January 19, 2017

Trudeau snubs English speakers in Quebec

Brian LilleyArchive

Justin Trudeau loves to talk about bilingualism but apparently he just means more French, not English.

Trudeau was in Quebec hosting a town hall in Sherbrooke, QC where he was asked not one, but six questions in English. Trudeau answered every question in French and said that is how he operates in Quebec.

Isn't that a slap in the face to the English communities with strong roots in Quebec?

Watch as I explain why this is so wrong.

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commented 2017-01-19 23:52:25 -0500
I guess the only thing that matters now is..
“how do the Francophones feel about it”
commented 2017-01-19 18:39:12 -0500
Trudope is trying to pull an Obama. Create enough divison to be able to declare martial law and maintain power. Much easier than trying to “reform” the electoral system!
commented 2017-01-19 16:57:16 -0500
When he lisps in English it makes my skin crawl….it is like unwanted advances from a gay man. For some reason I cannot quite fathom he doesn’t seem to lisp in French….makes me wonder about whoever tutored him in English.

I saw his father’s place in Outremont back in the early 1970’s. It must have had about 30 rooms. You could keep a mistress there without your wife finding out. All of the kids in Outremount were raised to be perfectly bilingual . This gave the Outremont kids a clear advantage for mandarin positions in the bureaucracy. But nobody in Outremont, liberal or otherwise would have ever considered snubbing someone in that manner.

Even Reg Chartrand of Les Chevaliers D’Independance was never THAT rude. Just after the rise of the Parti Quebecois Reg became manager/bouncer of a pub in Old Montreal called La Cave de la Quinze Novembre (the date the PQ won their first election) . He once said to me and the anglophones I was sitting with “The Englishman come to da Frenchmen cuntree and tell da Frenchman where to go shit”…I asked him if that was why the street where Montreal’s Chinatown was located was called “Rue de la Go Shit Dare” (La Gauchetiere)….it cracked him up……:-)
commented 2017-01-19 16:56:21 -0500
Imagine that you are the CEO of a public company fielding questions from shareholder at an AGM. An English speaking shareholder complains that they cannot read the company’s shareholder statements because they are written in French. You , the CEO then proceed to reply to the shareholder in French, a language she does not understand. What we have is barefaced arrogance. In private business, the board would have you, the CEO, terminated. We need to do likewise. This is no small error.
commented 2017-01-19 15:31:08 -0500
Bruce Kirk, I heard PMJT will be @ U0fC Jan 24th
commented 2017-01-19 15:16:01 -0500
Little Potato Head’s “Love Me Do” tour is rapidly turning into a full blown train wreck. Now there are reports that language complaints have been filed against the dear boy.
commented 2017-01-19 13:56:52 -0500
A conservative talk show host once quipped that the Governator Arnold Swarzenegger could speak equally stupid in two languages. I presume that this applies to Prime Moron Trudeau. Quebec always caused us trouble with their incessant demands and threats of seperation. Why can’t we the people of the west initiate a demand for sovereignty disassociation from this incompetent clown and his dream of a sovereign nation of Quebec with the rest of us slaves to him and his butt buddy Butts.

Personally , I cannot think of a better way to screw Pierre Trudeau and his legacy than by legally challenging the existence of the country during the reign of his moron son. The boy that would be King. Make him King of his own stupid beloved Quebec so we can move on and make Canada great again.
commented 2017-01-19 13:51:13 -0500
Anybody know if junior is coming to Alberta? Got a few words I want to share with Zoolander personally
commented 2017-01-19 13:44:04 -0500
Why would it surprise you that an “11th generation” Anglo-phobe would be bigoted against Anglophones, Anglo culture and Anglo-Canada? Was this inherited from Papa Doc -

" English Canadians, with their own nationalism, will have to retire gracefully to their proper place, consenting to modify their own precious image of what Canada ought to be" – (THE NEW TREASON OF THE INTELLECTUALS – Cité libre, April 1962
Pierre Eliot Trudeau)

Baby Doc shows the same contempt
commented 2017-01-19 12:37:21 -0500
…almost as sick as Justin’s arrogance on this ‘foot in mouth’ tour.
commented 2017-01-19 12:36:41 -0500
Not only is he dumber than a sack full of door knobs, he’s also a complete asshole. He’s evil and we have to get rid of him, even if western Canada does separate…. just for the sake of eastern Canadian’s well-being.
commented 2017-01-19 12:34:11 -0500
I hope this one comes back to bite him hard. This kind of thing is not exactly helpful when it comes to unifying the country. Many out here in the west are already considering what we have to do to separate thanks to junior.

I couldn’t help but notice the arrogance of the Muslim woman asking for a recognised ( federal? ) holiday for their celebration of Eid al-Adha, their festival of mass(animal)slaughter. I would of liked to have heard the answer to that question! It shocked me to hear it asked to tell you the truth. The expectations of Muslims in their host country of Canada makes me sick.
commented 2017-01-19 12:26:19 -0500
So much for the right to receive government services in either official language. Love how Little Potato Head thinks other people are lazy if they don’t learn french. This from a dude that takes ten holidays a year.
commented 2017-01-19 12:12:29 -0500
If he comes to the west he’ll do like his old man did, and use sign language.
commented 2017-01-19 11:05:07 -0500
Is QUE. still part of Canada???
commented 2017-01-19 11:05:07 -0500
Is QUE. still part of Canada???
commented 2017-01-19 10:15:31 -0500
Well put Brian, “a disgusting slap in the face” by this arrogant elitist prime minister!
commented 2017-01-19 10:15:10 -0500
How do you say sorry in French? PMJT needs to apologize and not make excuses for being rude. He also needs to stand up for Kathy (energy poverty woman in Ontario) who is being bullied by online backlash.
commented 2017-01-19 10:14:37 -0500
Remember the video in which Trudeau crows about Quebeckers being better than other Canadians? This eco-hipster Franco-phony reckons he’s just too good and someday his arrogance is going to cost him dearly. From the Good Book,“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18 His time will come…
commented 2017-01-19 10:07:25 -0500
Hey Justin, FO in French…
commented 2017-01-19 09:54:45 -0500
Hmmmm with Kevin O’Leary coming on the stage now, and he isn’t really pro bilingualism, and this show by Trudeau…….could the end of bilingualism be coming? They could be working together on this. Just a thought. A pleasant one.
commented 2017-01-19 09:50:50 -0500
Keep on them BRIAN
Their fall is going to be colossal , and so will the cost of their rein
commented 2017-01-19 09:42:09 -0500
Deborah said, " … but he is dumber than a sack of hammers."

Hey! I demand an apology for all sacks of hammers everywhere! ;o)
commented 2017-01-19 09:20:59 -0500
This arrogant ignoramus would be nothing without Canada, and our assets, that he is intentionally taking from us, and is giving as pay offs to the elite in the UN. Not only is he arrogant, but he is dumber than a sack of hammers. At least hammers are useful. He is a useful tool for evil, and he’s to star struck with himself to see it. And I can’t wait, as I watch him sow the wind, I know that God will give the whirlwind, as payback for being a traitor. His intentional destruction of our country should warrant a public hanging at our parliament!
commented 2017-01-19 09:20:46 -0500
Sorry. Did it again.
commented 2017-01-19 09:15:31 -0500
Shit. Forget about right or Wrong.
POLITICALLY——— was this a smart move?
I think it was.
commented 2017-01-19 08:47:47 -0500
There’s only air in that head……..at very low pressure.
commented 2017-01-19 08:40:47 -0500
“Which is how he opperates in Quebec” which of course is not part of the “post national” state.
commented 2017-01-19 08:39:12 -0500
@ Lee – Too true, but will the average Canadian even hear about it when the CBC, CTV & Global play defense for him by not reporting on his many screw-ups and intentional insults.
commented 2017-01-19 08:36:48 -0500
Even in the HoC during Question Period if a question is asked in English, the answer is returned in English, and vise-versa.

So if Trudeau answers a question is posed in English with French then there is no other possible way to interpret that than as an intention insult by Trudeau to English speaking Canadians.

I bet this issue will be completely ignored by the CBC.