March 26, 2015

Trudeau says he is 'too poor' to afford a place in Montreal

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Justin Trudeau's car is worth more than $1,000,000. Yet somehow he doesn't have the finances to own a small apartment in Montreal?

Ezra Levant takes the shiny pony to task over his bizarre lie.

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commented 2017-08-12 00:16:39 -0400
That is a lie that he doesn’t have enough money to live in Montreal… His greatest concern is not living mired deeply in his bizarre social experiment while he displaces natural born Canadians for his fifth column Muslims… That city would be far too dangerous for him.!!
commented 2015-04-01 14:04:58 -0400
Has anyone tried sharing this story with the people in his riding, which was in Montreal the last time I checked? If he were my MP, I’d be pretty unhappy that he was not going to spend very much time in the riding. I would be inclined to elect someone who was actually going to be in my riding fairly regularly.
commented 2015-04-01 02:03:38 -0400
Valerie and Dave, I’m in! I vote for China, since he admires it so much. Wow, I’m still just amazed by this. Do you think Trudeau realizes that if he ever becomes PM he’ll be taking a pay cut? Say goodby to earning an extra $450,000 a year in speaking fees…
commented 2015-04-01 01:56:57 -0400
Great story Ezra. I’m sick to my stomach by Trudeau’s posturing, as if he could ever be considered middle-class. I’m in Edmonton and was deemed ineligible for a government student loan to attend law school because I had a pension through one of my two part-time jobs, RRSPs I started when I was 18, and owned property on which I was paying a mortgage. Instead, I had to keep working both jobs (40 hours a week) to support myself while going to school full-time, and be able to pay tuition to the tune of roughly $12K per year, plus books.
How can he not afford to have a place in Montreal? That is absolute bull. My good friend Joan lives in Montreal, works two (and sometimes three) jobs to support herself while teaching and pursuing her Masters Degree, and manages all right, and she doesn’t have either a trust fund or a $1,000,000 antique car at her disposal. And, she has way shinier hair.
But really, what an inane response to the question he was asked (how often does he frequent Montreal/Quebec these days?) Of course, he exploits every opportunity to try and portray himself as an everyday, working/middle-class Canadian. How stupid does he think we are? I suspect that there is simply no monetary/tax advantage to his owning property in Quebec. The real question is whether he owns properties in other provinces, or other properties in Ontario. Maybe can find out?
commented 2015-03-31 21:35:43 -0400
Good catch.
commented 2015-03-29 18:26:57 -0400
perhaps he could float a loan from hillary clinton..oh i forgot she is also down to here last dime.. but who didnt enjoy his christmas card showing the trudeau clan in custom made furs and blanket..
commented 2015-03-29 14:52:31 -0400
So J.T. is crying poor, perhaps he’s just trying to fit in with the “Middle Class” he’s so fond of and by the way I’m more concerned with who he’s got floating around in his backroom than J.T. himself, although I guess we shouldn’t under estimate him…
commented 2015-03-29 00:24:58 -0400
commented 2015-03-28 22:39:47 -0400
Hey Ezra, I do love seeing you guys slag Terdeau the little twerp but coming from Alberta his mere name curdles my gut and causes me to breakout in hives and shingles, let alone seeing his impish little face that is in need of a good pummeling. I would much rather see your smiling honest face on camera than that terd’s goofy treakely grin. Please, please only very brief clips of the little goofball in future. Thank you.
commented 2015-03-28 16:32:05 -0400
If only I could be as “poor” as Justin.
commented 2015-03-28 15:35:58 -0400
Dave Taylor – I’m in! I’d even pay for his family to go, as long as they’re all one-way tickets.
commented 2015-03-27 22:08:53 -0400
Le Bebe, despite the optics of the situation, is no fool. He knows that his followers will lap this crap up like good little puppies. Nobody will question his ridiculous statements and the press will certainly not make an issue of such an obvious lie.
commented 2015-03-27 17:08:49 -0400
I’m sad to hear that the Dauphin is having money troubles. Perhaps we should all chip in and help him move to somewhere more affordable.

I’m thinking Cuba or China – with a one way ticket. Who’s with me?
commented 2015-03-27 16:50:02 -0400
Truer words have not been spoken, Valerie Clark.
commented 2015-03-27 13:24:07 -0400
Peter Netterville – Clearly you haven’t seen some of the comments aimed at Stephen Harper on the CBC website. The same things said about Trudeau are deleted while those aimed at Harper stand. The Rebel is the only website on which people aren’t censored; a last bastion of Freedom of Speech in Canada.
commented 2015-03-27 11:18:36 -0400
Guess he spent to much on weed hey ?
commented 2015-03-27 11:11:54 -0400
what happened to all those outragious speaking fees he got?
commented 2015-03-27 08:39:50 -0400
I am not one to like Justin, but some of the comments here about Justin are truly venomous.
commented 2015-03-27 02:16:02 -0400
Trudeau is about as genuine as a quadroonie. Gerald Butts in a suit.
commented 2015-03-26 22:30:22 -0400
Hes not a shiny pony, hes polished poo.
commented 2015-03-26 21:52:39 -0400
When we consider Trubama followers, one can understand why people were so gullible to follow someone like Hitler. Humans are easily lead if not careful and discerning. It is scary; very.
commented 2015-03-26 19:50:09 -0400
Thanks for the story, Ezra. No surprise here.
commented 2015-03-26 19:23:29 -0400
Of course he can’t afford it. He’s broke. Just like Hillary.
After all, money management isn’t the lefties strong suit.
commented 2015-03-26 18:52:47 -0400
You just wait. Obama will send a delegation to run against Harper because him and Trudeau are cut from the same cloth
commented 2015-03-26 18:38:41 -0400
Cry me a river, Trudeau, you useless POS.
commented 2015-03-26 18:33:17 -0400
Frankly I have not recovered from the father yet let along deal with the son.
commented 2015-03-26 16:46:17 -0400
Puleese don’t forget to mention the BAD acting too… Every time he speaks the FAKE gravitas is embarrassing.
commented 2015-03-26 16:04:49 -0400
@marty I am with you on not getting how people can’t see what an idiot Trudeau is. It is embarrassing hearing him speak, he contradicts himself, he speaks like he’s talking in front of a classroom full of kids, he doesn’t make sense…..the list goes on and on……I can’t wrap my head around the stupidity either. For people to think he could run our great country is mind-boggling. He would destroy it.
commented 2015-03-26 15:43:41 -0400
I have said it before and I will say it again – do the people in his party not see him for what he is? Do they not see an idiot that lies and flip flops all over the place? I also can’t believe that there are so many people outside of the party that support this idiot. I just can not get my head around the fact that there are so many stupid people in this great nation that will take the chance of letting this moron get elected and bring my beloved Canada to it’s knees.
What is wrong with you people?
commented 2015-03-26 15:43:25 -0400
Trudeau’s real reason for getting hell out of Montreal? He knows he can’t win there and he believes he is the next PM and so has put down roots in Ottawa.