March 22, 2016

Justin Trudeau “shocked and profoundly saddened” by Islamic terror attack in Belgium

Rebel Staff

“Like all Canadians, I was outraged when I woke up to the news that so many innocent citizens have been killed and injured," Trudeau told reporters in Ottawa today, responding to the ISIS attack in Belgium that has left dozens reportedly dead.

"What happened today in Brussels was an act of terror. (...) Its goal was to take lives and instill fear."

"This cannot and will not be tolerated," Trudeau added.

"Canada strongly condemns these cowardly attacks and stands with Belgium at this most difficult time. We have offered the Belgium government all possible assistance."

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commented 2016-03-24 02:51:26 -0400
Bombing a foreign country with borders wide open to refugees from that country is insane madness.

Call for the borders to be closed, not insane madness, you neocon fool.
commented 2016-03-24 02:37:56 -0400
Methinks Trudope is having a bad hair day!! Of course, he is a proven idiot also, as this definitely shows! Does he really think his “Sunni” ways will stop the terrorism?? Canadians are up “shit creek without a paddle”!!
commented 2016-03-23 20:57:31 -0400
The ski bum is in over his head…
commented 2016-03-23 20:31:38 -0400
I wonder who wrote his little speech for him. He read it well, They put his tie on also…probably his diaper too.
commented 2016-03-23 19:00:49 -0400
Shocked !!! He hasn’t listened to Us lately. He will do nothing !
commented 2016-03-23 18:42:49 -0400
Why is the PM shocked but not the rest of the country.
commented 2016-03-23 18:35:41 -0400
Video proof of an Islamist 5th columnist – Justin – committing taqiyya!
commented 2016-03-23 16:59:10 -0400
Just Not Ready Trudeau sounds like the UN. This is terrible. And we condemn it very strongly. We shake our fingers at you and if you do it again we’ll shake it much harder and for a longer time. We will not tolerate this action but we won’t do much other than that good finger wagging. You just watch us!!
commented 2016-03-23 16:50:37 -0400
What a despicable hypocrite this man is. HE is prepared to come out of hiding and DO something….doubt it. He is the one who could not wait to take Canada out of the coalition, flood our country with muslims and hope ISIS would leave us alone because we are so ‘nice’. Could spit in his face….he made ALL Canadians looks like cowards when it is HIM who is the coward….just like his father.
commented 2016-03-22 22:53:03 -0400
How can he say this with a straight face. "We have offered the Belgium government all possible assistance, and will continue to work closely with our allies and the international community, to fight to prevent terrorism here and abroad. " What a joke.
commented 2016-03-22 20:33:59 -0400
JZ; Hyacinth – good to see that you keep that web article bookmarked. Share it as much as you can. The level of knowledge of the threat in the West is appallingly low, as the vast majority just get on with their lives, with no real motivation to learn what must be learned.
commented 2016-03-22 20:17:50 -0400
An American senior officer emailed me today and referenced him as an “islamic limp dick called Justina”.

He had googled “images of Trudeau taking the shahada prayer in mosque”

Tells me what people are just now starting to think of him.

And trudeau wants to bring in more.

Do not blame me – I did not vote for him.
commented 2016-03-22 19:18:59 -0400
" “This cannot and will not be tolerated,” Trudeau added. "
Now is that Trudeau talking or his mentors down at his local mosque ?
commented 2016-03-22 18:52:33 -0400
J Z commented
“One other piece that shows what happens as muslim populations become larger in countries, while controversial, anyone that has been paying any attention at all, can see that this is truthful if not in fact highly factual:
From the link provided by J Z:

Canada — Muslim 1.9% (this was the stat when the article was posted June 23, 2010)
- At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs.
- From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply.

Guess what folks, according to this article we have surpassed the 5% mark because Halal is served at cafeterias throughout the Ontario educational system, there are grocery stores that cater to having the Halal products as well as restaurants. Campbells now carries the Halal certification on the cans containing meat:

The following shows how inhuman and cruel the slaughter is:

Normally I tend to disagree with PETA because they are fanatical but they got this one bang on:
commented 2016-03-22 18:48:22 -0400
I, as Canada’s PM am going to help by moving our F-18’s to the ISIS side to help fight against our allies! This is what I told my voters in the last mosque I visited!
commented 2016-03-22 18:28:50 -0400
The only thing Trudope is “shocked” about is the possibility that more Canadians will begin to recognize the threat the “Religion Of Peace” really is, and equate with the mad rush to import this violent culture into Canada as fast as the Liebranos can manage….!
commented 2016-03-22 17:40:05 -0400
Ron C…..your not well. You have to get help for your mental issues.
commented 2016-03-22 17:32:03 -0400
Ron Christensen commented
“Great Job Mr. Prime Minister!”

I see the Liberal apologist is busy bootlicking again
commented 2016-03-22 16:59:24 -0400
Justin says “will not be tolerated” then goes back to tolerating.
commented 2016-03-22 16:33:31 -0400
Start hugging terrorists there Trudeau. Grab their junk if you have to – to ensure peace.
commented 2016-03-22 16:25:25 -0400
Time to whip out the CF-18s and show them how big they are….Mr Christensen… are a waste of the earth’s oxygen…..
commented 2016-03-22 16:13:17 -0400
commented 2016-03-22 16:12:29 -0400
RON CHRISTENSEN commented 4 mins ago
Great Job Mr. Prime Minister!

Cleaning the toilets??? Yes, I agree. Bernie Trudeau is a good toilet cleaner.
commented 2016-03-22 16:11:56 -0400
“Canada strongly condemns these cowardly attacks and stands with Belgium at this most difficult time. We have offered the Belgium government all possible assistance.”

Hey Bernie Trudeau, you cut and run – no military to fight ISIS you fkg coward!!!
commented 2016-03-22 16:07:33 -0400
Great Job Mr. Prime Minister!
commented 2016-03-22 16:02:18 -0400
Keep practicing those lines Trudunce, you will need them after the 300,000 land and the raping, plundering and bombing start. Unfortunately, you will be gone from office by then leaving us with the clean up. That will be your legacy!
commented 2016-03-22 15:57:53 -0400
The hypocrisy of trudeau is overwhelming. And I don’t think he looks too upset at all. He has done everything possible and irrational to bring terror into Canada, and has removed any Canadian help in the Middle East to defeat ISIS. He is hardly sincere. He is just another Socialist like most arab nations and he will support them and their ISIS, so no need for statements like this Trudeau. You lost your credibility before you started. A very sad day for Belgium which is a very Liberal Left Wing nation, which can see no evil,, do no evil, despite that it is all around them. .. to the Socialist evil is unrecognizable. Many people suffer do to their government’s attitude. We could see it coming. Deep prayers and condolences to the deceased and their families. May this horrific occurrence wake us all up to the problem of evil before our own eyes. May the souls of the faithfullly departed rest in peace! (No more Middle East refugees Trudeau!— this has gone on long enough. Do what the Canadian people want!)
commented 2016-03-22 15:52:09 -0400
""This cannot and will not be tolerated," Trudeau added."

Oh yeah? Whatcha gonna do, bunnykins?
Send out a “strongly-worded” tweet?
Take a selfie with a moderate Imam?