November 29, 2017

Trudeau forces RCMP to delete intelligence on Islamic migrants

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I reported on Justin Trudeau's decision to force the RCMP to delete 5,000 records about Islamic illegal immigrants.

What began with Muslim men crossing into Canada illegally from Minnesota and North Dakota into Manitoba, where they were aided by police, has turned into a full-scale illegal immigration crisis.  

Despite being led by a politically correct upper brass, police on the ground asked these illegal migrants simple questions about Canadian values.

 Naturally, the Media Party and the Liberals were outraged:

They didn't just demand that police cease questioning the migrants; they also forced them to delete the intelligence they had already collected.

Last week, Trudeau's Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, admitted that at least 60 ISIS terrorists are currently in Canada.

Unfortunately, the figure Goodale cited was a CSIS estimate from 2015. With ISIS losing ground every day in Syria and Iraq, many of their foreign recruits have returned home to countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada.s

WATCH my video to hear the questions the media party and Liberals thought were too politically incorrect to ask illegal Muslim migrants.

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commented 2017-12-02 09:04:00 -0500
how can Turdo force the RCMP to violate the law. Does that not make him a criminal ( of course he is on many issues) . Why would the RCMP violate the laws, are they not required to uphold them? They are illegal and criminal therefor it was not racial profiling – it was legitimate law and order procedure.
commented 2017-11-30 07:36:36 -0500
Keith and Helen Harvey referenced Daniel Pipes and five P’s. I hate the term but another P word which consolidates and describes the five P’s is Paradigm.
Canada is experiencing a paradigm shift in cultural norms and eventually political upheaval. Most of us here are living and want to remain in the old paridigm mainly because it works. The new order or paradigm is doomed to failure and the consequences are enormous.
Trudeau and his gang are fighting with a big army of malcontents including the media .They think they can turn humanity into a fairy tale existence. It never works.
Meantime,our side,our politicians don’t recognize the enormity of the problem we are facing. They are playing tag football while Trudeau is playing a viscious form of full contact football.
The old “we’re for smaller government” approach isn’t going to make us winners.
Our so called Constitution is not going to protect us and neither is the judiciary which is totally leftist in ideology.
Demanding Constitutional reform and threatening a break up of the country like Quebec has done throughout our lifetimes is the only thing that will save Canada.
Otherwize we will just be a vassal country to the United Nations.
commented 2017-11-30 06:51:56 -0500
On the current trajectory ,Canada is going to become a security threat to United States. Nothing has been said south of the border ,but giving poetry lessons to Jihadists isn’t going to ingratiate us to Trump.
Canada isn’t a continent in the middle of the Pacific. We share this land mass and much sooner than later the unguarded border is going to be an issue.
commented 2017-11-30 04:12:41 -0500
This would never happen in the Republic of Western Canada. Time for Aberta to leave and any other jurisdiction that wants to stand for freedom and a law and order society
commented 2017-11-30 01:45:33 -0500
Mark Chadwick, if any of Trudeau’s refugees, immigrants or returning ISIS members and the like hurt any of mine, I will not be suing the ass off Trudeau and his gang.

Paul Taylor, what somebody or patriot group are you referring to specifically? Because I’m sure many of us would like to join.

The RCMP are nothing but Traitorous, Spineless Robotons that will, without question enforce the agenda of the Trudeau Dictatorship. Serving the public good, protecting the citizens of Canada that pay them, securing Canada’s border, enforcing our laws, etc. will be eliminated as the priority will become Shariah Enforcement. Make no mistake about it, you will not be able to rely on the police for protection, they will stand by and watch you die or aid in your demise in favor of an evil ideology that they will throw us all under the bus for. Just ask Tommy Robinson. As Daniel Pipes says as to who will be against us will be in the form of the five “Ps” The Politicians, The Professors, The Prosecutors, The Police and The Press. They have it all sewn up. They are ensuring with what it is they’re doing, that conflict will come to Canada because you will have to, at some point choose, fight or die. If you wish to capitulate, you will live in a brutal, intolerant, hateful regime, on your knees and if you choose to fight, it will be against the five “Ps” that you once trusted to protect you, ensure your freedoms, enforce the law and keep the peace. It will only deteriorate from here and it’s actually accelerating if you’ve noticed, Trudeau has two more years left prior to the next election to destroy Canada. In those two years Canada is going to be changed dramatically, if the Conservatives don’t come up with a real leader and continue to waste their hopes on Andrew Scheer. I think we can assume another Trudeau government after he dopes up all the stoners with his Marijuana law and has many more refugees and immigrants to vote in his favor along with the younger ones that could not vote for him in the last election. Even before they have passed M103 they have jailed citizens, they make millionaires out of terrorists, elevate the rights of Islam above that of Canadians, refuse to identify terrorism, even when a terrorist attacks a police officer as in Edmonton. That is significant and you would think those in all the police services would see that, even above the life of a cop, that a nothing, lowlife, Muslim terrorist, with an obscene ISIS flag in his car, is let off being charged as a terrorist. None of this is a hopeless cause, if you fight back.
commented 2017-11-29 20:26:09 -0500
AS I say, this order is probably illegal. Not background checking unlawful border crashers IS illegal – and criminally negligent to boot – meanwhile in Andy Capp’s opposition scrums – crickets chirping.

I have a feeling a coy of this ordered deleted file will resurface – as will other revealing “leaks” because there are still white hats and patriots in the bowels of JT’s globalist dystopia – Same Happens in other western nations that suffer despotic ant-national governments – Canada’s Edward Snowdon is out there somewhere.
commented 2017-11-29 19:39:37 -0500
Jihad Justin is a friggin joke . . . Canada is soooo f’ed . . . .

39% of stupid Canooks gave us this clown show . . . shades of Obumbler and giving Miranda Rights to combatants on the Battle Field !

Remember the good ole days with a Balanced Budget ?
commented 2017-11-29 18:46:20 -0500
Whats wrong with the RCMP. Why are they taking orders from the Prime Idiot. Don’t they have a code to follow?? Canada is beginning to smell like a third world country where the guy at the top dictates everything
commented 2017-11-29 18:39:35 -0500
If any of my family ever get hurt by any of these so called gentle ISIS fighter I’m going to sue the ass off Trudeau and his gang . And $10 mil would be a drop in the bucket .
As far as the RCMP deleting this info kind of doubt it . Just like they deleted the gun registry .
commented 2017-11-29 18:22:35 -0500
It is easy to fix – if you can find them – deport them.

The islamic prime minister and his islamic polluted government will never do this.

I often wonder if there are any back benchers in the lieberal government that dislike this – and if so – why are they not speaking up?
commented 2017-11-29 17:21:45 -0500
Libtards have the policy of deleting information as well as fabricating fallacies to justify their political existence. Zero difference between federal and provincial liberals, same Red Tent merely different jurisdiction, and corruption is their party policy. ON Libtards deleted the gas plant emails, the computer wipes, Junior is merely following set Libtard protocol.
commented 2017-11-29 16:25:00 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,420 Attacks, 223,135 Killed, 303,383 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-11-29 16:23:55 -0500
Who’s in charge of this country? Obviously there are islamic countries/terrorists calling the shots, not Canada. Can you spell treason libtarded government because somebody’s going to eventually let the cat out of the dirty islamic/libtard bag and then you’re all going down. Maybe the whistle blowing will start in Europe and eventually spread everywhere. Let the head hunting and truth begin.
commented 2017-11-29 16:14:26 -0500
So where did Ezra get this info from? People on Facebook are trashing him
commented 2017-11-29 12:32:51 -0500
Goodale and trudope should be in prison asap
commented 2017-11-29 12:09:44 -0500
Rebels, please consider signing E-1310 (sponsored by Michelle Rempel)
The citizenship guide is a tool utilized by newcomers to Canada as a resource to learn about our country and prepare for the citizenship test
Canada is a welcoming and tolerant society that promotes gender equality at home and on the world stage
Performing or assisting in female genital mutilation (FGM) is a crime in Canada
Recent reports indicate that FGM practices are affecting Canadians, both at home and abroad
We, the undersigned, citizens and residents of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to ensure that the final draft of the new citizenship guide includes the condemnation of female genital mutilation.
commented 2017-11-29 12:04:34 -0500
Clearly The Clown Prince of the Muslims, Justin Mohammed Trudeaup is running interference for the Muslim terrorists in Canada. Trudeaup’s clearly a traitor to Canada.

Why hasn’t the NDP or Conservative Party taken The Clown Prince of the Lieberals to task? What are they afraid of?

Why didn’t the RCMP told Trudeaup to shove his directive up his Muslim loving ass.

Somebody or some patriot group had better do something before it’s too late.
commented 2017-11-29 12:02:56 -0500
Shrug. No sense getting excited about it. In the last federal election 64 % pf the electorate cast ballots for political parties that support wide open, no-questions-asked immigration. And there won’t be any hell raised by Andrew “Paris” Scheer either.