June 23, 2017

Trudeau’s perpetual marketing machine fuelled by socks and unicorn puppets

Brian LilleyArchive

Politicians are products to be sold, like soap or cereal, and like others, Justin Trudeau sells himself constantly but his media strategy differs wildly from any politician, Liberal or Conservative, we’ve ever seen

Normally, politicians try to sell the public on their policies but with Trudeau, the product being sold isn’t the policy but Justin himself.

We’re being sold Justin Trudeau over and over again not only by the Liberals and his handlers but by the media as well.

Watch as I document some of this for you and show how Trudeau is going well outside normal political journalism to reach the audience that he thinks, or knows, will come out to vote for him.

Whether it’s his socks, or gushing pieces about him hugging puppet unicorns or going on The Social and talking about life rather than politics, that’s what he really wants to do — sell the man, not the message.

Those that want rid of Trudeau can laugh at this, mock it, scorn it as vacuous and devoid of policy, but it’s working. He’s selling himself non-stop to people that never pay attention to politics.

Remember in the 2012 US election laughing about how Barack Obama would avoid interviews with real White House correspondents choosing instead to call in to chat on the radio with DJ Pimp With a Limp?

It sounded ridiculous but it worked and Trudeau is implementing that plan on steroids!

Beyond mocking it, conservatives have to figure out how to counter it with their own narrative or they will face a real uphill battle come 2019.

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commented 2018-12-13 13:05:39 -0500
Any chance he sells toilet paper with his face on it? I would buy that.
commented 2017-06-26 13:17:50 -0400
Oh… And I would further argue that the damage done since Pere Trudeau’s days to our Armed Forces, never has been rectified even to this day…
commented 2017-06-26 03:05:32 -0400
Excellent question Dan Mancuso… It took Canadians decades to rectify the mistake of electing Pere Trudeau in 1968… The problem as I see it now is that the collusion of the media, academia, and the gutless leadership of so-callled conservative parties will make it a lot harder to oust The Boy Blunder before a lot of serious, and I do mean SERIOUS damage is done to Canada as we used to know it in its 150th year of existence…
commented 2017-06-25 22:54:04 -0400
Trudeau wore Ramadan socks at a gay pride parade! What an idiot! Wynne sitting beside him, oblivious to it all…
commented 2017-06-25 16:30:40 -0400
Ohhh! The dictator is sugar coating his intentions………….!
commented 2017-06-25 09:18:48 -0400
I didn’t think it was possible to dislike – I hate using the word hate – this prancing, narcissistic boob Justin any more than I already do. But having just watched this piece…I do!
Someone needs to take this dick-head out – and I don’t mean on a date – if only to stop the embarrassment this fruitcake (not beefcake) forces Canadians to endure in humiliation, with his childish antics and nonsensical virtue signaling BS on the world stage. Will we ever live Justin down…never mind will our country survive him.
commented 2017-06-25 02:39:52 -0400
Liza Rosie—Tks for that video re Kevin Johnson’s warning to Trump. It said everything that I would say to Trump except I would ask him to close the border until the failed Canadian Economy forced Trudeau to RESIGN.
commented 2017-06-24 22:03:31 -0400
Hugo Chavez, and Fidel Castro were also promoted for their personalities, not on their Marxist/Communist ideologies.
commented 2017-06-24 15:15:23 -0400
Chretien still active brainwashing Trudeau on selling out Canada to China .
commented 2017-06-24 09:30:29 -0400
Krispy LaRue commented -
" … Mulroney screwed the country so badly (patronage, backroom deals, 24 Sussex Dr furniture, 1988 Multiculturalism Act) that the Conservatives ended up with 2 seats in 1993 w Kim Campbell. Hopefully history will repeat itself with a total wipeout of the Liberals in 2019. "

Was waiting for someone to come along and blame a conservative. I see Krispy didn’t disappoint, Terry Rudden style too – impressive. Comparing Mulroney with the Liberal governments is like comparing someone shoplifting a candy bar to an armed bank robbery.

-“In a statement to the House of Commons on 8 October 1971, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau announced multiculturalism as an official government policy. …”

-"…While the words “family reunification” are intended to evoke this concept, they actually mean something quite different, something introduced by the Liberals upon Pierre Trudeau’s assumption of the reins of power, and enshrined in law as a major objective of the government’s immigration policy in the Immigration Act of 1976. "

an online encyclopedia:
The federal government of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau declared its commitment to the principle of multiculturalism in 1971 and in so doing formalized a policy to protect and promote diversity, recognize the rights of Aboriginal peoples, and support the use of Canada’s two official languages. This led to the establishment in 1973 of the Ministry of Multiculturalism as well as the Canadian Consultative Council on Multiculturalism. …
The concept was again acknowledged in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of 1982, which states that the Charter itself “shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the preservation and enhancement of the multicultural heritage of Canadians.” …
On 21 July 1988, the Progressive Conservative government of Brian Mulroney passed the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, which formalized the government’s commitment to “promote the full and equitable participation of individuals and communities of all origins in the continuing evolution and shaping of all aspects of Canadian society” by establishing legislation to protect ethnic, racial, linguistic and religious diversity within Canadian society. Trudeau’s declaration of Canada as a bilingual and multicultural nation resulted in an explosion of multicultural research. Publications and literature were developed, many national research surveys were launched, ethnic identity research escalated, and organizations were established to support diversity. Multiculturalism was celebrated as a new vision of Canadian identity, which would foster a global understanding of all ethnic communities

Order as per Wikipedia:
- Liberal Pierre Trudeau – terms in office: April 20, 1968 – June 3,1979 and then again March 3, 1980 – June 29, 1984
Minister of Justice; “Trudeaumania”; “Just Society”; October Crisis and Use of the War Measures Act; Official Languages Act; Establishment of relations with Communist China; Victoria Charter; Creation of Petro-Canada; Membership in the G7; Metric Commission, Creation of Via Rail. Quebec referendum, 1980; Access to Information Act; Patriation of the Canadian Constitution; Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; National Energy Program; Canada Health Act; Western alienation.

- Liberal John Turner – term in office: June 30, 1984 – September 16, 1984
Minister of Justice, Minister of Finance; Trudeau Patronage Appointments. Never sat in parliament as Prime Minister.

- Conservative Brian Mulroney – term in office: September 17, 1984 -June 24,1993
MP for Charlevoix, QC September 17, 1984
Cancellation of the National Energy Program; Meech Lake Accord; Petro-Canada privatization; Canada-US Free Trade Agreement; Introduction of the Goods and Services Tax; Charlottetown Accord; Gulf War; Oka Crisis; Environmental Protection Act; Privatization of Air Canada, North American Free Trade Agreement; Airbus affair.

- Conservative Kim Campbell – term in office: June 25, 1993 -November 3,1993
Minister of Justice, Minister of Veterans Affairs, Minister of National Defence, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs; Only female Prime Minister of Canada. Defeated and lost her seat in 1993 election.

- Liberal Jean Chrétien – term in office: November 4, 1993 – December 11, 2003
Minister of Finance, Minister of Indian Affairs, Minister of Energy, Mines and Resources, Minister of Justice and Energy Minister, President of the Treasury Board, Minister of National Revenue, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada; Privatization of Canadian National Railway, Red Book; Harmonized Sales Tax; Quebec referendum, 1995; Clarity Act; Assassination attempt; Kosovo War; 1997 Red River Flood; Social Union Framework Agreement; Creation of Nunavut Territory; Youth Criminal Justice Act; Operation Yellow Ribbon; Invasion of Afghanistan; Opposition to the Invasion of Iraq; Sponsorship scandal; Kyoto Protocol; Gomery Inquiry.

- Liberal Paul Martin – term in office: December 12, 2003 – February 5, 2006
Minister of Finance; Minority government. Civil Marriage Act; Kelowna Accord; Rejection of US Anti-Missile Treaty; Sponsorship scandal; Gomery inquiry; G20; Atlantic Accord; Martin and his father Paul Martin Sr have the honorific title of Right Honourable.
commented 2017-06-24 09:09:23 -0400
BZ said, "Never blame the leader. The voter did this. "

Good point. It is the fault of the voters, though the MSM should take a significant potion of that blame because they falsify the news and intentionally mislead the public … … yet it is still the responsibility of the public to actively seek out the full truth for themselves.
commented 2017-06-24 08:52:57 -0400
Never blame the leader.

The voter did this.

Those voters who are unhappy today and voted for the POS called trudeau simply need to look in the mirror to see who caused the problem.
commented 2017-06-24 03:17:18 -0400
Liza Rosie …
Mulroney screwed the country so badly (patronage, backroom deals, 24 Sussex Dr furniture, 1988 Multiculturalism Act) that the Conservatives ended up with 2 seats in 1993 w Kim Campbell. Hopefully history will repeat itself with a total wipeout of the Liberals in 2019.

Andy Neimers …
You ought to watch Expo’67 stuff on Youtube – or any Canadian footage from the Sixties. It’s like another country.
50 years later it’s Ontari-ari-ari-OWE

Don MacDonald …
So true it’s worth saying twice!
commented 2017-06-24 01:12:04 -0400
" Politicians and diapers need regular changing and for the same reason ".
commented 2017-06-24 01:12:02 -0400
" Politicians and diapers need regular changing and for the same reason ".
commented 2017-06-24 00:01:55 -0400
What a difference 50 years make in the history of a nation… In the summer of ’67 I drove to Montreal to take pride in what was then Canada and the Expo ’67 summer.. Canada was at last front and centre on the world stage, bursting with pride… Being from Ontario I twice sat through a showing of the revolutionary documentary “A Place To Stand” at the Ontario Pavilion… Ontari-ari-ari-o indeed… These days as we approach our 150th national birthday, I only have dreams of the Canadian Prime Minister and the Premier of Ontario getting hit by a big, big bus….
commented 2017-06-23 23:56:50 -0400
Many millennials who were hopeful are now gagging . He is sinking himself. People are stupid, but not that stupid.
Some aren’t. We’ll see if it’s enough. Anything we can do to help him bring himself down should be utilized by all means.
We are not screwed, the guy is an idiot and people are getting it.
commented 2017-06-23 22:46:02 -0400
The damage has already been done, i actually hope he gets in again, let him ruin the damn country so badly that even the brainwashed have to face reality when their free money has run out and their entitlements can no longer be supplied to them. When they can no longer buy a new iphone every 6 months or afford a Starbucks maybe they will figure it out.
commented 2017-06-23 22:25:31 -0400
Awww. Isn’t that cute … a big sock puppet hugging a small sock puppet.
commented 2017-06-23 22:23:39 -0400
150 years and this guy is PM of Canada what a joke .
Brian you are correct some people only vote but never follow what they voted for or against .
Peter there should be a test before you can be PM and vote in English or French . And if you can’t read it tough luck .
commented 2017-06-23 22:20:25 -0400
what is scary is, like he believes islam is a religion of peace, he really believes the unicorn puppet is real
commented 2017-06-23 22:15:41 -0400
KEITH , you said it all , very poetic!!
commented 2017-06-23 21:45:18 -0400
Actually he should be in Romper Room, not Parliament. My bad.

Lord give me strength.
commented 2017-06-23 21:15:27 -0400
TruDope is a perfect reflection of what Canadians have become, no better than the submissive Europeans.
commented 2017-06-23 21:11:38 -0400
Great Tip Brian!
commented 2017-06-23 20:52:55 -0400
I’m so proud to be a Canadian, I could just puke. On his socks.
commented 2017-06-23 20:10:08 -0400
‘Justin Trudeau’s Unicorn Hug Club’

Please tell me this is a made up story.

I just can’t take this Justine character anymore, my heart’s gonna give out.

What did we Canadians do to deserve this re-tard pixie dust half-wit??? He should be in Parliament btw, not f*cking Romper Room.
commented 2017-06-23 19:16:57 -0400
So this would be the opposite of an ad hominem argument. Presenting no substance and pretending that fluff is the platform. The opposition has to provide the substance to counter the diversion. Of course they have not been doing so. What a disappointment. I don’t have high hopes for Andrew Scheer.

“If there is one fact we really can prove, from the history that we really do know, it is that despotism can be a development, often a late development and very often indeed the end of societies that have been highly democratic. A despotism may almost be defined as a tired democracy. As fatigue falls on a community, the citizens are less inclined for that eternal vigilance which has truly been called the price of liberty; and they prefer to arm only one single sentinel to watch the city while they sleep.”