September 02, 2015

Trudeau refuses to denounce Liberal mayor who equated Canadian veterans to Nazis

Dean SkoreykoRebel Blogger

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was asked by the media yesterday about fellow Liberal, Oakville mayor Rob Burton’s comments comparing Conservative event security to Mussolini’s and Hitler’s murderous Blackshirts and Brownshirts yet refused to denounce him:

Trudeau would rather protect his political ally regardless of what veterans say:

Gene Reed, past president of Oakville’s Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 486, says it’s time for Burton to pack his bags.

“(On Sunday) I went to get my copy of the Toronto Sun and I saw Oakville on the front page and his (Burton’s) picture and I said, ‘Oh, that a——.’” said Reed, 75, whose five years in the Royal Canadian Navy — with the rank of able seaman — included service during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Or what Jewish groups think:

Think about that.


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commented 2015-09-02 23:38:16 -0400
Are we surprised? Really? For Junior to denounce this mayor, he would have to have both principles and a backbone. So far he’s oh-for-two…