November 04, 2015

Trudeau's cabinet has pros and cons, but "the real power in the PMO is extremist Marxist Gerald Butts"

Rebel Staff

Justin Trudeau unveiled his cabinet today, and it's a relief to see that some disasters were avoided.

Andrew Leslie was passed over for Defense Minister, for example. Instead, Harjit Sajjan got that post, having carried on the long tradition of Sikhs serving as soldiers in the British Empire

Luckily, Toronto loudmouth Adam Vaughn and Bill Blair didn't get picked, either.

The best news is that "extremist" Omar Alghabra was left out, too.

Who is in?

Some old party hacks like Scott Brison, John McCallum and Ralph Goodale; Stephane Dion; and Carolyn Bennett, who I predict Indian chiefs will soon grow to hate.

Tell me what you think of my analysis of these picks -- but remember:

The real power in the PMO now is Trudeau's best buddy, Marxist extremist Gerald Butts.

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commented 2015-11-04 19:27:19 -0500
A half-dozen incompetents, a traitor and the rest are nobodies. Took Trudeau (aka Hair Bear) less than an hour to break his first campaign promise. During the campaign he repeatedly said the first thing he would do is create a tax break for the middle class. Instead he chose gender equality over getting the best man or woman for the job at hand. Not only is Justin not ready, his cabinet is not ready either.