perspective on how members of these parties feel about their country.
commented 2015-09-28 18:57:41 -0400
I hope the Cons use this in their ad campaign the last week or two before the ballot!
commented 2015-09-28 18:55:43 -0400
It’s a no brainer. Of course he should have his Canadian citizenship revoked.
I’d like to do the Same with Elisabeth May. She cleary prefers convicted terrorists over the lives and safety of Canadians. After all , Kadar has more" fucking class" than the rest of us. Isn’t that what she said. Sounds treasonous and should be grounds to revoke her Canadian citizenship.
commented 2015-09-28 18:04:03 -0400
Refugees, or immigrants of any kind should arrive here and be on probation for 10 years. If they commit any crime that involves the use of violence they should immediately be deported. We do not want anymore violence in the streets of Canada than we already have and if a person is going to come here and benefit from all we have to offer from welfare to health care then asking them to be good citizens that do not behave violently is very little to ask in return. If you commit what the Americans classify as a felony criminal act then we should boot you out right then and there. If anybody has a problem with that or think its not fair to the poor little violent immigrant then there is something wrong with you, you were fully brain washed by the liberals in high school.
commented 2015-09-28 17:56:42 -0400
Re-Justin’s two comments
“The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should keep their Citizenship” ……Pure ignorance.
“I am willing to take on anybody who disagrees”……………………………………..Justin’s stupidity
The puzzled and startled laugh his Liberal audience gave him…………………..Priceless

Justin, to start with, perhaps you can take on your own Liberal audience who thought you were joking.
commented 2015-09-28 17:55:05 -0400
All immigrant Citizenship MUST be conditional by Good Behaviour until death. An Immigrant MUST earn and continue to work at keeping their citizenship if they want to live in Canada. It is not a right for just anyone that comes here. I would go retroactive for 25 years on this as well. A lot of house cleaning would be going on and a lot of room in the jails would be free. Apparently this Young Trudeau forgot the first purpose of Government – “Protect the People”. Mulcair has dual citizenship with France. He is afraid that the Canadians will find out about this but apparently the Media Party has turned a blind eye to this. He should not even be in any elected position with dual citizenship. Seriously…..WTF? Any country could slam their candidate to run our lives and we do nothing about it? Canadian Spring Anyone?
commented 2015-09-28 17:47:44 -0400
A typical trudope idea – a man who has never successfully held a job in the real world wants to lead Canada?

Someone change this kids diaper – he stinks.
commented 2015-09-28 16:35:45 -0400
The Conservative ads promote that; “He’s just not ready!” They have it wrong; “He’ll NEVER be ready!” What is it with him and Mulcair? Where is the logic that the people who kill/want to kill us are still “good Canadians”? Even when he said it back in July the people in the room laughed thinking he was kidding…then they realized he wasn’t. Where has common sense gone? Is their sanctimonious narcissism so strong (or their minds so weak) that they can’t even see the lack of logic of their positions?
commented 2015-09-28 16:31:03 -0400
What is it with socialist and there love for terrorists? Is it fear, ignorance, or both?
commented 2015-09-28 16:29:15 -0400
Keith Barnes, and yet the CBC continues to defend these “Islamic militants”. Many have said on here that the terrorists do not care who they kill and chances are many socialists would be the first to get it, case in point the CBC was on the hit list. The psycho that tried to storm the parliament last year would have no problem shooting any politician no matter what political party they were from.
commented 2015-09-28 16:13:12 -0400
Trudeau has again proven that he is a complete Gibbering Idiot. He must really be getting desperate for votes. What a Wimp.
As for the Muslim who wanted to blow up the CBC, he should not be deported, why not give him the Order of Canada Medal? Perhaps not all Muslims are as bad as I thought.
commented 2015-09-28 15:59:38 -0400
@george-DYER: nice? they are the enemy (not even close to frenemy).