October 30, 2015

POLL: More than half support Trudeau's withdrawal from anti-ISIS fight

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Last week we commissioned a public opinion poll on Justin Trudeau decision to withdraw our six CF-18s from the fight against ISIS.

(By the way: Today the U.S. announced that not only were they continuing their air combat missions, but they were adding special forces on the ground, too.)

When we polled Canadians about Trudeau’s comments, we asked two questions: do you agree with him, and do you think it will impact our relations with the U.S.?

To my surprise, 56% of Canadians agree with bailing out of the mission, and 44% disagree.

Maybe Canadians are just resigned to Trudeau being someone who retreats in the face of evil.

The second question was whether Canada quitting the mission would damage our reputation with our NATO allies. 54% of Canadians agree that it would, 46% don’t think so.

You can see the full poll details here:


Look, no-one likes war. But there are some things worse than war — like allowing a terrorist state to take root. Our military mission is very low risk.

But for Trudeau, even that is too much.


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commented 2016-02-08 16:31:08 -0500
abc <a href=“”https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/marc-thiessen-george-w-bush-was-right-about-iraq-pullout/2014/09/08/6ddd91b2-374e-11e4-bdfb-de4104544a37_story.html%20">https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/marc-thiessen-george-w-bush-was-right-about-iraq-pullout/2014/09/08/6ddd91b2-374e-11e4-bdfb-de4104544a37_story.html%20">George W. Bush predicted that</a> 123
commented 2015-11-02 18:23:14 -0500
I think there is confusion what exactly is our role? It have never been communicated well from the PMO or from military chiefs, who in Canada, don’t really explain their mission.
commented 2015-11-01 19:50:26 -0500
You people are blowing the fear of muslim related radicalism completely out of proportion.

What makes you think that the country of canada is going to put up with any kind of radical change? There are lots of other ethnic people in canada, who do not suffer from white political correctness guilt to the point of getting walked all over.

Do you think that for one moment, that the aboriginals are going to take well to being told to abide by sharia law? Can you imagine some aboriginal hockey league being told that they can not have a girl on the team because it goes against sharia law?
commented 2015-11-01 15:45:35 -0500
Jimmy i can give you an example of your bigotry, you never showed up to comment on the INFIDEL stabbing, that speaks volumes of you bigotry.
commented 2015-11-01 15:44:45 -0500
Jimmy give me any examples of actual bigotry you halfwit.
commented 2015-11-01 15:44:08 -0500
Jimmy sorry but let wing opinion is not FACT , you are a the bigot,the truth is not bigotry you simple minded sheep. Now go hate Christians and Jews like a good leftie.
commented 2015-11-01 10:07:25 -0500
@ Keith – we have an example right here on this “lying, racist, hate driven” (sarcasm) site -————-


Reporting the truth is frowned upon as we are starting to realize.

It is never a hate crime unless it is carried out by a racist white guy. After all – every other outfit we have brought in can claim victim status. That status is always upheld by he lefty court system as we do not have a justice system, we have a legal system.

Interesting times ahead.
commented 2015-11-01 09:04:15 -0500
You imply that The Rebel and Ezra are racist, with your statement; “Unfortunately the view on The Rebel, which Ezra also supports is this � all Muslims are evil”
The truth is, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party appear to be the real racists who along with their Muslim Puppet Masters, will transform real Canadians into second class Citizens.
Canada will become the same as the EU. For example, a guy in the UK was punched in the face, by a Muslim, during a political argument, this guy along with his broken nose, was charged with offending a Muslim. Do you really think things will be any different in Canada, once the Muslims are here in large enough numbers?
Wake up Jimmy, take of your ‘Rose Tinted Glasses’.
commented 2015-11-01 07:13:17 -0500
One more thing – thought you folks might like to see this as well – all of it simply providing proof – not swearing and screaming – proof….

Something most trolls will not do.

Where are the high percentage FGM areas of the world? You can go here to read but you can also simply read my little excerpt:


Quote – ———— FGM is practiced globally, but very common in western, eastern and north-eastern countries of Africa. In Guinea, for example, nearly 99% of girls undergo FGM. Egypt is not far behind at 97%. FGM is also widespread in some countries in Asia and the Middle East. -———————-End quote

Yup the slammers in Egypt are up to 97%

So when they come here what do you think happens – just because you do not hear about it – does that really make it go away?

Again – where is the outrage?

Oh – wait a minute – I must be a racist and a bigot for simply pointing out the truth.

The truth.

It is on life support in Canada.

And it might actually need a defibrillator in the next couple of years because no one will stand up and demand it.

The truth.

Like the wind on a hot summer desert day – simply dies out – often so slowly no one even notices until it is too late to bring it back.

The truth.
commented 2015-11-01 07:04:11 -0500
No outrage …….

From Ontario Human Rights Commission – “As already noted, because of the nature of FGM, reliable statistics on the incidence of its practice are not available. However, based on discussions with members of the communities that are at risk, there is some evidence to indicate that FGM is practised in Ontario and across Canada. There is also evidence that suggests that in some cases, families from those communities send their daughters out of Canada to have the operation performed”


“If a person has reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is or may be in need of protection, (e.g., from physical harm such as FGM), the person is obliged to report the suspicion to appropriate authorities. The duty to report under this Act applies to all members of the public and those who perform professional or official duties with respect to children.”

From me – the above is not happening within the slammer community – they approve of this treatment of their daughters – where is the Canadian outrage?

From the HUFF Post – “What shocked us in talking to Drs. Shaw and Davis was discovering FGM is a serious issue in Canada, too. In 2011, almost 29,000 women from Africa and the Middle East became permanent residents of Canada. Dr. Davis, who has worked with hundreds of immigrant women, says a high percentage of these will have undergone FGM. And it is now happening in Canada”

Lots more about the “law-a-biding” slammers living next door to you in your community – but so many want to ignore the truth.

All you have to do is do your due diligence – and then be prepared to be called a racist and a bigot and a homophobe (Oh, does anyone here know what happens to homosexuals if they are “outed” in a slammer country?) They are killed.

The favourite place for homosexuals to go to in the mid east so they can live a protected life?


The place many here love to hate.


Because it is a democracy and I have lived there and I can tell you it is very different from the way it is slandered by the cbc – and most here who bad mouth it regularly have never even seen Israel from a distance.

Canadians are so protected and entitled they have no idea. And they certainly have no outrage over the way slammer immigrants treat their own children.

I find it quite funny that if it is brought up, canuckleheads immediately start making excuses for the slammers – yet if I were to hit my wife, force my daughter to marry a senior citizen, sell my daughter into slavery and more ….. I could and rightly WOULD be jailed. Not so to slammers – they get a cultural “by” and no outrage from the Canadian citizen.

Double standards will always tear a country down.

Trudope will help that happen – as I am already seeing over here – only two more weeks to go and I am out of here. Canada is no longer the revered nation over here – and trudope is “running from bad guys” – not my words – my drivers words. He is a local slammer.
commented 2015-11-01 06:34:18 -0500
@ Sam Young – not every slammer is a terrorist – but a huge percentage of them support it – there is no difference.
commented 2015-11-01 01:32:50 -0500
Jimmy,RE “We should�t be there in ANY capacity”
How about all the Muslims that are here and the thousands more that will be coming? Dose that apply to them also?
commented 2015-11-01 01:24:31 -0500
Hey, Bravo Zulu.
Jimmy the Commie thinks we are all Red Necks.
commented 2015-11-01 01:10:28 -0500
Ezra has never said that all muslims are evil. If the rebel was anti muslim, then the rebel would have never done that interview with that muslim woman who took a stance against radical islam.
commented 2015-11-01 01:53:56 -0400

When did I say that we should send peacekeepers to the middle east? We shouldn’t be there in ANY capacity.
commented 2015-11-01 01:51:35 -0400

Unfortunately the view on The Rebel, which Ezra also supports is this – all Muslims are evil.
commented 2015-11-01 01:48:32 -0400

I swear for emphasis and because I like colorful words. It has nothing to do with frustration or anger.
commented 2015-11-01 01:45:52 -0400

You have this us vs. them mentality when it comes to Muslims and that’s just wrong. You are a racist, bigoted and hateful person.

This isn’t the Canada that I grew up in and I suspect many Canadians feel the same way. I also work in the States and it saddens me how much Canada has become exactly like America in the worst ways possible.

I used to think that racism, bigotry, homophobia and the like were really more of an American thing – that Canadians were above all of that…that we accepted everyone and were proud of our differences and multiculturalism. However this election and even The Rebel has proven that Canada has their own Texas in a sense of racist, bigoted, hateful and homophobic that don’t deserve to even call themselves Canadians.

I am embarrassed to be living in the same country as these people – who seemingly are from the west for some reason.
commented 2015-11-01 01:18:23 -0400
Btw, to all Muslims good and bad, we are a caring and giving people. But when pushed to hard the push back will be swift and brutal. We didn’t become a great and DEVELOPED nation by being lazy and a bunch of wimps. So fall inline be the best citizens you can be and everything will be fine.
commented 2015-11-01 00:54:39 -0400
Jimmy, I wore a blue helmet once, I was so proud of my brothers I served with and so humiliated by the government that I was serving…… PETrudue. I know that you’re type of peacekeeping is nothing short of insanity. It is nothing short of an exercise in futility, to send peacekeepers to the Mid East would be a suicide mission. But you wouldn’t know that because guys like you are to gutless to strap em on. So when it comes to talking about MY military, stay out of the discussion and fuck off.
commented 2015-11-01 00:48:53 -0400
Not every muslim is a radical or a terrorist. Not every aboriginal is a drunk. Not every German is a nazi. You get the idea, right?

It’s not fair to paint everybody with the same brush.
commented 2015-11-01 00:30:10 -0400
You cannot take the truth. Your frustration shows, you start to swear. Admit it Jimmy, the next four years are going to be a disaster.
commented 2015-11-01 00:22:22 -0400
@ Jimmy – after reading some of your stuff I am glad you do not live next door to me – now – as you are not someone I wish to converse with – I will tell you now and forever after reading your words for a long time – and watching your rabid attack dog tactics which are seldom backed with facts – you are less than dirt to me and you are definitely someone I could easily leave on the side of the road if you were in trouble.

That being stated you must realize that the numbers do not stack up – there are indeed all sorts of problems in the world – however we are importing them. You pick out only one instance to justify all the others that go the other way. Never wondering why that might actually have happened. How typical.

I bet you are going to cheer the islamics when they parade on Veterans Day in the US of A – first time ever – many ex-military are now planning to not even go.

All I did was show the truth – and (something I have kept secret until now) as I am yet again living in islamic country for the next little while, I would invite you to see what it is like – come on over to the back country of Mali and see who is coming to Canada. Dare you – in fact I double dog dare you to leave your spoiled and entitled world which has never had an incident – and I can only hope and pray you do someday – it might make you see things differently.

You refuse to see – because the laws are not applied equally in Canada – never have been for the past 15 years or so. And that is not the fault of Harper – it is the fault of all parties bowing to lefty pressure. Especially the libs and dippers.

In Canada – every day – every day my pea brained fellow countryman – slammers carry out female genital mutilation, forced marriage, female abuses, wife beating, child abuse – little boys getting it up the arse and more – much more – all in the name if islam – but because it does not hit you directly you refuse to look and/or see.


Even if not directly participating – aiding and abetting is also a crime. Silence and apparent approval of the slammer community prevents it from being stamped out. Where is YOUR outrage? Or is it more fun to scream and insult those who actually have a valid concern about what is happening.

I wonder how many times you have called someone a liar on this site for telling the truth? Far too many I am sure. But that is part of the game for you isn’t it?

I actually pity you – but not enough to help you if you ever needed it.

Your outrage? There is none – and that is why Canada is becoming a joke – a “tolerant multicultural society” that no longer stands for anything – because everyone has an excuse. You are the perfect example of this.

Making you, unfortunately, a very typical Canadian – and one that actually causes the reputation of the country to decrease. Already I have been mocked several times here by slammers who know I am a Canadian for “running from the fight” – and if you have to think about what that means you are even less intelligent than I give you credit for. I might have to increase my security now due to the cbc claiming the Canadian military are murderers – deliberately targeting civilians according the latest “sook gossip”. Many here know I have a military background – otherwise I could not do what I do.

Now the cbc is the enemy of those who wear or once wore a uniform.

As for your law-a-biding folks – their silence as a whole concerning the evils of their own people is consent. I truly hope you have an issue some day Jimmy – I could not hope more for that than I could have hoped for a pony when I was a kid.

Now go and scream and mock and attack others as you do on a daily basis – do the same to me as well – seldom if ever providing any type of argument to back your insults – just another jackal – howling into the night skies. You should see what happens to the desert jackals here when the slammers catch them.

I promise in return to never send you another signal as you are not worth the sweat of of either of my desert scorched testicles – making it more fun for you to bait me with your jackal voice – you can insult me and scream all you want and never have to answer to a reply from me – because you know I am a man of my word – something I suspect you are not.

I am certain you will enjoy taking your free shots at me.

commented 2015-10-31 23:31:41 -0400

This coming from someone who cries like a little bitch about Canada being doomed and other moronic boo hooing constantly.

Yes, it will be a painful 4 years of sore losers, bitterness, fear mongering, hyperbole and as Ezra has already proven – lying and making shit up on behalf of the Conservative Party.
commented 2015-10-31 23:23:04 -0400
I see the Liberal Trolls are in staunch whining defense mode. It will be a boring and painful 4 years listening to their high pitched continual whining. They are never satisfied, they lose they bitterly whine, they win they bitterly whine.
commented 2015-10-31 22:16:33 -0400
Go and watch this:


Now you cannot say you do not know what slammers are like

Want them as your next door neighbour?

commented 2015-10-31 21:49:06 -0400

It was all for show and waste of money that could be better served going the veterans that Harper fucked over.