August 26, 2015

Joe Oliver event cancellation reveals Media Party double standards on "sexism"

Rebel Staff

A businessman's club called "The Cambridge Club" was set to host a speech by Finance Minister Joe Oliver

In the wake of social media criticism after it was noted that it was a men's only club, the event was cancelled.

But not before it became the cause of the day for the Media Party.

It seems even they need a break from Duffy every once in a while and what could be better than a chance to "prove" the Conservative party is sexist?

Except, women were invited to attend the luncheon. Plus, aren't there women's only clubs, and ethnic clubs, churches, temples, synagogues and Mosques that segregate people based on gender and religious criteria, which even Liberals have attended?

A Conservative finance minister talking to businessmen and businesswomen at such a club is sexist, but when Justin poses with a topless teenage girl, that's not sexist?

When Justin attends a mysoginist mosque that preaches gender apartheid, that's not sexist?

Conservatives say Justin Trudeau is child-like, immature and just not ready, but what does it say about Trudeau's allies in the Media Party that they turn a blind eye to his inappropriate, misogynistic behaviour?

Perhaps they're the ones who "just aren't ready" when they fail to report on this behaviour because Justin is a Liberal.


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