February 16, 2016

Trudeau restores funding to UNRWA

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau restores funding to group formerly defunded for financing Hamas by previous government.

In the interview linked here, an associate fellow at The Middle East Forum explains why this funding was removed in 2010 due to UNRWA facilities being used as terrorist bases and vehicles used to transport fighters and weapons. 

This may however, help explain the comparisons of Prime Minister Trudeau to a famous historical benefactor of Islam, and to Erdogan, the man who reversed Turkey's secularism by this Edmonton Imam


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commented 2016-02-21 19:07:43 -0500
He is troble get him out of office before it get wors.
commented 2016-02-18 15:47:34 -0500
Helpful in paying for rockets.. Someone has his brain twisted..
commented 2016-02-18 15:00:28 -0500
Ever day this far left wing nut proves that he is for sure for from Que.
commented 2016-02-17 20:29:56 -0500
How much money does Justin plan to give other countries? What about Canada?
commented 2016-02-17 17:11:59 -0500
Regarding the picture of JT … you don’t have to open that wide, JT. BO isn’t THAT big.
commented 2016-02-17 16:28:51 -0500
Thank you for the entertainment. I mean that sincerely.
commented 2016-02-17 15:51:41 -0500
Keep clicking David, its good for business.
So glad you’re gentle spirit hasn’t been too offended.

Thanks Merrill, I will check it out.
commented 2016-02-17 15:43:59 -0500
Our Last Year of Freedom. The subject of the talk is CC but
Go to 28:00 and you will understand how and why the Liberals won, and who helped them:
Trudeau didn’t need brains to get the job, the Liberals only needed any electable halfwit to complete an insidious worldwide socialist agenda.
commented 2016-02-17 15:31:28 -0500
“You may not understand the definition of indignation. I feel none of that.”

Au contraire dear David. If indignation was not your intent then it is you who does not know how to articulate your thoughts succinctly and accurately into words.
commented 2016-02-17 15:16:45 -0500
You may not understand the definition of indignation. I feel none of that.

What I feel is amusement at poor losers who have nothing better to do with their time than complain and whine.

Again, Trudeau will be PM for at least four more years so I suggest you learn to accept it. Criticize justly, certainly, but behaving as children does you no credit.
commented 2016-02-17 15:02:19 -0500
David Taylor commented
“I’ve never seen so much foul language on a “news” site before. Cursing and vitriol only diminish any otherwise legitimate points you might make. All in all, very juvenile behaviour which just goes to show why the majority of Canadians love Justin Trudeau. And why he’ll be in office for at least four years.”

While I agree that some may have crossed the line with their enthusiasm your premise is not logical nor is it a sound conclusion to jump to (that’s why he’ll be in office for at least four years). You only notice this “cursing and vitriol” through rose-colored glasses? You either did not nor intentionally have not noticed the vitriol and poison from the left spectrum of politics on other sites as well as this one prior to the election including a period afterwards until some sites shut down their blogging. Prime example: there was a blogger who called himself MickeyMoussolini (sp?) on the Toronto Sun site, he actually blogged about death to select members of the conservative party including Harper during the weeks leading up to the election, it was so disgraceful I stopped reading the blogs on that site. So please, your mock indignation rings hollow.

I must also point out 39.47% of the votes, while it does earn the most seats in parliament as per our electoral system, 60.53% voted against the Liberals So with due respect please kindly take your claim of “the majority of Canadians” and stuff it in a waste receptacle where it belongs because it is thoroughly insulting to 60.53% of Canadians that voted for ABL (anything but Liberal).
commented 2016-02-17 14:51:19 -0500
What it shows David Taylor, is the intensity with which boy Trudeau is reviled. At least as many Canadians are sickened by him as voted for him. I would hazard to guess that of those, many already regret their mistake, and many more will as time passes.

I will never refer to ‘boy’ as PM. I have zero respect for him. He is the laughing stock of the free world. His only pals are Obambie and the UN globalists. If thats what you want in a PM, then you are either stubborn, blind or stupid. I consider boy Trudeau to be an enemy of Canada and the free world, and the same goes for anyone who stands with him. He is an absolute misfit, a Marxist attempting to mould Canada into a totalitarian state.
commented 2016-02-17 14:48:52 -0500
HEADLINE: “Liberal Party of Canada Green Lights Funding of Known Terrorist Groups with Public Funds”

If you are not enraged by this, you’re not a true Canadian.

If you do not feel this constitutes an act of Treason, you’re an imbecile!
commented 2016-02-17 13:34:24 -0500
That little f**ker Trudeau is beyond offensive, I hope that some day, and soon, Rona Ambrose will cross the floor and kick that treasonous little s**t eater square in the nuts – if in fact ‘he’ has any!!!
Take heed Trudeau – this is what you have to look forward to:
commented 2016-02-17 13:25:36 -0500
I’ve never seen so much foul language on a “news” site before. Cursing and vitriol only diminish any otherwise legitimate points you might make. All in all, very juvenile behaviour which just goes to show why the majority of Canadians love Justin Trudeau. And why he’ll be in office for at least four years.
commented 2016-02-17 13:10:12 -0500
Andrew Sheldon; Re your comment, Bombardier just got $BILLION in welfare and fired 7000 workers.

You forgot to mention that this Billion dollars is going to Northern Ireland, where Bombardier has it’s Plant. Good for the Irish economy and good luck for the Irish.

Bombardier, who has very close ties with the Liberals, prefer Ireland to Canada because of the low tax rates. This is 30,000 jobs that could have been in Canada.

This says a lot foe Trudeau and his friends
commented 2016-02-17 12:49:57 -0500
Liberals make me want to puke!
commented 2016-02-17 12:33:50 -0500
the arrogant adolescent elitist was even more stunned than usual when a drunk entered his house.. oh the real world ? he and his “mcgill mafia” are in line for a great fall… and it has only been 100 sunni daze..
commented 2016-02-17 12:31:56 -0500
Could someone PLEASE direct me to the website for an Alberta separation group? It’s time to leave.
commented 2016-02-17 12:25:13 -0500
This Prime Minister is forcing Canada to contribute to terrorism, this is out and out Treason and I have absolutely no respect for this criminal that has infiltrated our highest office, how shameful is that?
Canada is back alright at the back of the bus!
commented 2016-02-17 12:11:46 -0500
When I saw this twit elbow PM Harper out of the way on TV, that’s when I knew for certain that the election was rigged. The smug stupid look on Justie’s face said it all. PM Harper was the best of the best, and he made me proud to be a Canadian. And now we have a useless spineless tool as a puppet, who is so in love with himself, that I can’t bare to think of him as PM of Canada. The only reason the twit won, is due to the considerable resources that bought and paid for the constant mind numbing attack on PM Harper, so that this traitor to Canada could be placed where the UN wants him!
commented 2016-02-17 11:48:41 -0500
Watching this moron display the kind of arrogance after only 100 days in power is grotesque. We can learn everything we wanted to know about his attitude towards the Jews by his comments about positive changes and looking at the money cancelled by the last government for political reasons. His father was anti-Semitic and it would appear the apple has fallen far from the tree. Worm and all.
commented 2016-02-17 11:41:52 -0500
@ Victor Adams
I’m on board for separation.
These NDP and Liberal retards make me sick.
commented 2016-02-17 11:00:15 -0500
Great, so Canada is once again going to indirectly finance terrorist activities. Nice legacy JT.
commented 2016-02-17 10:52:15 -0500
Victor Adams – I’m with you there! Let’s focus on the west formally separating from Canada. It’s time, and there isn’t a moment to waste. When spoilt Canadians from the east dictate to the rest of Canada, especially since it’s the west that has being paying the way for other provinces to have the luxuries that we don’t even give ourselves, it’s time to cut the welfare provinces off, and let them fend for themselves. It’s not like they aren’t sitting on billions in resources. Let’s cut the teat suckers loose and make them work for their keep, just like those of us in the west.
commented 2016-02-17 10:47:18 -0500
Bill Elder – I expect that twit to start talking Arabic soon!
commented 2016-02-17 10:39:34 -0500
Sunni Ways people, Sunni ways.
commented 2016-02-17 10:30:49 -0500
Having fought Federal politics – yes including Conservative govts – for decades for no discernible gain, I will use my efforts to simply fight for Alberta and separation from the cesspool in Ottawa! Fighting the insane can not be good for my own mental health!!
commented 2016-02-17 10:22:14 -0500
February 17, 2016
Dear Diary;
I don’t like doing this too much, but once again I’ll have to deploy my patented “redefine time and space” concept. By making use of the curved universe in which we live, I can bend some more spending promises, which I’ll blame on the poor economy, because it’s the economy that I promised to improve, by promising to spend more money, which I can’t do now, because of the poor economy. I know. I’ll get Bill to explain that to everyone.
Meanwhile I’ll create a diversion by resuming the funnelling of the $15 million that Banksy told me he wanted to support our Palestinian terrorist chums. It’ll be the same $15 million that goodie-two-shoes Stevie redirected to some good cause when he got wind of how my Muslim brothers were originally using that cash.
Love me or loathe me, there’s hardly a day goes by that I don’t learn something. Just like my friend Lloyd, I’ve always wondered how Peter managed to do all those snazzy little tricks to format the appearance of text. I had already asked Gerald and he said I would have to learn a language called “aetch, tea, em, ‘ell”. I said, “That’s exactly how I speak normally”. “No”, he said, “H-T-M-L, it stands for Hyper Text Markup Language”, then he gave me a book about it, but it’s really thick. Gerald says that’s just like me.
commented 2016-02-17 10:12:14 -0500
Trudeau is going to put Canada into a financial crisis just like Obama has done to the U.S. Giving away billions while Canadians struggle. Shame on these political leaders! More interested in looking good to the rest of the world. I hate when Trudeau always says “this is what the Canadian people want” NO IT’S NOT