January 12, 2017

Trudeau’s “please love me” tour blurs line between Liberal Party and Canadian government

Brian LilleyArchive

Justin Trudeau's "please love me" tour kicked off in Ottawa, billed as a way to connect Trudeau and ordinary Canadians. Only problem is, the Liberals are vetting all the guests and collecting information on who is coming through their party website.

Not a government website, but a party website.

Watch as I lay out the case that once again, the Liberals can't tell the difference between their party and the government we all pay for as taxpayers.

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commented 2017-01-13 15:47:01 -0500
Marc Lalonde, a finance minister in the PET Lieberal administration once got up in the HOC and stated that they, the Lieberals considered any monies earned by working Canadians, belonged to them, not the wage earner. We are seeing through the actions of this Lieberal Gov’t that this perception has not changed one iota!
commented 2017-01-13 15:38:07 -0500
Eileen, the bags of cash wasn’t Mulroony, it was Cretien. And of course, that corruption was liberal. And so, the liberals are back, and so is the corruption. This “tour”, on our dime naturally, is pure liberal business as usual. The staged questions and vintage Trudeau nonanwers are pure liberal too. Exactly like his “answers” during the campaign. Can Canadians really be stupid enough to once again buy this bafflegab?
commented 2017-01-13 15:08:08 -0500
Why wasnt there any questions from the media regarding the envelope some bald guy gave to Justin while at the tea house? He quickly folded it up, and stuffed it in his back pocket. Was this more pay for play coming from the corrupt Prime Minister?

The footage is clear to see in this video.
commented 2017-01-13 14:33:13 -0500
Shades of Brian Mulroney! Instead of paper bags full of cash, is it an envelope with a cheque? I noticed this immediately as the clip started rolling. I see from the comments that I read later that many of you noticed it also! Rebel needs to identify that couple and ask what was exchanged!

Pure Liberal propaganda! "Connecting’ with middle class Canadians, my foot! More like connecting with long-time Liberal party members. No “ordinary” Canadians allowed – just Liberal supporters and well-healed party members!
commented 2017-01-13 13:56:26 -0500
Correct me if I am wrong but I think … Trudeau is digging a deeper hole for himself each day… As well I hope the Tories raise up a strong leader.Someone who is fearless and can take on Trudeau No Problem …Perhaps OLeary?
commented 2017-01-13 13:45:46 -0500
There is vastly different tone between today and yesterday’s audience.

Today’s audience is quite obviously pre-screened.

Psst, Trudeau. Having your team hand pick your audience and their respective questions isn’t “open and transparent”.

Let’s just hope enough of the idiots out there see past your obvious facad and see you for the incompetent man-child who has no business being in office… especially after your blatant conflict of interest at the Aga Khans private island.
commented 2017-01-13 13:43:15 -0500
I would never shake that traitor’s hand – ever! I can’t stand to even look at him, or listen to him. What an embarrassment to Canada! He’s Canada’s worst nightmare.
commented 2017-01-13 13:31:17 -0500
This is typical Liberal modus operandi. The legacy media bring up the subject at all is unusual, but I welcome it. They were not out of power ling enough to learn the lessons that they needed to learn. One that starts with humility and ends with honoring the sacred trust of the tax payers.
commented 2017-01-13 13:04:08 -0500
Maddi, awesome post! This is a tactic of all dictators with the help of the bought and paid for media.

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age that a prime minister can skulk around the country undetected by other media sources such as the local radio stations.

It is imperative that his schedule gets leaked, so that he may be met with real Canadians with honest issues, not the fake ones that the fake news loves to report on.
commented 2017-01-13 12:48:45 -0500
Busted!!!!!! Trudeau was in my town this Thursday, (when he gave several dumb quotes in the CBC article linked below) but somehow I never heard about it?? Why? Because the town hall was secret non-publicized, no radio ads, no ad in the free local paper… or any public notice area…NOTHING. Clearly a HAND PICKED audience and too afraid of criticism from anyone else…caught Coward Trudeau. Good job “reconnecting” with your hand picked audience. What a “strong” leader, totally afraid of contradiction or debate. Best part is the CBC video clip in the link, where hand picked audience “applauds” when he says “immigration is a source of strength for us and Muslim Canadians are an essential part of the success of our country today and into the future.”… what a despicable farce.
commented 2017-01-13 12:14:17 -0500
I could be wrong about this, but no one has addressed the issue of national security. How could the PM go anywhere without the Canadian Intelligence agency knowing? He is the leader of Canada. Was the Challenger accompanied by fighter jets? Then when he got the ride on the helicopter, was there any accompanying security? I could care less if he had been kidnapped, or his helicopter shot down, but seriously folks, he is our PM, who seems to think he is not. For this reason alone, he should be in jail. As Chad said on P&P yesterday, if Trump pulled such a fiasco he would immediately had been impeached.
commented 2017-01-13 11:23:35 -0500
 Our uber-feminist sashing into liberal friendly arenas preaching is progressive/liberal gospel on our tax dollar. Isn’t using tax dollars against campaigning laws . What could be finer to know he’ll 69er in the morning…..  This Just-In {CBCtm} , his  ’love-love me do tour ’ is the cat’s meow ….. 
Love,Love me do
You know I love you
I’ll always be true
So please, love me do
Whoa, love me do …………….
commented 2017-01-13 10:12:21 -0500
@ Liza – “Peter sorry I didn’t credit you. I see you caught that first off the mark.”


I wasn’t looking for credit, but I was looking for a conversation on the subject among the Rebelites.

@ Shebel – “Justin is soo arrogant-that he doesn’t even bother to hide it.”

That probably nails it on the head.

It could be something innocent, but the optics certain are damning.
commented 2017-01-13 10:07:35 -0500
The envelope may have been as just a receipt for golf course or some old guy just wanted to help him out with a few bucks. The proof is the proof as the liebrals say. Maybe it was an entitlement.
commented 2017-01-13 03:22:16 -0500
Peter sorry I didn’t credit you. I see you caught that first off the mark.
commented 2017-01-13 01:35:09 -0500
Nice catch on the envelope Liza and Peter, most people would not notice it as it seems completely natural when a liberal is involved.
commented 2017-01-13 01:00:13 -0500
Why isn’t the RCMP doing their duty and charging Trudeau?


“All ministers, including the prime minister, are forbidden under the federal Conflict of Interest Act from flying in private or chartered aircraft except under specific conditions.
Trudeau and his family used the private helicopter of his close family friend, billionaire philanthropist and spiritual leader the Aga Khan, to get from Nassau — the capital of the Bahamas — to the Aga Khan’s privately-owned 349-acre Bell Island. That’s a 115-kilometre flight one-way over open ocean.”
commented 2017-01-13 00:55:17 -0500
I saw it. It was very well orchestrated . Why the hell would they do something like that on TV ? Probably for the same reason that Justin feels justified for getting paid -just to show up. This is the Liberal Leader. Same as every other Quebec Politician. BRIBERY— is how the Government functions . Justin is soo arrogant-that he doesn’t even bother to hide it.
commented 2017-01-13 00:43:09 -0500
@ Liza Rosie – “Watch at 42 seconds as bald man gives him an envelope and Justin puts it in his back pocket.”

It appears only you and I noticed that exchange, or no one else thinks it is important.
commented 2017-01-13 00:13:21 -0500
Hey! PM dipshit! Don’t bother coming to Alberta, nobody wants you here.

Shit! Now I’ll have to cruise the coffee shops to keep out the riffraff.

If I ever had the opportunity to shake that dinks hand, it would be followed up with a head but( so hard that his idiot dead father would feel)
commented 2017-01-13 00:12:28 -0500
Love, love me do.
commented 2017-01-13 00:09:39 -0500
He gives the Aga Khan $55million for health services in Afghanistan but our provinces are needing more.
Retrieve the $55million he gave to the Aga Khan and give it to the provinces for our health services.
commented 2017-01-12 23:54:29 -0500
I think that Justin is so bloody arrogant and dense - that he really does think that he Middle Class.
commented 2017-01-12 23:51:48 -0500
Some of them want to use them
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

Except for the townhall meeting, which was I believe next door to the Kingston Conservative MP’s office, are these visits by our distinguished and honourable Prime Minister even advertised or did he just ‘drop in’ to these places, unannounced?

You can fool some of the people some of the time….but the rest are on to you Trudeau.
commented 2017-01-12 23:48:33 -0500
I find it interesting that Junior is OK with importing tens of thousands of ‘refugees’ about whom he knows absolutely nothing, but when he goes on a town-to-town ‘please love me’ tour to mingle with the great unwashed, he insists that all of the participants are vetted before the party starts. I guess that he doesn’t want a dozen double-doubles ruining his Gucci sweater.
commented 2017-01-12 23:40:35 -0500
….and we are not supposed to have to bankroll Liberal fundraising or campaigning That’s against the rules. Justin is so shameful and brazen about it I have to wonder if he has the capacity to even understand how his actions are perceived. He is such a smarmy schmuck.

Watch at 42 seconds as bald man gives him an envelope and Justin puts it in his back pocket.
commented 2017-01-12 23:02:56 -0500
Bill Elder – that was perfect for our rolling stoned PM. Maybe you could request that Sophie sings it to him!
commented 2017-01-12 22:36:33 -0500
“Please Love Me Tour”
LOL. Ridicule and contempt – I love it!
In honour of that great title I offer 15 seconds of, “Seinfeld – Jerry is a dandy boy-Love me”
commented 2017-01-12 21:13:15 -0500
If the little dik-tater-tot really wants to know what’s on our minds he only needs to scan down comment threads like this one.
commented 2017-01-12 21:12:55 -0500
Will the “regular people” that dik-tater-tot meets at Timmys be billed the $1500 for access, or do they have to pay up front?