October 19, 2016

Trudeau Liberals change Canada’s principled foreign policy to fit Bombardier’s corporate agenda

Brian LilleyArchive

Should Canada cozy up to dictatorial regimes just to help sell our goods? What if that regime is the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism and regularly threatens the very existence of Israel? Is it okay to push dollars over principles?

I don’t ask that question lightly but based on facts, that's what I think is happening in particular with Bombardier, a company that Trudeau’s Liberals are desperate to help with money and by changing Canada’s foreign policy to fit their agenda.

We’ve been telling you about the push by the Trudeau Liberal government to fund bombardier to the tune of $1B dollars.

The language currently being used is not "if" but "how" they give them the money.

We’ve also told you about the extensive lobbying of the Trudeau Liberals.

Bombardier CEO Alain Bellmare has met with over 100 senior bureaucrats or politicians since the election one year ago.

That includes several meetings with Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion and some of his key staff including:

Daniel Jean, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs | Office of the Deputy Minister, Global Affairs Canada
Julian Ovens, Chief of Staff | Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Global Affairs Canada
Joseph Pickerill, Director of Communications | Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Global Affairs Canada

Now why are they doing that? Because Bombardier wants the sanctions against Iran lifted, they want relations normalized because they want to sell the Iranians some planes.

If you listen to the Liberals and why they are in a hurry to kiss and make up with a regime that sponsors terror, threatens Israel, harasses Canadian citizens and was spying when we still allowed their diplomats in, their intentions are clear – it is about business.

But should business interests really be driving our foreign affairs policy?

There has been no end to the outcry that some armoured vehicles were sold to the Saudis, an ally of Canada though a questionable one and one with a horrible human rights record.

Meanwhile we have a despotic regime in Tehran that has funded Hamas and Hezbollah, that continues to back Bashir al Assad and we want to make nice with them?

It doesn’t make sense to me and it shouldn’t make sense to you and yet both the Liberals and Bombardier are upfront, this is about selling planes.

Are we really changing our foreign policy towards one of the worst governments in the world just to help one Montreal based company sell a few planes?

I hope not but that is how it looks and that is how it has looked for some time now.

I think Bombardier makes great products but the power of this one company over the current government is worrisome. They’re able to get a principled foreign policy changed along with a promise of one billion dollars from taxpayers? That’s crazy.

If you’re like me and think this is too much, if you oppose corporate welfare, if you worry what cozying up to Iran will mean to our real friend and ally in the Middle east – Israel – then I ask you to sign our petition at www.StopBackingBombardier.ca and lend us your voice.

We are also commissioning a poll on the government’s relationship with Bombardier and could use your help. Any donation of $5, $25, $50 or more would help.

Go now, sign the petition at www.StopBackingBombardier.ca and help us stop the madness.

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commented 2016-10-21 08:28:38 -0400
Its not hard to see that Dion is from QUE.
commented 2016-10-21 01:55:14 -0400
Keep it up Froggies; keep it up… And be ready for what the rest of Canada tells you to do the next time you play the “independence” card…
commented 2016-10-20 10:52:08 -0400
More of his muslim buddies getting payback. No doubt our tax dollars will end up buying planes for iran, via Bombardier’. I would not be surprised to see his little brothers finger prints all over this he is in love with all things Islamic so is the PM. Didn’t take him long to start buying votes in quebec with taxpayers money, More to come folks this is only the beginning. And to all on the east coast HOWS THAT WORKING OUT FOR YOU , YOU KNOW SUNNY WAYS AND ALL. Enjoy paying yet even more taxes (carbon tax grab) grab your liberal banner and head to the streets to support the liberals and higher taxes.
commented 2016-10-20 09:47:06 -0400
France is cozy with Iran. Dion has dual citizenship: Canada & France. Could this be part of him being faithful to France, and at our moral expense?

As I have written many times, no dual citizenship for any member or Parliament, no dual citizenship for any elected official at any level of government, no dual citizen or non-citizen having a job of any sort at the taxpayer’s expense. If you aren’t 100% Canadian, having renounced your other citizenship, you shouldn’t even have the job of city dog catcher as you are paid by Canadian taxpayers.
commented 2016-10-20 09:36:30 -0400
Correct me if I’m wrong (but I don’t think I am) but don’t Bombardier’s airplanes burn carbon fuels? Isn’t air travel the highest carbon producing method of travel? If the Libs want to shut down Alberta’s oil because of their concern for carbon footprint wouldn’t consistency of thought require shutting down the instruments that actually burn the carbon and produce the greenhouse gasses? Should not Bombardier pay heavier portion of any carbon tax? Shouldn’t Bombardier be shut down instead of subsidized? After all, what you subsidize, you encourage. Sean? Jay? DH? Anyone? Anyone?
commented 2016-10-20 08:51:13 -0400
It was corporate interests that demanded the lifting of sanctions to open up markets and we all know money talks. Unfortunately we have to join The Devils Brigade of big corporations that have inked deals with Iran. Boeing and Airbus have already signed megadeals with Iran.
Never let ethics and morality get in the way of a good sales deal. These people would have submitted bids to Hitller for furnaces if they could have gotten away with it.
commented 2016-10-20 02:33:00 -0400
At least with Harper— we knew that he was just toying with the World. With Justin——-We don’t know what he is going to do as He SAVES the Planet All we know is that Canadians are goinna PAY What an Idiot.
commented 2016-10-20 01:20:25 -0400
Aeroplanes can actually fly—
commented 2016-10-20 01:14:37 -0400
I hear Bombardier regularly insults the Prophet Muhammad.
commented 2016-10-20 01:13:07 -0400
Shebel Raj can you imagine what the woodstock generation would think of the fact that people like them turned into the facist establishment.
commented 2016-10-20 01:11:07 -0400
Well of course they will get an exception , like they did with the Kyoto accord, for some reason Chretin said Kyoto did not apply to them, i guess they make magic carbon.
commented 2016-10-19 23:31:57 -0400
I wish an elephant would shit on that fool instead of a little drop of pigeon shit portrayed in the Conservative election add a few years ago. Dual citizen tool.

DJBT and his corrupt crew
commented 2016-10-19 23:07:33 -0400
Sherbel – Dion is sucking on the same bong as Penson, Kelly and Stevenson. Living proof pot kills brain cells.
commented 2016-10-19 23:03:27 -0400
I have an honest question . I don’t want you to think that I am crazy. I am perfectly Sane. I just want to know, if it bothers you as much as me , when Dion pretends to speak for Canadians. I have Never – seen such a disgusting ,piece of shit – attain such a Position of Responsibility.
commented 2016-10-19 22:30:56 -0400
Another example of Trudeau’s Canadian Values — friend’s come first.
commented 2016-10-19 22:30:45 -0400
i don’t even want to comment, oh shit i just did!
commented 2016-10-19 22:08:41 -0400
If you were a Responsible Gov’, that actually believed in Democracy—— then you be using ALL your brain Power - to eliminate the ‘too big to fail’—-syndrome.
commented 2016-10-19 22:08:41 -0400
If you were a Responsible Gov’, that actually believed in Democracy—— then you be using ALL your brain Power - to eliminate the ‘too big to fail’—-syndrome.
commented 2016-10-19 22:02:19 -0400
Just curious—- how many ‘too big fail’ companies in Alberta ?
commented 2016-10-19 21:55:21 -0400
Of course they changed it – Bombardier OWNS the LIEberals

A lot of that bailout money likely goes back to the “gifter(s)” under the table.
commented 2016-10-19 21:54:20 -0400
It is not “Rigged” if you are too big ‘Fail’ . That was a Joke. It just wasn’t very funny.
commented 2016-10-19 21:54:20 -0400
It is not “Rigged” if you are too big ‘Fail’ . That was a Joke. It just wasn’t very funny.
commented 2016-10-19 20:39:51 -0400
Bombardier has been an LPC patronage client and protected market insider since Mike Pearson took their money for his Campaign. They enjoy the same too big to fail status as BMO and CIBC
commented 2016-10-19 19:51:16 -0400
When you are the Liberal Party of Corruption (L.P.C.) you need to have a pay master for the corruption. Simple logic.
commented 2016-10-19 19:49:12 -0400
If Bombardier wants the sanctions lifted ASAP, then they should pay the liberals a couple of billion bucks to see it pushed through quickly. It’d be interesting to see a COMPLETE list of all of Bombardier’s shareholders to see who needs their dividends paid.
commented 2016-10-19 19:46:57 -0400
Bombardier can’t even deliver the new streetcars Toronto has paid them for. Good luck to Iran trying to get their planes out of Bombardier.