March 01, 2017

Trudeau Liberals to screw the middle class in pursuit of green Utopia

Brian LilleyArchive

We know what Justin Trudeau is all about, or what he claims to be all about because he tells us all the time but this is the rich kid who doesn’t know what middle class is.

His tax break for the middle class doesn’t help anyone making $45K per year but gives maximum benefit to someone making north of $150K and now he’s looking at screwing the middle class.

How? By making the fuels we need to heat our homes and move our vehicles even more expensive.

There’s the national carbon tax coming later this year which will drive up the price of everything made with, moved by, or supported by any kind of fossil fuel meaning everything will get more expensive which will screw over the middle class.

But wait, there’s more.

Not happy just to impose a carbon tax, Trudeau and his Liberals - including environment minister Catherine McKenna - are looking to drive prices for many fossil fuels higher with regulations.

Watch as I share with you snippets from a discussion paper put out by McKenna’s office that says they want to add regulations on carbon emissions onto the marketers of natural gas, home heating oil diesel fuel, gasoline and more.

These kinds of regulations will come with a cost, which means prices will go up, which means someone is getting screwed again - I’ll let you guess who that is.

For all his talk of trying to help the middle class, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are setting out to do the opposite.

Because first of all he doesn’t understand the middle class, and secondly, for Trudeau and his right hand man Gerry Butts, this is all about their true religion, the gospel of the greens, making you pay and tithe to their faith is just part of bringing us to the new Utopia.

Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s Canada.

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commented 2017-03-01 13:44:25 -0500
“I still believe there are more of us than them. We all need to get out and vote in every election.
Once the real cost of the carbon bullshit plan becomes common knowledge to all Canadians the liebrals dont have a chance.”

I don’t think there are more of us than them right now but there will be once the pain sets in. Since the lefties base all decision on emotion rather than reason and evidence they will have to feel some hurt. The only thing a lefty learns from is prolonged personal pain.

Unfortunately the next generation quickly forgets what the previous one learned. So we go through cycles of common sense and stupidity. The cycle is starting to move into the common sense zone. But it may be a long time in coming in its fullness.

“When we go insane we all go insane together. When we regain out sanity we do it one at a time”.
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commented 2017-03-01 12:17:44 -0500
Notice the shirt buttoned up late. So Justin’s heart doesn’t fall out.
commented 2017-03-01 11:41:42 -0500
Ironic is it not, that Junior’s trust fund money came from his granddaddy’s gas stations?
commented 2017-03-01 11:06:18 -0500
IF you ranked the entire list of liberal MPs in the federal gov’t, you would be hard pressed to come to a consensus as to which one is the STUPIDEST of them all. A front runner sure to garner a mass of votes would be none other than Catherine McKenna. She carries the moniker “dumb blonde” to new, ASTRONOMICAL heights. How much longer is she going to preach of co2 pollution? Real pollution is the liberal portion of the HOC.
commented 2017-03-01 10:26:10 -0500
Aren’t you excited about receiving all new LED lights throughout your home and a low volume shower head. Shannon says that spending $ 43,000,000 of tax payer money on LED’s and shower heads will help climate change. Sure. (Oh… and a skilled technician will even come to your house to perform the install !!!!)

Seeing how 90% of the lights currently stocked (and sold I might add) on store shelves are LED’s (or non-friendly CFL’s) and almost all shower heads (and sink faucets) manufactured and being sold today come with volume restrictors internally installed, spending $ 43,000,000 is a wise use of our money. Sure.

Shannon says, by spending $ 36,000,000 the plan is to have 10,000 homes equipped with solar panels within 3 years. (That’s $ 3,600 average for home. Really???). Sure.

Remember Trudeau I ? It is the same fuddle duddle all over again. Many young voters weren’t even born then. It’s the same sales pitch !!!! Shannon herself probably doesn’t realize it. How ridiculous.


Solution: How about we vote these Nuts into non existence come 2019 ?
commented 2017-03-01 09:55:13 -0500
The part-time drama teacher, with his props on. He’s not fooling the real people who can see through his treachery. It’s why he’s trying to kill free speech in Canada, because the rumblings of angry Canadians need to be stifled, so that he can hand Canada over to the UN terrorists, who wish to have complete submission of the free world, for the devil’s cult.
commented 2017-03-01 09:52:14 -0500
I still believe there are more of us than them. We all need to get out and vote in every election.
Once the real cost of the carbon bullshit plan becomes common knowledge to all Canadians the liebrals dont have a chance.
Turdo and the liebral communist broadcasting system can only hide things for so long. A treasure trove of video and audio will be their down fall in the next election.
The welfare bums, pot heads dont vote anyway. All the special interest gropes combined still do not out number us. Like turning around a super tanker it will take time.
commented 2017-03-01 09:25:18 -0500
Great posts Canadian Mongrel and Billy Howard. I was going to write that the United Nations, George Soros and The Kahn were not on the ballot of the last election.
And yet the people running our country and directing our policies aren’t even citizens of this once great land. Everything directed by United Nations and the band of billionaires like Soros and others.
I think the logo CANADEXIT encapsulates a lot of the feelings Canadians have for the present governments in Ottawa , Toronto and Edmonton.
Where do we start? How do we defeat these miscreants that are destroying our country?
commented 2017-03-01 09:22:31 -0500
Chuck……no problem with your prepper ideals, but for most families trying to make a living, it’s pie in the sky.
commented 2017-03-01 08:56:08 -0500
I wonder if we got them to pull our meter at the beginning of summer and then have them put back in sometime in September. We can call it camp out. That way no heating bills or hydro or cable. As for showers we will get solar and heat our tanks. This might start to have people implement other ideas. As people would want to see how long hey could go until they had to re connect.
commented 2017-03-01 08:48:30 -0500
Billy Howard,

Great post.

However, I will argue your last sentence. Canada cannot become a third world country, because Canada ceased to be a country under Papa Doc. He introduced the politics of division and institutionalized it under the H.R.C.‘s and his charter. The damage was so bad that Canada never recovered even under three pretty solid P/M’s; now that Baby Doc is in charge, the destruction will be completed. I think that will be how Canadexit will occur…the de-confederation of the once great federation.
commented 2017-03-01 08:39:24 -0500
I disagree that the religion of Baby Doc and his Butt is about a green economy and the environment. Their religion is more of the mainstream Church of the Lying Party of Corruption, or should that be mosque of the LPC, in wanting to siphon dollars from the tax payer for their own enrichment, and their cronies enrichment. Just like the Ontario sect of the LPC.
commented 2017-03-01 08:35:17 -0500
Bill Howard – you’ve precisely described how an idiot like this gets elected. Thank you!

It’s very disturbing. All the more so as we watch how he tries to increase the number of “dependent” people in society, in order to get re-elected.

commented 2017-03-01 08:21:30 -0500
Agreed. Trudeau wouldn’t know the middle class if he ran over them in his limo.
commented 2017-03-01 08:10:31 -0500
Trudeau (and Wynne/Notley) is actually increasing the percentage of lower class by (carbon) taxing middle class Canadians into the poor house.
It seems Justin, Rachel and Kathleen are always confident they can find the lowest common denominator to get just enough of the less intelligent Canadian voters to re-elect them. They know they have all or most government workers, union members, greenies, Muslims, welfare lifers, pot-heads, horny women (for Justin) and LGBTQ (Wynne is lesbian and Justin has a nice ass, apparently).
They only need to convince a minority of hard working Canadians to vote their way. They have found the answer in the Democrat playbook: Guilt. Make people feel guilty if they don’t vote for the far-left socialist green-utopia-preaching globalist candidate. You’re racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, privileged white trash, fascist, an ignorant climate-change denier, or just plain deplorable if you don’t vote for us.
I think Canadians are generally a smart people (NDP victory in Alberta was a fluke, Ontarians: ?) but sometimes we see only the present and not the future. Sometimes we put style (Justin’s hair) ahead of substance (economics and values). Get your shit together Canada, or we’re going to be just another 3rd world country in the western hemisphere
…if it’s not already too late.