September 09, 2015

Trudeau thinks small businesses are just a way for wealthier Canadians to save on their taxes

Rebel Staff

Last night, CBC's Peter Mansbridge asked Liberal leader Justin Trudeau where he stood on reducing taxes for small businesses.

In his shocking answer, Trudeau showed how out of touch he is when he said that many small businesses are just tax avoidance scams.

It isn't difficult to understand how he has come to this very negative view of what businesses are if you review the financial disclosure he produced when he became an MP. It shows a dizzying array of numbered holding companies with impressive executive titles for Trudeau that don't really have any responsibilities attached to them.

Not surprising, really, since the last Trudeau that had to work for a living was his grandfather.

This trust fund kid has spent all his time traveling, even telling one interviewer that he has already visited over 90 countries in his life.

Perhaps we can give him some points for honesty though, since in his limited experience, corporations are exactly how he described them -- a way for trust fund kids to avoid paying taxes.

It's just unfortunate for the rest of us that this man who would be prime minister has no idea how hard the rest of us work.


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