January 22, 2016

Message to PM: Let our men and women in uniform fight ISIS

Faith GoldyArchive

Seven Canadians were killed by jihadists in Burkina Faso, and Trudeau's reaction was an insult.

Meanwhile, Canada was also shut out of a high-level meeting of “significant contributors” to the U.S. led coalition.

I call on Trudeau to leave our men and women in uniform to join this worthy fight against ISIS.

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commented 2016-01-23 11:18:44 -0500
faith …you go fight.
what do you know about combat? it isn’t a fashion show or a tight t-shirt contest.
our troops are best served by keeping them out of a useless war. this is an arab problem. I say ‘fuck it’, let the arabs deal with it. they will all eat each other anyways. and I could care less what they do to each other…

Ex Coelis
commented 2016-01-23 10:27:27 -0500
Message to PM Selfie : keep our valuable men and women of the CAF out of these endless civil wars in backward ME nations – part 2 of this is to not import that trouble here under the illusion you can determine which of these warring factors will embrace “Canadian values” (AKA LPC partisanism). It makes about as much sense as importing soviets during the cold war – hold on, didn’t Daddy try that and the RCMP put a halt to it?.
commented 2016-01-23 04:54:31 -0500
So what? He shouldn’t do anything; it’s not his place to do a thing,except offer a word or two for comfort. There is no war on terror, so that rules out a military intervention
commented 2016-01-23 02:08:49 -0500
LAD REME commented 15 mins ago – Trudeau is not a muslim. Trudeau is an ideological and business partner of islamic terrorism.
commented 2016-01-23 01:52:19 -0500
Trudeau is a Muslim, Canada would not be welcome at a Coalition meeting.
commented 2016-01-22 22:40:37 -0500
No surprise.

He has said the prayer at a major house of evil in montreal in front of more than two islamic witnesses

His brother is supporting iran by producing movies for them.

His POS father – not dead long enough – was a draft dodger and lefty.

All in all I am glad I am not the gay boy’s body guard unit – they look very nervous in public.

I believe they realize there is a good chance someone will take a run at him.

I also bet you a Timmies most of them detest the gay boy.
commented 2016-01-22 21:36:02 -0500
You voted for the pusillanimous trudeau, there you go!
commented 2016-01-22 20:04:52 -0500
January 22, 2016
Dear Diary;
My political antenna is so finely tuned that I’m picking up the faint hint that there may be a handful of far right warmongering extremists who think that I should be just a tad more stern with ISIS but, while the nannies are watching the kids, Sophie, who surfs the information super roadway to shop on the interweb, has just reminded me that ISIS stands for “Interweb Shopping Is Safe” and that’s why I shouldn’t bomb them. I don’t know why B.O. doesn’t understand that, I mean, I love him like a brother and all, but sometimes he seems a bit dim.
Just lately it seems that my media pals aren’t being as nice to me as they should to be, which is strange since Gerald’s supposed to be on top of them. I know what I’ll do, there’s a luncheon scheduled for today here in Davos, naturally I’m the host (of course) so I’ll close it off to Canadian reporters. If reporters have nothing to report then that’ll teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget, after all, it’s not like they can make things up. Also, if Gerald lets me sit next to you-know-who then I won’t be worrying about some snoopy reporter catching us playing footsy under the table with her.
Gerald has just told me that I’ve to do something else too. He said it’s a new beginning for Canada. I’ve been saying that all along Gerry. Try to keep up. Oh, that’s the name of the event, sorry Gerry. What the heck, I’ll close that one off to them as well. There’s no point in coming across as being too transparent.