November 09, 2015

Trudeau bringing back "gold-plated" health plans for all - even failed refugee claimants

Brian LilleyArchive

Just in time for more than 25,000 refugees from Syria, the new Liberal government has announced they will reverse changes to the refugee health care system brought in by the Conservatives.

In 2010 the Conservatives promised and later delivered on changes to make sure refugees and failed refugee claimants were not getting better health care coverage than Canadians.

Jason Kenney, felt the gold plated plan for refugees, "should be no more generous than is typically the case within provincial health-care programs.”

He undertook a thorough review and in the end, some things that Canadians cannot get from their government plans like eye care and dental care were taken away. Other procedures, including easier access to surgery, were added to the plan though you never heard about that.

Since media were too lazy or too partisan to check claims made by opposition parties and refugee advocates, they only talked about "cuts" and now Liberal immigration minister John McCallum is promising to reverse what he terms "draconian" cuts.

We had provincial governments, premiers and health ministers writing to the feds demanding they restore the old system and reverse cuts even though the cuts only stopped paying for things provincial plans didn't pay for.

Reality check: The current plan in place provides tiered access to healthcare depending on what category the person is in but even failed refugee claimants, people that have been ordered out of the country, still have access to basic health coverage until they are finally sent home.

Under the Liberals we can expect the limited deportations to slow down and the healthcare benefits to ramp up. And you won't hear all the facts from other media outlets either.


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commented 2015-11-10 20:16:14 -0500
Mark probably thinks that Rotherdam did not happen because useful idiots did not lay charges.
commented 2015-11-10 20:15:39 -0500
Mark thinks blog sites are proof of something. And by the way , it is the highest in Europe by far , no one said the world, that honor goes to African countries. I WONDER WHY?
commented 2015-11-10 20:11:02 -0500
Mark and Georges Mom , please enlighten us as to why separation was a huge issue under Chretien and pretty much died when Harper was in power? Now that Justin is in , the west will be talking about it as will Quebec again as they do not put up with crap like the Niqab. Of course moronic lefties missed the fact that Quebec was the most against it and whined that it was rednecks LMAO
commented 2015-11-10 20:08:58 -0500
Georges mom the Niqab was raised by the woman complaining about it not by Harper or any other party.
commented 2015-11-10 20:07:35 -0500
Mark Rediit and wiki are not credible.
commented 2015-11-10 20:00:23 -0500
MSM made the “dress code” an issue not Harper. It was a wedge issue that was totally brought up by the opposition and the the MSM ran with it. All polls showed that Canadians are in favour of taking of the face covering during swearing in ceremony. Then the MSM weaponized it against Harper. And no mention of the fact that this noncanadian bitch is linked to terrorist organizations.
commented 2015-11-10 19:44:11 -0500
George’s mom The niqab is an important issue in the citizenship ceremony. Even more important is the adherence to Canadian laws and customs.
commented 2015-11-10 19:38:41 -0500
George’s mom is that your feeble attempt at humour???

Sick !
commented 2015-11-10 19:34:40 -0500
PETER – It’s actually an interesting question what makes something divisive. It did seem pretty clear the Niqab issue was raised for its political impact and it wasn’t just those opposed that made it an issue – there was pretty fierce arguments from both sides in the MSM. But whatever.

For me, the real issue was that the Prime Minister of Canada should not be trying to gain political points by vilifying the way a visible minority legally and peacefully behaves. Its not respectful, it’s irresponsible and most importantly it goes entirely against our most important laws and standards.

Our constitution is very clear that you cannot discriminate against people because of their gender, sexual orientation, skin colour, height, weight, or shoe-size, so it’s pretty clear the government was not going to be able to discriminate on the basis of what people wear on their face.

Whatever Harper or you might think of the cultural basis for the Niqab, the Prime Minister was very well aware that his proposals for setting an arbitrary dress code for government ceremonies or indeed for public servants had zero possibility of standing.

It was a political ploy. It undermined the standing of a visible minority. It was entirely unbecoming.
commented 2015-11-10 19:27:45 -0500
George’s Mom,
Quite a lot of posting to this article since I last sat down to have a coffee.
I also see there is no logical reason to debate with you in regards to the articles I posted though it seems that you would like to. The first thing I read upon opening this web page was an insult then followed by a very snide post to Charleton. That is a clear indication of a closed mind so please do not include me in your debate and I will return in kind. Thank you.
commented 2015-11-10 19:08:05 -0500
CHARLETON or is that charlatan?

Four years of law school? As in …

M’Lord, the defendant is clearly a rapist. He’s an admitted follower of Islam, and if that’s not bad enough, my friend Brian – he’s from Hamilton, and he never reads the Main Stream Media, and well, he has really strong opinions on this subject, and he says the guy has to be a rapist and he’s probably a terrorist too.

So I agree with him.

And … um … you should too!

The Prosecution rests its case.

May it please the Court – M’Lord, the defense insists that you end this travesty of justice and release my client immediately. The Prosecution’s case is entirely hearsay and conjecture. She has yet to produced a shred of evidence to prove his guilt let alone to establish any basis for these charges. Quite frankly I’m wondering if she actually passed the Bar …
commented 2015-11-10 19:01:40 -0500
Peter, KELOWNA ACCORD. Just that one specific example. Please explain how that is not divisive?
commented 2015-11-10 18:19:08 -0500
Mark said, "Peter, the examples listed were divisive. "

They were divisive because the left made them divisive. All Conservative policies are labelled divisive by the left.

Mark said, “There was literally no point to bringing them up or doing them unless the intention was to create division.”

Not as far as you are concerned, but other people did think there was reason to bring it up. You will never grasp that it is the main stream media that makes it into an issue, not the Conservatives. And I also know that you are not capable of understanding that it takes the opposition to make it into a divisive issue.

Mark said, "The willfully ignorant I suppose. "

Funny, I was thinking that exact thing about you too.

The link you provided does not prove that Christians had slaves, but regardless, I really don’t care one way or another. Dead issue for me. yawn

Mark said, “I don’t understand why people are so obsessed that I have a middle name.”

Ummmm… Okay. What does that have to do with me? I don’t care one way or another. BTW, I have the same middle name.

Mark said, “Also, the government that pitted the regions and people against each other was the previous government.”

Well you are entitled to your opinion, regardless of how wrong it is. As I said, the left, especially the main stream media, are the ones who pitted the regions and people against each other. The Conservatives were just implementing the Conservative policies that they were elected to do.
commented 2015-11-10 18:17:54 -0500
Here’s some context for your Sweden Rape statistic:
If you actually look at the data, the percentage of those who have been victims of any kind of sexual assault in Sweden has not changed in decades. The only difference is the method of reporting.

But go figure, who’s going to actually look at a statistic and see if it actually proves what they want it to?
If you have an arbitrary and political reason for Sweden to be the rape capital of Europe, then this statistic suits your purpose. However, if you want an evidence based analysis of the situation, this statistic is completely meaningless.
commented 2015-11-10 18:12:38 -0500
George’s mom Dummy I can’t edit on my Note 4.. I know more about thus than you ever will.
commented 2015-11-10 18:09:57 -0500
George’s mom sure I do since I spent 4 years at law school.
Lefties always deny lie and fabricate BS like Muslims. Like I said, do your own work and you will see that opinion is accurate.
I would but as you can see it would be a waste of time. You can can see I can’t edit on my Note 4. Assholes like you will always deny the truth.
commented 2015-11-10 18:02:49 -0500
I think I see the problem CHARLETON. You don’t seem to understand the difference between opinion, facts and evidence.

Here’s a clue: Often the word OPINION in caps at the top of an article is a pretty good indicator that what’s written below it is just the viewpoint of an individual.

And here’s a couple of suggestions: When I or someone suggests you might sway them with links to facts and information backing up your claims 1) you don’t have to copy the whole article, advertisements and all, – just the web address thingy – that’s what link means 2) you should try to actually reference things like … well … like facts and information
commented 2015-11-10 18:00:14 -0500
Charleton said, “You can look it up moron. I’m not here to educate an idiot. Tried that and learned my lesson.”

You must be referring to Jimmy Da Silva. I am not sure, but I think Jack Carter is Jimmy. Same style, same speech.
commented 2015-11-10 17:41:43 -0500
George’s mom? More like George himself, me thinks.
commented 2015-11-10 17:37:23 -0500
Well HYACINTH – thank you for the links.

While thick with political posturing and opinion they do contain some facts. For instance one states that only 44K of the 215K asylum seekers recently arriving in Europe between june and august were from Syria (most of the remainder appear to be from various countries that are also in the midst of armed conflict – like Afghanistan and Iraq).

So that’s an interesting stat but I didnt think we were debating where these people are from – rather whether they are legitimate refugees. The only fact that suggest some might not be is a note that 21K (about 7%) of these same asylum seekers are from Albania. While Albania is not at war per-se it is rife with ethnic conflict so even that number does not tell us anything definitive.

You also linked to an article claiming 20 refugees in Germany are suing the Government for leaving them homeless as winter approaches. I can see why that would make you uncomfortable – it does not really sit well with me either.

However the article does not say who is supporting the legal action (and for what political reasons) and we are still talking about a legal, non-violent action by 20 of the more than 400,000 claimants.

Uncomfortable it is but hardly a definitive endorsement of any anti-refugee comments I’ve read.

The last article is actually about immigration – not refugees. It claims that many immigrants to the UK – including those from places like Africa, Pakistan and Bangladesh, are more likely to be on social assistance than the average Briton.

“Migration Watch used the official Labour Force Survey to examine the economic impact of migrants in the UK last year. It found that for people in their early 40s the proportion of migrants on housing benefit was just under 15 per cent – nearly twice the UK rate of 8 per cent.

One in eight migrants received tax credits compared with one in 13 Britons. Nearly half of all Somalis claimed tax credits and housing benefit."

It goes on to say:

“Payments such as income support, job seekers allowance, state pension, sickness and disability benefits, had higher proportions of Britons claiming.”


“Migrants from the ‘more first world countries’ like Europe, India, South Africa, the US, Australia, and New Zealand had high employment, high wages and low benefit rates. Eastern Europeans also had high employment rates but they had lower wages and were more likely to claim benefits than those born in the UK. "

So a few things jump out – first that despite having come to a new country with all the associated disadvantages immigrants from less developed countries and with visible racialization, (who the article says do work but are more likely to be in low paying jobs) are only twice as likely to claim benefits compared to the local population. But claim less health benefits. I think it’s pretty telling that the predominantly more ‘western’ immigrants do well and are not on benefits even compared to those from eastern europe.

The article is full of words like “Milking” and “Abusing the system” but it reflects systemic inequality far more than it suggests a lack of work ethic and speaks nothing of the supposed nefarious intent of Muslim refugees.
commented 2015-11-10 17:30:03 -0500
Trudeaus liberals weren’t even on the radar in Quebec until Mulcair proclaimed that he would not address the niqab issue, so he died in Quebec. It is an issue still in that province. If Trudeau plays politics on the immigration issue in Quebec he will rile them up. In the west with his stupid green policy , he has riled us up , especially with no opposition from the current government, that we as westerners once relied on with our past conservative leaders to lean on. Now the last 10 years we have never heard a peep that entire regions that want to leave the confederation until now. Why is that?
commented 2015-11-10 16:49:38 -0500
Peter, the examples listed were divisive. There was literally no point to bringing them up or doing them unless the intention was to create division. It has nothing to do with the left making it divisive. Those were policies specifically designed to create controversy. There’s literally no other plausible explanation for them. You didn’t tell me how they weren’t divisive or even how they were good policy (especially the Kelowna Accord that Indigenous people’s spent YEARS negotiating). I gave you examples, that you asked for, and just dismissed it without reason. I feel like you could be hit in the face with book of documented divisive issues and you still wouldn’t be able to see it. The willfully ignorant I suppose.

Also, seriously? You don’t believe Christians had slaves? Do you not study history at all, like ever? But here’s a quick overview:

I don’t understand why people are so obsessed that I have a middle name. I’ve had my middle name my whole life (more than 30 years). I don’t understand how fully identifying myself (considering there are thousands of people with my name in Canada) is juvenile. Just so you don’t think I’m a person living on government handouts, I personally pay more in taxes, than the median family makes in a year working in the private sector (and I also don’t belong to a union).

Also, the government that pitted the regions and people against each other was the previous government. This government so far, has said and proven only to be inclusive. The supporters on the other hand, aren’t necessarily as open the government. There are vitriolic people on both sides.
commented 2015-11-10 16:39:49 -0500
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Volunteers distribute food and drinks to migrants who arrived at Malmo train station in Sweden in this September 10, 2015 file photo. REUTERS/Ola Torkelsson/TT News Agency/Files Volunteers distribute food and drinks to migrants who arrived at Malmo train station in Sweden in this September 10, 2015 file photo. REUTERS/Ola Torkelsson/TT News Agency/Files ∧
Sweden Opened Its Doors To Muslim Immigration, Today It’s The Rape Capital Of The West. Japan Didn’t.
Photo of James Zumwalt
Author, ‘Bare Feet, Iron Will’
10:22 AM 10/23/2015

As Europe confronts the social and financial realities of its largesse in opening its doors to millions of Muslim immigrants, it is time the tale of two countries is told.

The tale is an important one as the two countries involved have taken completely different approaches to Muslim immigration and the preservation of their own culture. As such, both provide examples of the proverbial canary in the coal mine on this matter.

Sweden began opening its doors to Muslim immigrants in the 1970s. Today it pays a high price for having done so. The group suffering the severest consequences of such an open door policy has been Swedish women.

As Muslim men immigrated to Sweden, they brought with them an Islamic culture sanctioning rape. It is a culture bad enough inherently in the treatment of its own women. Under sharia, Muslim women serve little more purpose beyond catering to their husbands’ sexual demands. A non-submissive wife runs the risk of being raped by her husband.


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But under sharia, this rape culture also impacts upon Swedish women as they are “infidels” and, as such, are — according to Allah’s teachings — sanctioned targets for rape by Muslim men. Such an Islamic belief system has born witness to a drastic increase in rapes in Sweden — more than a thousand fold — since first opening its doors to Muslim immigration.

A 1996 Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention report bears this out. It noted that Muslim immigrants from North Africa were 23 times more likely to commit rape than Swedish men. It is no wonder why today Sweden is deemed the rape capital of the Western world.

Even more shocking, however, is the political correctness overshadowing the reporting of these crimes. Sensitive about accusations of Islamophobia, the Swedish press refuses to sound a warning alarm for native women about who these sexual predators are. Thus, when a Muslim commits a rape, the media only refers to him as a Swedish male.

But this failure to shine the light on Muslim male rapists leaves them hiding in the shadows to commit even more egregious sex crimes. With no fear of accountability, these predators have adopted a pack mentality. A crime non-existent in Sweden in the 1970s is now commonplace today as the country has become a breeding ground for gang rapes.

Interestingly, between 1995-2006, the Swedish government tracked gang rapes, identifying a drastically increasing trend. Unbelievably, after discovering the problem, it then adopted an ostrich-like “head in the sand” approach, terminating any further studies on them . Apparently the government’s fear of being labeled Islamophobic proved greater than its concerns about warning Swedish women about the threat. While no studies on gang rape have been conducted since 2006, one can assume these numbers have continued to rise.

It is interesting to compare Sweden’s approach and the Muslim immigration problems arising there to Japan’s approach and the non-existence of such problems there.

The reason for the difference is simple. Japan, unlike Sweden, has been much more circumspect about all immigration in an effort to preserve its own culture.

As Dr. Mordechai Kedar — an Israeli military intelligence officer — observed in his May 20, 2013 article “Japan — The Land Without Muslims,” although the country has a population of 127 million, there are only ten thousand resident Muslims. Thus, Muslims in Japan register less than one hundredth of a percent of the population while those in European countries are growing into sizeable minorities.

While Japan does not openly single out Muslim immigration as a source of concern, Kedar explained, nonetheless, Japan remains concerned about Islamic influence. There are three reasons giving rise to this:

“First, the Japanese tend to lump all Muslims together as fundamentalists who are unwilling to give up their traditional point of view and adopt modern ways of thinking and behavior. In Japan, Islam is perceived as a strange religion, that any intelligent person should avoid. “Second, most Japanese have no religion, but behaviors connected with the Shinto religion along with elements of Buddhism are integrated into national customs. In Japan, religion is connected to the nationalist concept, and prejudices exist towards foreigners whether they are Chinese, Korean, Malaysian or Indonesian, and Westerners don’t escape this phenomenon either. There are those who call this a ‘developed sense of nationalism’ and there are those who call this ‘racism.’ It seems that neither of these is wrong. “And third, the Japanese dismiss the concept of monotheism and faith in an abstract god, because their world concept is apparently connected to the material, not to faith and emotions. It seems that they group Judaism together with Islam. Christianity exists in Japan and is not regarded negatively, apparently because the image of Jesus perceived in Japan is like the images of Buddha and Shinto.”
Kedar noted as well a most important aspect missing from Japan’s approach to Muslim immigration that plagues the approach taken by Western democracies.

“The most interesting thing in Japan’s approach to Islam,” he wrote, “is the fact that the Japanese do not feel the need to apologize to Muslims for the negative way in which they relate to Islam.”

Thus, the Japanese make no bones about it: they are Islamophobic. It is an attitude that is justified due to an Islamic ideology that demands all non-Muslims submit to it or die. But the Japanese are determined not to commit cultural suicide by allowing a culture totally anathema to their own to prosper domestically and challenge it.

Accordingly, when the call went out to the international community to assist in resettling the recent wave of Muslim immigrants in non-Muslim countries, Japan offered financial assistance but rejected opening its doors to resettlement.

There is something to be said about Japan’s approach to unabashedly preserving its own culture. We witnessed that culture at its best in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country in 2011.

There were no reports of rioting or of looting among the people. What we saw during a time of a great human crisis was a very organized society function with dignity and mutual respect for one another. It makes one fully understand Japanese reluctance to surrender that culture to Islam.

What is happening in Sweden and, paradoxically, not happening in Japan, should be of serious concern to the rest of Europe and the U.S. Both Sweden and Japan are living examples of “the canary in the coalmine” approach to Muslim immigration and its subsequent impact on a host nation’s culture.

In taking on the Muslim immigration problem, Western democracies need fully comprehend why the canary in Sweden is dying while the one in Japan is not.
Which Immigration Approach Should The United States Take? Japan Sweden Neither Not Sure

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commented 2015-11-10 16:37:04 -0500
George’s mom, since most slave owners in the USA were democrats, then yes they were lazy. It took the republicans to form the Underground Railroad, and then abolish slavery, but then you probably knew that.
commented 2015-11-10 16:35:05 -0500
George’s mom what rock do you live under? Sweden for example has become therapeutic capital of the world. Untheathered Muslim immigration there has led to this most impressive ranking.
The UK where I studied has Muslim rape gangs that kidnap and rape non Muslim girls. There are areas in London a non Muslim takes his life in his hands to enter them.
You can look it up moron. I’m not here to educate an idiot. Tried that and learned my lesson.
commented 2015-11-10 16:28:24 -0500
George’s mom it appears to have been removed. It was a CBC documentary. I’m not surprised it is gone since it’s probably got major negative feedback. An African brings his family here, puts them on welfare and abandons them doesn’t make great press.
commented 2015-11-10 16:11:38 -0500
George’s Mom there is a movie also of that title.
The Documentary is the sane title.
commented 2015-11-10 16:06:19 -0500
George’s mom, go to YouTube and type in European migrant crisis, you’ll be there awhile
commented 2015-11-10 16:01:15 -0500
George’s Mom said, "As to the Main Stream Media and their work to oust the Conservatives … how is it 3 out of 4 dailies in Toronto (and both National papers) endorsed the Conservatives … ? "

You are only looking at just before the election. Try going back four years and you will find that there are next to nil articles supporting the Conservatives, but massive copious amount of articles attacking the Conservatives. But don’t worry, I expect you won’t.

George’s Mom said, “The Sun News Network failed because it could not attract viewers.”

That’s what the opponents of the SNN keep saying, though it is not true. The SNN did not get the mandatory carriage as the CBC, CTV and Global have. But I know that you know this and are ignoring that fact.
commented 2015-11-10 15:57:44 -0500
KEITH – I never countered your slavery claims. You made them in support of an assertion that Muslims have no interest in working for themselves. As I am sure you know many societies including those in Europe and North America used slaves. Do your claims of laziness apply to them too?