November 19, 2015

Trudeau's cabinet is one big Ministry of the Environment, pushing radical climate change agenda

Sid CamusRebel Blogger

Just when you think that Justin Trudeau can’t get any more left-wing, more news emerges about his extremist plan to promote radical climate change policies to the detriment of the Canadian middle class.

According to Justin’s own Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephane Dion, speaking to The Globe and Mail, the entire Liberal cabinet will be working to see that the PM’s new climate change plan goes through.

This is quite the shocking change from how things used to be done in more moderate Liberal governments, when environmental issues were more appropriately given to the minister of environment instead of to the entire cabinet to push. Naturally, this indicates how Justin is in the back pocket of the environmental lobbies and groups, like the American Tides Foundation that helped give Justin his startling majority.

Reading Dion’s quotes in the Globe and Mail interview, it’s apparent that this giddy environmentalist actually believes the Trudeau government has a mandate from Canadian voters to enact a broad-scale, green agenda:

“The reason we worked so hard is because we have a plan for the country and we wanted an opportunity to implement it. And for that, we needed a mandate,” he said. “Within this mandate, you have the ability for Canada to be part of the solution to climate change and not only part of the problem. And that’s fantastic.”

That’s an outrage when you consider how lots of Canadians were simply very low-information voters who voted based on Justin’s “star” quality, because the media told them to, and due to his hair, as this video indicates.

It’s equally distressing to see Dion talk about climate change and, more broadly, the entire Trudeau cabinet being charged with pushing this climate change agenda, like it’s actually a real and serious cause for concern.

How about these facts seriously calling out climate change as an Al Gore-invented scam?! They include:

* No rise in sea levels (like climate change proponents insist)

* The Earth isn’t warming (like climate change proponents insist)

* There’s no consensus of scientists supporting manmade climate change (like climate change proponents insist)

The truth, of course, is that this climate change fear mongering is a sham cooked up by the Left to harm the middle class and businesses by imposing carbon taxes, cap n’ trade systems and tougher regulations, all in an effort to please their huge donor base of radical environmentalists.

Because of Justin’s insistence to side with the environmentalists instead of Canada’s middle class, he’s proving yet again that he doesn’t represent Canadians’ best interests.


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commented 2015-11-24 10:55:37 -0500
The little drama queen Ideal puppet cause he can repeat his lines! Treason in the wide open.
commented 2015-11-21 04:04:29 -0500
I wonder why he hates Canada so much? Global warming will not only make much of the frozen north prime human habitat, but the financial windfall of an ice free northwest passage would dwarf the money the Panama Canal makes. Putin at least understands how to work for the betterment of his country by promoting global warming.
commented 2015-11-20 23:58:37 -0500
JT’s not ready. Butts is. Ready to screw us all.
commented 2015-11-20 20:54:39 -0500
Trudeau Treason! Capitulation to unelected foreign governance!
commented 2015-11-19 22:52:53 -0500
Even the very liberal New York Times said that Canada had the richest middle class, but every chance he got Trudeau blasted PM Harper that he had destroyed it & the dummy voter believed it. I could see his green agenda coming & it’s now payback time to his far left cronies who helped elect him. A lot of people are going to be lining their pockets on the premise that if nothing is done we’re all going to die from heat exhaustion. I & many others did not vote for Trudeau, but we all have to suffer for the idiots who did. I hope they get hit in the wallet big time.
commented 2015-11-19 19:19:06 -0500
If global warming were only true, the dinosaurs would return to Alberta.
Am I right Suzuki ?
commented 2015-11-19 16:59:32 -0500
Until we get the holy grail of cold fusion, it doesn’t matter what the pushers of climate change promise, it will drive all of the world economies into the ground
commented 2015-11-19 16:17:09 -0500
One only had to read the Liberal platform to see this train wreck coming. The low information voters and dumbed down Lefty supporters were duped, totally blinded by their Deranged Harper Syndrome. So long to the 1.5% tax decrease to the so-called middle class. That will be quickly devoured by the carbon tax. I look forward to the wailing and crying from Trudeau’s precious middle class supporters when they wake up to some serious hits to their pocket books. Of course, it will be Harper’s fault.
commented 2015-11-19 14:03:35 -0500
You know Sid, that the interconnection between all of these groups is quite fascinating. And it can easily be called terrorism. It is simply a way to bring down the world economies. The group Isis, and Islamic terror in general has cost world economies trillions with governments trying to insulate themselves from harm. Next would be the Eco terrorists again costing governments around the world trillions trying to appease the false information gods on agw. We are at war ,basically with a Marxist mentally, no longer liberal, I might add, and it is world wide not just Canada. My hope one day is that conservative/libertarians will start to congregate in pockets of the planet and protect themselves for this quite fascist/ Marxist mentally if not we will be slowly exterminated and at the rate that the world is changing it might not be as slow as one would think. Once these “green plans” are in place it will take a great deal of money to reverse them but by the time people are ready to wake up there may not be the willingness to even attempt to reverse them, thus civilization as we know it will be flushed down the proverbial toilet.
commented 2015-11-19 14:01:48 -0500
Hard to separate the liars and fabricators from the true believers. All these carbon limits will achieve is a poorer Canada and next to no change in temperature.