November 16, 2015

Trudeau must keep Canada in fight against ISIS

Brian LilleyArchive

Add Ujjal Dosanjh to the list of Liberal luminaries who think Justin Trudeau should change his position on pulling Canada out of fight against ISIS.

In the wake of Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, the pressure for Trudeau to abandon his plans to pull our CF-18s out of the bombing mission has come from allies such as British Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama – not to mention Rona Ambrose the Conservative leader here at home.

More telling on the wrong headedness of Trudeau’s decision though is the number of Liberals lining up to say now is the time to reverse course.

In a blog post hours after news of the Paris attacks broke Dosanjh said that Canada was not immune to being attacked by those that attacked Paris. He pointed to the attacks of last October, the Toronto 18 plot, the Via Rail plot as proof.

“As a committed Gandhian I intensely disagree with war. But to shirk from a war being thrust upon us will be highly irresponsible,” Dosanjh wrote.

The former Liberal cabinet minister and British Columbia premier joins other Liberals such as former party leader Bob Rae and foreign affairs minister Lloyd Axworthy in having called for Canada to use hard power against the aggressive force that is ISIS. Of course all three men have also long called for more diplomacy, more humanitarian aid but they also have urged Canada to do its part militarily.

Those calls from Liberal foes, friends and Canadian allies are falling on deaf ears.

Speaking to reporters Trudeau’s minister of finance Bill Morneau said the plan to pull the fighter jets home has not and will not change.

“We have not changed our decision at all,” Morneau said. “We have committed to bringing back the CF-18s. But in the broader context we remain absolutely committed to the coalition."

Committed to the coalition, just not the mission of the coalition. We shouldn’t be shocked by this stance from Trudeau’s government. When the world reacted to the massacre of Yazidi and Christian minorities, the rape and enslavement of women and children from these groups by stepping up the bombing campaign, Trudeau was still opposed.

“There's a lot of people, refugees, displaced peoples fleeing violence who are facing a very, very cold winter in the mountains,” Trudeau said one year ago. “If something Canada has expertise on is how to face a winter in the mountains with the right kind of equipment.”

Keep people warm while the rampaging armies close in, that was Trudeau’s strategy then and it isn’t much better now. Trudeau insists that Canada should train local forces but not offer them air support as they take the fight on the ground to ISIS.

It is the type of argument that would sit well with many on the left but not all. Globe columnist and committed lefty Lawrence Martin’s latest missive says Trudeau may be worried about looking like a flip-flopper if he changes his position but he shouldn't be.

“But when circumstances change, leaders of statesmanlike quality need to show a readiness to change with them. With the terror from Islamic State escalating, and with France promising to expand the war against the terror network, circumstances have indeed changed,” Martin wrote.

With the attacks in Paris, in Lebanon, the downing of Russian airliner in Egypt – all in the last two weeks – circumstances have changed. The war being waged on ISIS is being waged on all fronts, Canada is not immune and must be part of the solution.

Prime Minister Trudeau needs to make a statesman like pivot and do the right thing, join the rest of the civilized world in taking the fight back to ISIS.



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commented 2016-01-20 21:42:07 -0500
Over the holidays I had a chance to get together with my four daughters and all they’re friends in Ontario. Now back in Alberta I realize that they all simply voted for a new boy friend, in Trudeau. None of them know or care a hoot about politics. How common is this, I’m wondering. I personally am embarrassed by our PM and can only hope that people like Puttin or Trump slap him into reality or we’re in for a long, hard, warm and fuzzy next four years. Please people speak up, even if you voted for the Libs and realize the mistake, I am seeing what the angry Notley (commonly known as Redford Lite) vote is do to Alberta and I believe that’s all this was Federally, was an angry vote by many and fantasy love affair by others.
commented 2015-12-16 19:46:02 -0500
I guess that’s what they call people who wish to preserve their language and culture (all descendants of European people) from the onslaught of forced immigration policies by gov’ts who no longer serve the will of the people who elected them.
Even through nonviolent means of expressing our concerns as we watch the country we grew up in change before our very eyes in ways in ways that favor immigration policies over established Canadian families and values.. The information is all out there published in non biased non derogatory platforms.
 Nothing good will come of becoming a minority in our own country by the mass importation of people who have no wish or desire to assimilate into a gentle and non war like culture whose goals and visions for the future are not the same as our own,but will bring their cultures and problems with them that will bear the ugliest fruit when they are the majority and have political power through their own representatives in Parliament..
The blacks have NAACP, black TV, all black beauty pageants, all black colleges with funding and scholarships only for blacks and more..
If a white person even dared to have an all white TV program designated as all white or an organization that was dedicated only to whites as militant as the NAACP every bleeding heart liberal in the world would be screaming racist and looking for blood. 
I don’t believe that any race in the world should have one privilege over another, the white race included to that but that we should stick to our own , support and promote ourselves as passionately as all the immigrants in this country are allowed to do.
We have been taught to hate ourselves as white people and accept the importance of all other cultures over our own and stand by and watch helplessly as our people disappear from history in a attempt to homogenize our Nation… 
As a country we cannot absorb 250,000 immigrants each and every year… except for one year a while ago which was 500,000.. We are importing a medium size city into the country each and every year for more than the last 15 years.
We do not have an abundance of jobs to justify these incredible amounts of people as well as the negative impact that  occurs  when you have too many people looking for too few jobs. The sociological ramifications from this type of event will not be completely understood until it’s too late to do anything about it.
If  concerns about my nation and my peoples makes me a racist then I  plead guilty and believe that word should be reinterpreted to something that more resembles the right to speak in defense of their own people who are persecuted.
commented 2015-12-11 08:48:04 -0500
“Sorry Charlie………” BUT, this is a pointless,foolish war between multiple terrorist factions in Syria, there is NO GOOD SIDE! It is a purely political war,fought between our enemies,in which we should just stay out of it! Why would we support ANYTHING THAT EVIL MEGLOMANIAC OBAMA IS DOING???? not to mention it’s a known fact he is really a supporter of ISIS, AND HE IS FIGHTING A PHONEY WAR, BY PRETENDING TO BOMB TARTGETS AND A MINISCULE NUMBER OF THEM,since the Russians got involved they have grossly outperformed the futile U.S attacks in strength and number of attacks! So the liberals may be doing this for the wrong reasons but it is the right choice!
commented 2015-11-18 10:41:04 -0500
Justin Trudeau has proven what a joke of a leader he is already. The fact that you turn away when one of our NATO partners requires help is sickening. What if this was our country this happened to? Would we not want our allies supporting us? I dont really care what his election promises were. Things change. Events change. His decision needs to change. I only hope France invokes Article 5 and this forces Canada to play a bigger part. Be a man Trudeau. This is what you signed up for!
commented 2015-11-16 21:27:05 -0500
We cannot sit on our Computers and bitch about what’s going on. We have to start planning for voicing our dissatisfaction or start rioting against this Liberal Government. And the people that need to start doing this, is the people in Ottawa. Once that starts then people across the country will take part. Canadians and others will fly in from all over. If you start it. I will fly in from Alberta to participate. We must start now.
commented 2015-11-16 15:28:54 -0500
Canada should stay in the battle!This is a threatening force that ia every bit as nasty as the Hitler movement!
commented 2015-11-16 15:19:18 -0500
Trudeau, the wannabe Imam, has one important agenda for Canada and that is to isolate us from the rest of the civilized world. This will make it easier for his Muslim brothers to take control. Sharia Law will deal with us accordingly. Death by burial, death by stoning, death by throat slitting, death by fire, death by drowning and we should not forget Gay tossing, off of High Rise buildings. This, for them, is a lot more fun than just shooting us and less expensive.

To all Canadians who did not vote Conservative. You have just denied your Great Grand Children of a future, in fact you have just denied your Great Grand Children.
commented 2015-11-16 13:16:36 -0500
Prime Minister Trudeau needs to make a statesman like pivot and do the right thing, says Brian. BUT who ever said that Fluffy was a statesman or that he is capable of doing the right thing.
This boy/child does NOT make decisions on his own, nor is he capable of even conceiving adult decisions. He must listen to his trusted (by him) advisers or else he will probably face mutiny or maybe much worse, like losing his head.
This idiot has brought our Canada to the verge of accepting Sharia Law by allowing himself to be supported and pushed forward by Islamist’s as his advisers, and he cannot pull back now – they will not let him.
I can not stand to look at this farce of a PM. I see red every time I see his smug face.
commented 2015-11-16 12:42:27 -0500
Maybe if we could just send enough flowers to France, that might satisfy our contribution to the war effort.
commented 2015-11-16 12:41:13 -0500
How can Liberals give any thought on how to deploy our military? With only one member with any combat expertise, they are simply rich kids who never had to serve a day for their country. How many refugees will move into the Trudeau home? Or maybe he can put them up in 24 Sussex Drive, to show his absolute contempt for “REAL CANADIANS”!
commented 2015-11-16 11:53:13 -0500
Artical 5 of the NATO agreement says " an attack on one member is an attack on all " France has been attacked. France has not yet asked her NATO members BUT she has been attacked. Attack on one member is an attack on all Canada has suffered an attack I don’t recall if Truedope was in the house if he was he should remember what happened. Can any one tell me where he was on that day when Canada was attacked?
commented 2015-11-16 11:09:42 -0500
Omar Alghabra made him do it .
commented 2015-11-16 10:34:57 -0500
John Day said, “The people running this government have shown real cowardice in the face of the enemy, and will bring more terrorism to the heart of our communities.”

Exactly. What does a vicious animal do when you show fear, it attacks. ISIS is a vicious animal.
commented 2015-11-16 10:30:50 -0500
I am not sure how Trudeau can think you can be part of the coalition but not in the mission of the coalition since the coalition only exists because of the mission.

Liberal logic: as far from reality as possible.
commented 2015-11-16 10:15:43 -0500
Interestingly France and the US have been financing ISIS as a means to get rid of Assad. It has backfired and now France has declared war against ISIS. Nato will join in and they will attack ISIS in Syria and try to get rid of Assad too. Problem is Russia will have something to say about it. We live in dangerous times.
commented 2015-11-16 10:09:26 -0500
Mr selfie is waiting for the next script to be send to him before he can speak to the reporters or anyone else. Mr selfie is just a puppet of the liberal party, someone else is pulling the strings.
He is just drama teacher waiting for his next script, so he can do his act!
Can’t wait for act II.
commented 2015-11-16 09:43:56 -0500
Trudeau , changed our roll in the free world, when he pulled out of the Coalition, we became the joke of all the civilized nations. His latest statement, that he will not change his decision, has turned us into a nation of Idiots and fools. He is obeying his Muslim masters, regardless of the end results.. He should be dethroned and sent back to Grade School, where his thoughts may be appreciated. He is certainly not fit to rule Canada.
Mr Trudeau, do the right thing. Resign now, while we still have a Nation left to be proud of. Dithering will get you nowhere. Canadians do not need to be dragged down in to your pit of infamy..
commented 2015-11-16 09:16:30 -0500
The people running this government have shown real cowardice in the face of the enemy, and will bring more terrorism to the heart of our communities.
commented 2015-11-16 08:56:28 -0500
“Prime Minister Trudeau needs to make a statesman like pivot and do the right thing, join the rest of the civilized world in taking the fight back to ISIS.”

If those "Liberal foes, friends and Canadian allies really want something to be done, they should approach Gerald Butts.

A reminder: “The real power in the PMO now is Trudeau’s best buddy, Marxist extremist Gerald Butts.”

On a side note:
Interesting- Kinsella deleted this article yet this remains in Google search:

Has Kid Kodak lost his mind? | Warren Kinsella
Apr 27, 2015 – Trudeau is being manipulated by Gerald Butts and that is quite obvious now. Justin is a marionette and Butts is the puppeteer and that’s quite …
commented 2015-11-16 08:54:56 -0500
As Mr.Harper ( the Greatest P.M. Canada has ever had) said He’s just not ready. And he is still an immature adolescent. He has been sheltered and coddled all his life and will destroy our country.Heaven help us!
commented 2015-11-16 08:47:40 -0500
Amazing how Trudeau and his band of partnered with islamic terrorist numskulls are prepared to carry this out until the end.

Here’s to truly hoping that when this terror comes to Canada again, that Trudeau or members of his family get it a taste of suicide bomber in their own home.