January 26, 2017

Trudeau gets mixed reaction at Calgary town hall despite “Justin-friendly” venue

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Justin Trudeau was in Calgary for the only Alberta stop on his cross country love-in tour that he says he launched in order to connect with Canadians. But it’s more likely that the tour is serving as damage control over cash for access allegations and impending ethics reviews. 

There were a mix of people at the event with about one hundred protestors outside holding signs. I had a chance to speak with a few of them and also with a few attendees who were waiting in line.

Most of those waiting in line were millennials, with a few scatterings of working class Albertans and from what I saw in the crowd and from the interactions I had with people at the event, there was definitely a mixed reaction to Trudeau’s visit.

This was Trudeau’s only stop in Alberta and is probably why he chose to stage it at the university where there are of course a lot of Justin-friendly millennials on campus who would attend.

If his event were held at any other venue, I think the outcome would have been much different, but, since this is a Trudeau vanity tour, he doesn’t really want to hear from regular Albertans.

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commented 2017-01-30 20:22:12 -0500
Why Albertans would want to stay a part of canada which clearly loves only Alberta’s money is beyond me. Why oh why have you not separated formed your own country or gone with just the 4 western provinces?
commented 2017-01-29 21:52:42 -0500
Trudeau is not out to hear from Canadians, that is a ruse, he is out to tell you what is good for you whether you like it or not, and he knows better than you do. Of course the U.N. has told him what to do.
And Bruce C. I agree, tar and feathers is what used to be done to CON men like Trudeau.
commented 2017-01-28 11:20:44 -0500
Too bad getting run out of town on a rail after the tar and feather treatment is no longer in style.
commented 2017-01-28 11:17:17 -0500
When Justin was told he was either confused or a liar, he started to trip over hit tongue, reminded me of Porky Pig. He wore jeans and rolled up his sleeves to show that his was just a working man don’t ya know. This boy would not know an honest days work if it slapped him in the face.
commented 2017-01-27 12:58:19 -0500
He does know what side his bread is buttered on, Bill.
commented 2017-01-27 12:46:13 -0500
Bonnie Dooley commented – “I too think our Prime Minister should dress the part. He is running the business of Canada, rolled up sleeves & jeans are not proper.”

Correction he is running the branch office of Beijing and he should don his little red beret and Mao Jacket.
commented 2017-01-27 11:04:15 -0500
Canadian mongrel , I too think our Prime Minister should dress the part. He is running the business of Canada, rolled up sleeves & jeans are not proper.
commented 2017-01-27 10:58:38 -0500
Oh my goodness! You should almost have to pass some kind of test before you are allowed to vote, ie, have some sort of understanding how the economy really functions. So far as a break on student loans, does PMJT mean delay pymt’s till you have a decent wage AND still charge interest, or is the interest frozen too. If interest not frozen you do yourself no favours delaying pymt.
commented 2017-01-27 10:45:42 -0500
The MSM said the crowds were not “vetted”, they were “screened”. Don’t ya know.
commented 2017-01-27 10:41:59 -0500
You may not have to wait very long Deborah.
commented 2017-01-27 10:29:50 -0500
This dimwit believes he is a god. I can’t wait until the one true God, the God of Israel extracts his vengeance against this aging playboy, and those behind his rise to the highest office in Canada, which he is using to destroy our country, and our people.
commented 2017-01-27 08:46:19 -0500
Very carefully vetted crowd. No real opposing views were allowed in, the two line story is true, Typical phony, He is not as popular as he thinks, his love me tour should stay in the east.
commented 2017-01-27 02:38:17 -0500
From what I heard, things did not go much better for Trudeau at the Winnipeg Town Hall.
commented 2017-01-27 01:02:55 -0500
None of Ralph’s “severely normal Albertans” in that crowd.
commented 2017-01-26 22:40:22 -0500
It’s hard to sit back and watch this twit and his disciples destroy our country.
commented 2017-01-26 21:54:53 -0500
Now you know why I didn’t give to the Red Cross. Soros types. Take our money, like they take our rights, and redistribute it to the ones they support
commented 2017-01-26 21:26:48 -0500
It would have been fun to call Junior out on some of his blatant BS re. pipeline approvals but I figured that his screeners would take one look at the lines on my face, the calluses on my hands, and the work boots on my feet, and I would have been escorted back to the LRT station I came from. So I stayed home.
commented 2017-01-26 21:08:52 -0500
If this globalist pissant has the cojones to even come to BC – LOL! – guaranteed he’ll have his unannounced and tightly vetted ‘Love Me, Love Me ’townhall’ in Vancouver or the Fraser Valley, where all the lefty/degenerate/pinkos live. (Sorry Chris…)
Me? I got a yard full of frozen road apples I intend to apply – overhand – to any Liberal propaganda BS I see around here!
Stay out of the Chilcotin you smarmy little scut.
commented 2017-01-26 20:06:48 -0500
Didn’t you just love the smirk on Junior’s face as he listened to the one question he took on the oil sands?
commented 2017-01-26 19:58:07 -0500
CM asked, "Finally, but separate, is anyone else F’ing fed up with Baby Doc and his rolled up sleeves as if he is working? "

Yup. It’s all about optics for the Liberals and especially the selfie PM.
commented 2017-01-26 19:56:31 -0500
Liza said, "I can only find snippets of any of them online. "

And if those snippets came from the main stream media you can bet the farm that all the bad parts are cut out. The MSM playing defense for that idiot should be a criminal charge of treason, imho.
commented 2017-01-26 19:53:42 -0500
Apparently the dear boy, in explaining his phase out the oil sands comment said “I said something in a way that I never should have said.” What can I say, his words are just so profound that there is just no way to describe his eloquence.
commented 2017-01-26 19:53:33 -0500
Outstanding Holly!! Great interviews, good commentary, fine reporting and PROPER AUDIO LEVELS (hat tip to Rebel techs who pumped up the volume)

Had I attended I would have taken some rotten tomatoes, rotten lettus maybe an spoiled egg or two and treated the Prince Selfie to a dumpster salad – like the many homess eat now the patch has been devastated by Globalist policy.
commented 2017-01-26 19:44:09 -0500
Finally, but separate, is anyone else F’ing fed up with Baby Doc and his rolled up sleeves as if he is working? Trump has done more work in the last week in a full suit without breaking a sweat.

I also note that Baby Doc chose to wear jeans in Alberta, because we are clearly too unsophisticated for a PM in slacks, funny that Chrétien never felt that way, nor Harper. They both respected workers.
commented 2017-01-26 19:38:50 -0500
The young lady worried about student debt due to loans. First I never worried about loans for the first years of university because I had parents that made me labour to cover cost, then provided backing for unforeseen shortfall. Second, but to be fair policy may have changed, I was granted remission on my loan, taken due to marriage, because of marks. In short, work ethic in both financing and in studying got me through…what part of work do students not get?
commented 2017-01-26 19:24:11 -0500
Did the people of Alberta know that he was coming? I am surprised that he is still able to breath in. What dose he drive around in, a Military Tank?
commented 2017-01-26 19:14:42 -0500
Is he even coming to BC or is he turning around now. Isn’t he in Sask today? He should be doing one up north, I’m sure there are some natives who take umbrage to being forced out of the best jobs they ever had.
I sure would like to get a full stream of the town halls, especially the Calgary and Sask ones. I can only find snippets of any of them online.
You watch, Justin will probably need another holiday after he gets back to Ottawa. He has probably never worked so hard as he has in the past 2 weeks.