August 01, 2017

Trudeau boards Canada 150 train on “damage control” visit to Calgary

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Trudeau visited Calgary again over the weekend, a mere two weeks since his Stampede trip, likely in an effort to repair his image in Alberta. 

The event was a stop on the CP Rail’s itinerary to celebrate Canada’s 150th and fortunately, he didn’t give us the finger from the train as his Dad once did. 

Trudeau is clearly still embarrassed by the national attention he received after leaving Alberta out of his Canada Day speech, which was followed by almost snubbing Calgarians at The Stampede before changing his mind and deciding to come after all.

His latest stop was chock-full of Trudeau essentials: using First Nations to virtue signal, excessive and hypocritical fossil fuel usage including a train ride in and a motorcade and of course, selfies and screeching women.

It was everything you’d expect from a Trudeau event. Watch my video for all the cringe worthy moments!

A million selfies with Trudeau fans might change how the national public views the dynamic between Albertans and the current Prime Minister, but they’ll never be a measure of the truth.

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commented 2017-08-02 13:39:50 -0400
Oh, Dan Mancuso – wow, wow, an incredible comment and right on the money. This useless waste of skin trudoop is on another glorious holiday at our expense. Wouldn’t be nice if any of us could even come close to affording one holiday after another without having to pay a dime. I am so extremely fed up of finding out he is on another expensive holiday with all the liberal entourage, imagine how much this suck has cost us in 2 years. The absolute ubsurdity and nerve to put him up on a pedestal all the time makes me so sick. The women and msm who fawn over trudoop, I guess, don’t mind how he is changing this country into the globalist soros and UN’s agenda. Everything is going according to their plan to bring more muslims, change our laws, tax us to death and impose the worst scam of global warming ever.
commented 2017-08-02 10:58:09 -0400
I can only imagine how the good people of Germany must have felt 80 years ago, about the ‘leader’ they had been conned into ‘electing’, as more of them realized the living nightmare he turned out to be – too late!
It is likely similar to the frustration, anger and fear that I and many other Canadians are feeling today in regards to the feminist dictator selfie-king who has slimmed his way into the PMO, gleefully slashing and hacking away at all the hard work generations of Canadians have bled, sweated, cried and died over, and hacking and slashing at the Christian moral principles and British Common Law Canada was founded and built on, the true strength of Canadians – all in aid of his Globalist masters – just like his apparent father did.
They used to hang people for treason in Canada…
commented 2017-08-02 05:25:00 -0400
No liberal safe space here..
I would prefer to separate rather than to see his face in Alberta or even Western Canada for that matter ever again.!!
What we tolerate we encourage.!
commented 2017-08-02 04:18:09 -0400
The New Democrats probably convinced Trudeau to go to Alberta to take the attention away from the merger.
commented 2017-08-02 00:03:27 -0400
Canadian Mongrel… Your recollection of the 1965 federal election makes me suspect you may be of the same “vintage” as me…Dief’s victory in 1965 was based largely on the vote in Southern Ontario… And that vote was hundreds of thousands of post-war immigrants from Europe turning out in droves to vote for the The Chief… Unfortunately he blew that opportunity in the coming three years by tap-dancing on too many issues and when the stylish Pierre came along the ladies swooned and the rest is history…
commented 2017-08-01 17:42:26 -0400
Maybe Baby Doc is attempting to channel Dief the Chief, who made effective use of trans-Canada trains to connect with the people. This included 1965 when the idiot MSM pundits of the day said the conservatives would be annihilated due to Dief’s outmoded technique and Pearson’s liberals would have a super majority. Dief did not win, but the LPC ended in minority.

I do have to admit that I wonder if Canada would have been better off if Dief had not campaigned so effectively in 1965. If Pearson had his majority, we probably would not have ended up with Papa Doc. The twists and turns of history.
commented 2017-08-01 17:35:24 -0400
He’s basically one huge steaming pile of excrement. I cringe each time I see him or hear him speak. He actually makes me ashamed to be Canadian….. and Nenshi ain’t a whole lot better.
commented 2017-08-01 17:08:56 -0400
Junior is on the “gravy train!”
commented 2017-08-01 16:26:05 -0400
More Liberal propaganda and shameless self-promoting.
commented 2017-08-01 15:27:56 -0400
commented 2017-08-01 15:26:51 -0400
That gives a whole new meaning to crazy train , hopefully it details !
commented 2017-08-01 15:26:13 -0400
Thanks HOLLY , for warning us of his moves
What a vacuous AIR HEADHEIR HEAD
commented 2017-08-01 14:11:42 -0400
That picture! Just a couple of unfurled fingers and we would be free.
Fly Justin fly. Let go, you can do it!
commented 2017-08-01 13:53:47 -0400
Nothing can repair the damage he’s inflicting on Canada. He’s the sideshow for the liberal globalists!
commented 2017-08-01 13:29:47 -0400
Fox News talked a few times about his picture on Rolling Stones and sarcastically, they all said that after the hair and the socks, there was nothing there, only a big void. As for his constant reference to diversity, people with a minimum level of intelligence, know very well that his goal is to make us accept mouchlims in high numbers so that he can get more votes next time. Diversity is HIS strength, not ours.