January 25, 2016

Trudeau parties with movie stars while Canada's reputation plummets

Rebel Staff

Canada’s standing in the world is falling -- but just in the boring, reality-based community. In the selfie-based community, our reputation couldn't be better!

Justin Trudeau made sure he made it to that big meeting in Davos, Switzerland, but did you know it isn't an official government or diplomatic meeting?

It’s really more like one of those TED Talks, but full of celebrities. Leonardo DiCaprio came in by private jet to denounce oil and gas. So did Trudeau.

Trudeau gave a high school graduation-style talk about Canada, making a few quips about "resources" not being that important, and taking dig a Harper.

The Canadian Media Party was out in full force, too.

Aaron Wherry of the CBC, did a whole story about Trudeau’s socks.


Is that why trust-fund kid Trudeau ran for office? So he could get into a higher level of celebrity clubbing? 


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