November 15, 2016

Trump and Putin vow to work together and annihilate ISIS for good

StaffRebel Columnist

President-elect Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have vowed to team up in order to defeat ISIS.

According to The Mirror, Putin called Trump to congratulate him on his win and to begin negotiations over how best to tackle terrorism.

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It's a major change from the relationship between Obama and the Russian president.

Putin is reported to have said he is willing to open a dialogue with the US, “on the basis of mutual respect, non-intervention into each other’s internal affairs.”

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According to the news agency Kremlin, Putin and Trump have agreed to “work to channel bilateral relationships into constructive cooperation, to combine efforts to tackle international terrorism and extremism, and to continue contact by telephone and to work towards meeting in person.”

The two are maintaining contact by phone but seek to meet in person soon.

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commented 2016-11-17 23:37:39 -0500
putin is a massive crook. he has passed a law forbidding peaceful public protests and is connected to more murders than hillary. if trump is halfway intelligent he would not be teaming up with putin on anything. there is ISIS but there is also russia and china…….. the latter two probably pose a bigger and more immediate threat to western civilization.
commented 2016-11-16 22:21:49 -0500
It has been prophesied that Putin would/will play a major role in defeating ISIS.
commented 2016-11-16 17:44:08 -0500
My worry is that Justine will try to bring in more so called refugees because Trump won’t “help” them in Aleppo.
commented 2016-11-16 17:42:33 -0500
The liberal left is going to go insane. Their rallying cry against Assad and Putin is the image of that boy drenched in blood. Well, Trump is going to tell them “we don’t give a damn about your cheap attempt at sentimentalizing the debate over what to do in Syria.” Perhaps if the people in Aleppo weren’t providing cover for ISIS and Al Queda, Assad would not have had to get nasty. Their plan for war with Syria and Russia has been foiled.
commented 2016-11-15 23:29:47 -0500
The best part is that Trump and Putin do not care about the race card or whiney progressive SJW’s , this could be a lot of fun.
commented 2016-11-15 23:29:04 -0500
Some encouraging news, it is like sweet music to tired ears.
commented 2016-11-15 20:12:51 -0500
World War III averted! Unless the Crimetons and the muslim in the white house instigate something prior to January!
commented 2016-11-15 19:43:15 -0500
I like Putin… He is just another patriot concerned for his country and his culture who is demonized heavily by the mainstream media… Putin does not want war the elites do.
Putin unlike the USA does not have military installations and bases on nearly every country in the world with boots on the ground… Meanwhile back at the ranch the UN with the help of the Obama administration through proxy have being staging machines of war on Putin’s border for quite sometime.
Putin has been a very patient man and it’s in all our best interest to hope and pray that he remains that way and doesn’t take the bait. The Russian leader is a very intelligent man far beyond what Obama thinks he is or the leaders of the UN and a good strategist so I don’t think he will do anything rash.
Carry-on Vladimir Putin you are a decent man you think of your country first unlike any of the leaders in western Europe or North America.
commented 2016-11-15 17:58:04 -0500
This is going to get the pro-ISIS proponents of taking out Assad hopping mad. I don’t like Putin, and not even Russia in particular, but if Assad, Trump and Putin want to squish ISIS and its supporters, fine with me.
commented 2016-11-15 17:37:35 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,236 Attacks, 205,905 Killed, 288,507 Injured that we know of
commented 2016-11-15 17:22:57 -0500
Fantastic. 2 alpha-males working together for a righteous common cause. Keep it up fellas. Now, if you could just do something about the pansy in the PM’s chair, we would be obliged.
commented 2016-11-15 17:02:00 -0500
I’m hoping Trump is committed to getting this ISIS/ISIL problem mopped up and pull out of the ME (let NATO take a whack at peace keeping).

On a wider change in US foreign policy, It is in both Russia’s and America’s best interests to forge a closer relationship to control the spread of globalism – also between the two plus China’s headlong dash into new coal tech, carbon taxing is dead with all 3 members of the UN security council rejecting fraudulent climate change solutions.

The world is a lot safer today thanks to Trump supporters.
commented 2016-11-15 16:57:49 -0500
i like it , two people with balls and a common purpose , good for all of us except muslims , maybe these two can help us sent turdo packing to his safe place as long as it’s away from canada ,maybe turdo can go help soros organize some lefty riots as he’s good at spending some one else’s money .
commented 2016-11-15 16:01:03 -0500
Soros and his minions (JT, Merkel, Hollande, etc.) are shaking in their boots. The two most powerful anti-ISIS, anti-globalist leaders in the world might team up. The two largest “Caucasian” powers on the planet might become friends again. Hmm. That doesn’t bode well for Islamic world domination.
Obama/Clinton/ISIS want to see war between the US and Russia so these enemies of ISIS will destroy themselves allowing for easier planetary domination by the forces of Allah/Soros. If they could’ve managed to get China involved, that would also have helped to reduce the population of infidels.
But Alas, Trump won.