May 16, 2017

Trudeau Sets Refugee Record!

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Despite being oceans away from the war torn Middle East and North Africa, and despite having the safe and peaceful United States as our neighbour: Justin Trudeau’s Canada is now facing a refugee crisis. 

Just four months into 2017, we’re already over the 50 per cent mark of last year’s total refugees (23,895).

And, we have already surpassed the total number refugee claims we saw in 2013 (10,370) by roughly 2,000.

Canada is on track to accept about double our recent intake; but, who are these people and where are they coming from?

If you can believe it, Canada actually received more refugee claims from the US than we did from Somalia, Mexico, or Sudan.

And it’s about to get worse.

Canada’s refugee queue is so badly backlogged, the integrity of our entire system is now at risk.

And, while these numbers are staggering, they don’t communicate yet another threat and hidden figure:

Migrants who are not intercepted by RCMP.

Those who have, say, walked across the border who have not been processed by CBSA or IRCC. And now, it is completely possible that those people will go on to live and work in our country illegally for an indefinite period of time.

Because, apart from our Prime Minister’s invitation to the world, there’s a new municipal fad of “sanctuary cities”. 

Numbers don’t lie and I fear we are only at the very beginning of this crisis.

That’s why this week, I’m travelling to Emerson, Manitoba, the town at the very front line of this illegal migrant invasion, where border agents say roughly half of those walking into our country are reported to have serious criminal records.

Canada’s Prime Minister created this crisis and he’s even had the audacity to go on record saying Canadians are “proud” of it, that we see this as “positive and exciting”.

But Justin Trudeau has not gone to Emerson, to talk to the people who have had illegals pounding on their door in the middle of the night and who have seen public resources totally overwhelmed by economic opportunists and fake refugees from the world over.

If you know illegals walking across our border, amid the highest number of asylum claims on record is, indeed, a crisis in this country, visit GuardTheBorder.Com to sign our petition and support our coverage of this crucial issue.

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commented 2017-05-18 01:37:23 -0400
Jenny Kwan—she has been living off the taxpayers troff since the mid 90’s. Why doesn’t she tell us about her so called Government business trip where she took her husband and got caught. I believe she had to pay back over $17,000.00 ?
She is a politician the taxpayers should be fearmongering about.
commented 2017-05-17 22:48:17 -0400
Jenny Kwan ✔ @JennyKwanBC
Shameful fearmongering by @CandiceMalcolm. All refugee claimants undergo security checks:
10:19 AM – 27 Apr 2017

Oh really Jenny Kwan? You are either misguided or telling a whopper of a fib to facilitate this invasion of our country. Canadian politicians who are supposed to be patriots are traitors instead and are using taqiyya to deceive us. Nothing to see here my ass!
commented 2017-05-16 22:45:21 -0400
There is no way the majority of Canadians want this. Is half the country asleep? Justin is destroying us. He will go down in history as Canada’s most hated Prime Minister. He and his puppet masters are a vile and dangerous bunch. How do we stop him ?There will be too much damage by election time, too many Muslims to keep him in power.
commented 2017-05-16 19:00:07 -0400
So when will Baby Doc Trudeau forego his pay and donate all his PM income to help these people, and put some up in his Outremont home?

Hey, its only Canada, and he wants a seat at the Security Council oh-so-much! What do we expect from a bouncer/snowboarder/part time high school drama teacher who dropped out of two universities because he couldn’t handle micky mouse courses.

We should apply Mexico’s immigrant laws. The so many would be tossed out. Oh yea, south Mexico has a wall, why can’t we?
commented 2017-05-16 17:08:01 -0400
I don’t believe these gov’t figures which are surely understated too. We are not interviewing migrants from terrorist fertile countries, while Trump wants to ban all migrants from those same countries because the US cannot vet them. Anyway, there is not even a vetting process from the UN referred syrian refugees. Unless the migrants are totally stupid, does anybody really believe that they will say how much they despise westerners when interviewed? Canada is now an open area where anybody can come in. The descent into 3rd world hellhole has started when canadians elected the Libs.
commented 2017-05-16 16:42:20 -0400
I’m starting to think that us frustrated Canadians need to protest in the only way that the provinces and Federal government will have no choice but to pay attention, stop paying our taxes. I would rather see this country thrown into chaos by our own doing then by this impetus child. When an irresponsible child spends their allowance foolishly, they should be cut off, it’s that simple, we all know that. At least in this protest even the media can’t ignore the large portion of Canadians that Trudeau does not speak for. Perhaps the provinces would grow a pair and let the police and border agents uphold the law and do their jobs.
I’m tired of Canada being made to look like such a joke by this muslim bought, anti-canadia kid.
commented 2017-05-16 16:29:27 -0400
Turn the tap off Trudeau, do it now, you traitor!
UN and Trudeau manufactured this crisis, and will ramp it up even more. The mayors who are declaring their city a Sanctuary should not get transfer payments from the Feds; Trudeau is probably giving them a bonus!
commented 2017-05-16 15:51:17 -0400
Trump’s Wall will stop the Migrants from going to the USA, however the Migrants don’t stop, they will need another place to go with good Welfare, a free Medical System, room to raise their large families and finally a Welcoming Leader,’ Canada.’
As I mentioned yesterday, there is a new threat, South America, and the" Doctors Without Borders" organization is telling the Trudeau Liberals that Canada should be their new refuge.
commented 2017-05-16 15:46:28 -0400
This government will learn to fear the people of Canada.
Its not power that corrupts people, but fools who corrupt power.
commented 2017-05-16 15:41:55 -0400
Soon when we march in the tens of thousands in the streets then the government cant ignore us.
The main stream media wont be able to miss it either. That is what it will take.
Im sure Turdo would give us a permit.
commented 2017-05-16 14:54:12 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,315 Attacks, 214,423 Killed, 295,505 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-05-16 14:46:02 -0400
Trudeau did not mention the importation of all these so called refugees during his election campaign. He was elected under false pretense and the Muslim controlled UN. He should do the right thing and resign (LOL).

His rating as a PM is triple D and DDD is what he deserves, Defrock, Dethrone and Decapitate.
commented 2017-05-16 14:41:41 -0400
There is a malevolent unstated agenda at work here and it is going to negatively impact Canadians – We have to hold Trudeau to the fire and get make him show us the money going to this project tht could be going to health care and pensions.
commented 2017-05-16 14:25:44 -0400
Canada is the new Sweden.
commented 2017-05-16 14:19:57 -0400
Our Canadian society will change with the influx of MS-13, Islamic zealots, and other criminal elements. Trudeau is ENTIRELY responsible for this.
I too fear the “Great Migration” this summer and wouldn’t be surprised if we get 100,000 new welfare recipients cross our border. Add to that: How many non-taxpaying illegal workers will come across unnoticed?