September 17, 2018

Trudeau’s NAFTA deal-breaking “cultural exemption” clause all about politics

David MenziesMission Specialist

As Canada-U.S. trade talks continue, our virtue-signalling, Russian roulette playing PM, is now insisting that he’ll drop the deal if it doesn’t include a so-called “cultural exemption” clause.

Acting as if Canada is in any sort of position to walk away from a trade deal with our biggest trading partner, Global News reports Justin saying that Canada waiving the exemption for cultural industries would be tantamount to giving up Canadian sovereignty and identity.

Now, in addition to taking supply management off the table, a cultural exemption clause has been added to the list of demands for a trade deal, in addition to provisions regarding gender, indigenous rights and climate change.

What a mess, and what a kook. But, forgive me if I don’t buy into this argument about protecting Canada’s culture.

Based on bitter experience and what I witnessed happening to Canada’s Sun News Network, I’d say these protectionist rules are far more political than cultural.

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commented 2018-09-19 17:38:54 -0400
we would have an agreement with u.s. months ago, if dairy cattle where in the west. but as always we have to protect quebec and ont. cows. the rest of us as always do not matter.
commented 2018-09-18 09:50:14 -0400
Alberta Maga reports, “Justin is an ignorant fool. Ontario enjoy being sold out, many of you deserve it.”

If Trudeau sells out the Ontario Auto Workers, how will they react to the BS of their Big Mouth god Jerry Dias ? Will he blame Trump ? Or will he blame Trudeau ?
As they receive their UIC cheques; will he ask for his monthly share ?
commented 2018-09-18 08:10:37 -0400
Off topic: I really like when folks bash twitter while using twitter. You should go on Gab
commented 2018-09-18 07:05:49 -0400
This is another prime example of why you never let a Loony Lieberal manage anything. They will screw it up beyond all recognition at the first opportunity.

Canada deserves better than a useless bunch of Lieberal politicians.
commented 2018-09-18 02:35:07 -0400
Nicholas Conklin how did that Micheal Cohen stuff work out? The MSM was all giddy over it. MORE BS! Nothing else for the Left to push but BS!
commented 2018-09-18 02:33:29 -0400
Love how left wing sheep ignore the fact that left wing media is hurting as we speak and they act like it is in demand. LMAO! Take away the tax money and let them have equal access and see who people watch. Like CNN they will go down the tubes.
commented 2018-09-18 02:31:51 -0400
Stephen E and Hyacinth funny how that suddenly changed?

Justin is an ignorant fool. Ontario enjoy being sold out, many of you deserve it.
commented 2018-09-18 02:30:49 -0400
Nicholas Conklin they never got a fair shake. But keep your little delusions coming. LMAO!
CBC is god awful and for mindless drones.
commented 2018-09-17 22:17:24 -0400
Re. NAFTA…. When I head South to Arizona, I see Scotia Bank, TD and RBC. How could the Groper argue that it’s not fair for US Banks to open in Canada?

Most Canadian Journalists say: if we lose NAFTA, It will be a loss of 20% of Gross National Product, I believe that it could be a loss of up to 85% of GNP.
In other words, our way of life will change Drastically, although Trudeau’s Refugee families should be OK with their $50,000 per year in Welfare.
commented 2018-09-17 21:29:54 -0400
He won’t get an actual fight with Trump. Trump will lower the boom & move on. Trudeau will come off as a yapping little dog that everyone just ignores. As far as Trudeau recasting himself as a Canadian patriot – ROFLMAO! Mr. post-nationalist, “the veterans are asking for too much” is going to have a hell of a time selling that one even with the entire media party helping him.
commented 2018-09-17 20:02:32 -0400
Trudeau puts all his governments efforts into Balcanizing Canada and dismantling our culture and then turns around and wants to protect the very culture he is destroying.
Such a pathetic mess.
commented 2018-09-17 18:53:42 -0400
The whole damn liberal cabinet is brain fried and only because they have a brain-fried creeper—I mean leader.
commented 2018-09-17 18:37:51 -0400
commented 2018-09-17 18:01:38 -0400
Multiculturalism as I see it, is the special lubricant the Trudeau’s and others use to make the sodomizing of their countries tolerable.

You suffer the sting of guilt and racism if you dare to object to losing your culture to the wogs of the world and the elites who drive all this chaos and insanity.

They hope to reach the point where they are completely in charge and where 80% of the global population needs to go to save the environment


They will survive the global warming myth that was constructed to aid with the justification for mass murder. You know human were killing the planet so they had to be killed to save it.
commented 2018-09-17 17:53:37 -0400
The Native Indians went from running bare-foot in the woods to driving around on paved highways in new Ford F150s. i don’t see their problem.
The perv community with half the letters in the alphabet required to cover each individual sickness have pretty much got all the rights and privileges required to harass straight people in courts of law … regarding the cultural industry in Canada? Most of us avoid Canadian movies, TV and music because most of it sucks the big one and is produces with extorted funds from tax payers who dearly want American version of Netflix in Canada and how about Fox news in HD Like CNN and MSNBC.
commented 2018-09-17 17:32:16 -0400
It’s obvious that NAFTA, and therefore Canada, as we knew it, is being sacrificed for the UN globalists. Our culture was just fine until this dic-traitor was elected.
commented 2018-09-17 17:28:25 -0400
To be fair, Sun News Network was god awful and no one was watching. One way or another, it was never going to last. Even people who worked at Sun News Network have since come out and said it was really bad TV.
commented 2018-09-17 17:24:12 -0400
He says he doesn’t want to give up our sovereignty and identity . Hasn’t he been doing that for the last 3 years ! Open borders and a post national state !
commented 2018-09-17 16:47:12 -0400
Anything to cause NAFTA to fail and blame Trump. Besides, a crashing economy is ample reason to declare Martial Law and subsequent dictatorship, no?
commented 2018-09-17 16:32:56 -0400
Just one more loony left thing.
commented 2018-09-17 16:29:30 -0400
HYACINTH. Good comment, I wonder why Justin learned to speak English.
commented 2018-09-17 16:23:07 -0400
Oooh, brave little Justin, standing up to the Big Bad Trump. "Cultural exemption clause? Dose this mean that the Trump can only import Hallal goods.
Oooh, poor little Justin feels that he must support the Death Cult, or as he calls them, New Canadians, all lined up at the knife sharpening store………..Throats in mind.
commented 2018-09-17 16:18:00 -0400
“Global News reports Justin saying that Canada waiving the exemption for cultural industries would be tantamount to giving up Canadian sovereignty and identity.”

PREVIOUSLY TRUDEAU STATED MOST CLEARLY THAT CANADA HAS NO IDENTITY PERIOD. Now he is claiming the opposite? So which is it? The answer obviously depends on who he is reading his prepared scripts to and why.
Trudeau says Canada has no ‘core identity’
‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,’ Trudeau claimed after the October election
commented 2018-09-17 16:05:17 -0400
Isn’t this the same government that claimed that there is no Canadian culture? Aren’t we being swamped with “multiculturalism”, meaning what culture we have that is truly Canadian is put second to any other culture invited or invading our country? I guess that any excuse is better than having no excuse to kill the deal. Will this mean that there will be a lot of homes for sale in Ontario by former auto industry employees?
commented 2018-09-17 16:04:05 -0400
Alberta independence now.