November 14, 2017

Trudeau Gov Gives Money to Terrorists While Shortchanging Veterans

Rebel Staff

It's no secret that Canada's government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has shown little regard for military veterans. This was proven recently as veterans are speaking out to slam Trudeau for breaking his campaign promise on veteran's pensions.

Canadian veterans are furious as the Trudeau government continues to pay millions of dollars to terrorists while not giving those who have served in the military the pensions they deserve. Though his government recently awarded convicted terrorist Omar Khadr $10.5 million, Trudeau seems to have had trouble finding money for Canadian veterans who fought against terrorism.

In his new video, Ezra Levant points out how wrong it is that Trudeau has shown more love for terrorists than love for the men and women who put their lives on the line to fight for Canada. As Trudeau continues paying out millions to terrorists, an increasing number of veterans are becoming homeless. These veterans have been forced to live on the streets simply because they are not a priority.


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commented 2017-11-14 17:29:43 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,359 Attacks, 222,248 Killed, 302,749 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-11-14 16:28:24 -0500
Jihadi Justin despises the military as did PET. Other than pilots for his personal “taxi service” using Gov’t jets, he has no use for the military. When the (inevitable) Civil War starts, the Lieberals know the military will likely side with the civilian population having been drawn from the common folk. What the Lieberals fail to consider is how many exist in the civilian population with prior military training and skills which would become extremely useful in a conflict. Given Jihadi Justin’s arrogance and actions over the last couple of years only solidifies my opinion he will need to be removed from power by force.
commented 2017-11-14 13:41:43 -0500
As I’ve written before, about two weeks ago Baby Doc generously gave $31 million of our money (buried in debt) to Afghanistan for its veterans. Last week he and his lying (about his military record) Minister of Defence decide to claw back and reduce pay for military service people in danger zones, and reduce aid to OUR veterans.

I guess Baby Doc is still trying to virtue signal to get a seat at the UN Security Council, or some soft job there to match his steel trap of a mind (yea, I jest). No matter what, its Canada=Last in his mind. But Baby Doc looks good screwing us, doesn’t he (and I mean to other virtue signallers).

If morality was a ranking system, he would be just about dead last.
commented 2017-11-14 11:25:58 -0500
Trudeau is not responsible for his actions.
Mental retardation excuses him for all of the things he is doing to reduce this country to a third world nation.
Skyrocketing debt, high unemployment, soaring poverty levels, elder and veteran abuse, deteriorating infrastructure, drug legalization, poor judiciary system, immigration problems and increased taxation are all issues that this government should address.
But what is the main focus of the government?
Islamophpbia and bills to curtail free speech not to mention girlie socks and vacuous smiles on the face of the crime minister and his cabinet of inept ministers.
commented 2017-11-14 11:12:03 -0500
… These are two very separate issues. I don’t think it is smart to link them.