October 22, 2018

Trudeau wants Jihadi Jack to live in Canada

Rebel Staff

Jihadi Jack is a British citizen who traveled to Syria in 2014 to fight for ISIS. Since his capture by the Kurds, the Trudeau government has been attempting to bring him to Canada.

Jack denies being an ISIS fighter, but he was photographed in an ISIS-controlled region of Syria giving the sign of Shahada, used by ISIS fighters symbolizing the oneness of God. 

Jihadi Jack supports terrorism and Sharia law.

His parents have been charged under the UK Terrorism Act after they were accused of sending him money.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has pressed Trudeau on why his government is trying to bring Jihadi Jack to Canada, but the Prime Minister evaded the question.

Canadian's know the answer, the Liberal party believes terrorists should keep their Canadian citizenship 

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commented 2018-10-23 05:47:44 -0400
Nothing will change in this Country till terrorism hits the elites. If/when a cabinet minister or some other bigwig gets killed, only then will turdo la doo shit his pants and do something about it.

Other than that, we will have to wait till the mobs are howling through the streets of Westmount, Rockliffe Park, Point Grey, and the Bridle Path before there is an acknowledgement by the Ivory Tower Trash that there is anything wrong.
commented 2018-10-23 02:30:47 -0400
What surprises me is that The Groper isn’t effusive in his praise of Saudi Arabia. It has all the things he likes: tyrannical rule, and chock full O’ muslims. What could he like better than a muslim dictatorship?
commented 2018-10-23 01:50:36 -0400
Or right near CBC headquarters.
commented 2018-10-23 01:47:01 -0400
Sounds good to me , right next door to Justin or near his kids school.
commented 2018-10-22 23:32:44 -0400
I’m surprised Trudeau isn’t inviting the caravan of, what 5-7000, S. Americans to come straight to Canada.
commented 2018-10-22 23:04:54 -0400
Justin, le pourri sale. I hate the f…cer. All those bureaucrats, I hope that one day, you pay for your treason. And seize our guns, we’ll get them from the indians or the Hells. You will not win. This kind of craziness makes me very mad.
commented 2018-10-22 21:51:51 -0400
There is two things we know for sure that Trudummy likes,that would be terrorists and dressing up,so let’s dress him up as a terrorist and drop him into Syria close to where the Americans are doing bombing runs and see how long the little school girl lasts!! Trudeau you’re a sellout you scumbag!!
commented 2018-10-22 21:07:34 -0400
I have respect for the office of prime minister but no respect for Justin “daddy’s boy” Trudeau. The man is an idiot when it comes to Islamism. He’s letting the barbarians through the front door and treating the enemies of western civilization like honoured guests. All the more reason to vote the kid out and let everybody know what a loser he is.
commented 2018-10-22 20:43:54 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 36,196 Attacks, 234,358 Killed, 313,952 Injured that we know of

No updates to report since yesterday.

Pure satanic evil dominates on so many levels. It’s dominant in the heart of Jihadi Jack and it’s even more dominant in POS PM, Justin Trudeau.
commented 2018-10-22 20:10:30 -0400
lets send trudy to syria instead. rather have jack than the pet 2 anyday.
commented 2018-10-22 20:07:18 -0400
There is not a muslim Islamic terrorist in the world that Mohammad Trudeau would not support …..that is his base , that is who he works for.
This terrorist he will bring back can also expect a cheque for $10.5 million from the Canadian taxpayers curtesy of Prince El-Mohammad bin Trudeau
commented 2018-10-22 19:18:46 -0400
Trudeau – Terrorists are good for Tourism, after all they both begin with “T”
commented 2018-10-22 18:20:32 -0400
Sheldon Eisler commented 1 hour ago
Bullet in the head,problem solved!!
Which one??
commented 2018-10-22 18:20:12 -0400
John, today I heard that the Conservatives and Liberals were neck and neck. How is it possible that people are that stupid? If there were two functioning brain cells among them he would be in the single digits.
commented 2018-10-22 17:42:30 -0400
I saw a headline on the CBC that said Trudeau was likely to form the next government.
Either Canadians are that stupid, or it was CBC propaganda.
commented 2018-10-22 17:31:09 -0400
Bullet in the head,problem solved!!
commented 2018-10-22 17:08:44 -0400
No mystery here. Jihadi Justin is assembling his terrorist army to inflict upon Canadians who disagree with him!
commented 2018-10-22 16:56:47 -0400
A British citizen or British? Whatever, Justin has a strong aversion to Englishmen, so whats his angle? Next thing he will be taking in British based Muslim Grooming gangs to play with little Canadian girls……..Right Justin?
commented 2018-10-22 16:38:13 -0400
Trudeau is the biggest shit nead from QUE.Canada has ever had.
commented 2018-10-22 16:10:15 -0400
If he is a British citizen how can he be brought to Canada? Or did I miss something?
commented 2018-10-22 15:47:12 -0400
“Trudeau wants Jihadi Jack to live in Canada”

Of course he does. Hell NO!!!!