January 07, 2016

Lawton Online: Trudeau’s trigger warnings, Obama’s trigger woes, Canada’s financial deficit and academia’s intellectual deficit

Andrew LawtonRebel Commentator

In this episode of Lawton Online, I talk about the toll-free comfort line the Trudeau government set up to help people who are "triggered" reading about aboriginal issues

I also unpack why President Obama's gun control executive orders will accomplish nothing, and discuss the latest example of political correctness's stranglehold on academia.


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commented 2016-01-07 15:46:23 -0500
When I first read about this yesterday and looked at the Government page and noticed ”trigger” I was a little surprised to see how fast this new fad, growing in Academia especially in the States, but also in Europe, has been adopted as a part of the new ‘Change’ Mindset by the Liberal Government and subsequently their administration.

Recall previous articles on TheRebel noting how students and administrations in several Universities promote the avoidance of ‘triggers’ in all forms of communication that might offend or emotionally upset other people – terrible, offensive, stress-inducing terms such as ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Bless You’, essentially any form of critique or even innocent comment made to a person from an apparent favoured group/culture in Society. – not unlike News Media chastising people who object to behaviors or actions of Immigrants by labeling them ‘racists.’

However, I think we ought to consider whether the Government’s use of the ‘trigger’ concept with their associated offer of free counseling/therapy is really not a ‘warning’ at all, or even a sincere concern about PTSD as much as it is a self-serving promotion of the Government’s contrived image of moral superiority and sincerely being concerned about you. Why?

Now that the Government has demonstrated how eager they are to go beyond the norm and to help anyone and everyone cope with life’s challenges, you will in turn also show your care and give them your support, your confidence, your admiration and especially your vote. It’s a façade.

Am I cynical? Perhaps, but there’s plenty of examples over the past few months that would make anyone cynical of Federal Government policies, promotions and promises. And even if the Government was actually concerned about phrases or terms that would be potentially emotionally harmful to citizens who have endured terrible experiences: (a) Why would these comments not be purged out of the supposed ‘public’ documents, and (b) I’ve yet to see any such serious emotion-laden content on the Government’s ‘trigger warning’ website – admittedly from my perspective. Is this need for a trigger and protection for fragile citizens a non-issue? – but one that plays well to a leftist liberal media?