May 31, 2017

Trump dumps climate and Trudeau says we’ll always have Paris

Brian LilleyArchive

Donald Trump’s White House is confirming that the American president will follow through on a campaign promise and walk away from the Paris climate deal that was agreed to by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Trump tweeted an announcement is on its way.

“I will be announcing my decision on the Paris Accord over the next few days. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

And in his daily press briefing Sean Spicer told reporters not only is a decision coming but that Trump talked to G7 leaders about pulling out of Paris while in Europe.

The withdrawal of the US from the Paris deal is all but confirmed. And yet what is Canada doing about this?

Forging ahead, convinced that whether the US is on board or not, imposing a carbon tax or cap and trade system on the country, driving up costs and making life and business in Canada less affordable is the right way to go.

Now we know that the Trudeau Liberals love to say that they believe in science based, evidence based policy. So obviously, they have studied what Canada going forward without the US will do to the US economy, right?

I mean they wouldn’t commit the country to such a major decision with huge implications without serious science based, evidence based study right?


We submitted an access to information request for the following.

“Provide copies for any studies or analysis done on the potential impact of proceeding with action on climate change and carbon pricing alone without cooperative or comparable action by the United States, on Canadian industry, the Canadian economy, and individual Canadians since January 1, 2016.”

I would expect a request like that to bury us in paper, in PDF files in study after study. After all the government keeps telling us this is the right way to go, they must have evidence to back it up right? Wrong.

The response was one line.

“After a thorough search, no records were found concerning this request.”

Let me repeat, no records were found. They did a thorough search.

This government is committed to going ahead with a plan that will drastically change our economy and put us at odds with our biggest trading partner and they have not studied the impact of doing that.

But don’t worry, Justin Trudeau, that well known economist who can recite pie to the 19th decibel tells us it is going to be great, with or without the US. Here is what he told the Globe and Mail last December after Trump won the election and it was clear the US was not going to tax carbon dioxide.

“We know that this is the way the world is going, and if the United States wants to take a step back from it, quite frankly, I think we should look at that as an extraordinary opportunity for Canada and for Canadians, an opportunity to draw in investors who are focused on where the profits and the opportunities are going to be 10 years from now, 20 years from now,”

Profits and opportunities. For who?

Not for you. Maybe for the government, maybe for their well connected friends but not for you. You will simply pay more for goods while worrying about your jobs being eliminated because doing business in Canada on every front is getting more and more expensive under left wing governments from carbon taxes to pension premium increases, EI premium increases, higher minimum wages and higher income taxes.

Don’t worry though, Trudeau and his environment minister keep saying that any price on carbon will be revenue neutral, all the money collected will stay with the provinces. Except when it won’t.

In response to an order paper question the Liberals admitted they will charge GST on any carbon pricing. Asked if that money will be returned to the provinces, the answer was no.

“These revenues do not include those in respect of the GST charged on products or services that may have embedded carbon pricing costs in them.”

As for revenue neutral, that is a tricky term. It doesn’t mean revenue neutral for you, just the government. You could end up paying way more.

And besides, provinces like Ontario and Alberta and likely soon BC are putting a price on carbon and offering no offsetting tax cuts, they just want extra revenue to spend on their pet projects.

So the cost of doing business in Canada will go up, the cost of making or growing anything in Canada will go up, you will pay more for everything. Your employer will pay more for everything and the Americans - the guys we trade with the most, compete with the most, they will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Now while the Trudeau Liberals have not studied what going ahead with carbon pricing without the US means, it doesn’t mean they haven’t studied carbon taxes at all. They love these things.

They’ve been warned it will hurt exports, in particular from Alberta and Saskatchewan. And they have been told the price needs to be higher, significantly higher. Check out this report produced by Environment Canada. While Trudeau and company want a $10 per tonne carbon rising to $50, the report says it needs to start ten times higher.

“Starting in 2015, meeting Canadian targets would require a carbon price, rising to $100 by 2020; $200-$300/t by 2050 - Delays in implementation significantly increase required price”

And just a few days ago, a story in The Guardian, the climate bible of the left, called for similar high carbon taxes. That story was based on a report by a group that was backed and funded by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Donald Trump and the Americans won’t pay any attention to that report but you can bet Trudeau will and once his carbon tax is in, and after he wins the 2019 election, he'll heed the calls of the globalists to hike carbon taxes to ever higher levels.

If you think he's hellbent on killing the Canadian economy, you’d be right. Jobs, industry, productivity are about to flood across the border to the United States while Trudeau stands alone, virtue signalling that Canada is a good boy scout. An unemployed boy scout, but a boy scout none the less.

If you're against this madness, I’m going to ask you to sign our petition at and then share it on social media.

If you've already signed the petition, send this report, this video to your friends and family, share it on Facebook, let everyone know what Trudeau and his Liberals plan on doing to the Canadian economy - eliminating jobs and opportunity for you, for your children, for your grand children.

Go now to sign it and share it.

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commented 2017-06-01 06:52:52 -0400
Libs RMorons commented 10 hours ago
Next time anyone brings up climate change ask them this:

“What is your plan to reduce the population on earth by 2 billion people?”

It is ironic that a great way to avoid future human population growth (if that is desireable) is to continue providing low cost energy to continue fuelling prosperity, since it is the prosperous countries that have lower birthrates.

Lowest cost energy leads to highest prosperity. Gardens in the desert and all that. No carbon (dioxide) taxes; We have bigger fish to fry (meteors, volcanoes, loss of biodiversity, earthquakes, plagues, famine, wars and God knows what). Leave us free to think, adapt, and create prosperity for all.
commented 2017-06-01 03:11:17 -0400
TruDope is following the orders of his master Soros who makes his billions by destroying economies and currencies. The good side he’ll say next is that Canada can now compete with Mexico for his labour cost. Way to go Justine, I bet the libtards will continue voting for you.
commented 2017-06-01 00:57:58 -0400
So the largest emitters get a pass and one of the largest will not comply, but of course our meathead PM will punish us when we make little difference.
commented 2017-06-01 00:00:25 -0400
No one listens to the feminist PM outside his twitter-feed groupies….and maybe the manlet the debased French just hired. Funny the two Euro powers driving CO2 hysteria abandoned carbon pricing schemes because of corruption and cheating the system produces – In reality Germany dumped it the moment it cut their GDP .5% – these days Germany and France are producing more CO2 than ever.

Femboy in Ottawa is too dull to charge back our carbon sink forests to these Euro polluters but hey, waddaya expect from a cuck
commented 2017-05-31 23:53:52 -0400
Andy, I hate to disappoint you but there are no “more thoughtful Liberals”. Liberals are by nature heelers who don’t think, they emote.
commented 2017-05-31 23:30:44 -0400
I predicted this “ships passing in the night” scenario the day Trump took his oath of office… So here we have the “elephant next door” doing the logical thing and bailing out on the biggest science scam in modern history, and the Boy Blunder and Climate Barbie, directed by Buttskie in the background, forging ahead with “solving” a non-existant problem… The dollar and nickles collision with reality down the road is INEVITABLE for the Canadian economy – and thank God for that! – but in the meantime how much more damage will be done before the light dawns, and the Boy Blunder/Buttskie/Barbie combo get quietly shuffled off the stage by more thoughtful Liberals…
commented 2017-05-31 20:23:19 -0400
Next time anyone brings up climate change ask them this:

“What is your plan to reduce the population on earth by 2 billion people?”

This is the only way to reduce the so-called killer green house gases. The population on earth is 7 billion and will be 9 billion by 2050. Do you think these extra 2 billion people will live in mud huts and not eat or use any form of energy?

If this farce is real then it is time to just adjust to it. Besides, the climate changes every day!

I know how I could reduce the population by 2 billion and I would start with the immoral left.
commented 2017-05-31 19:03:41 -0400
How much money will Muslims be paying towards Trudeau’s false Carbon Tax, extortion racket? Muslims will not pay a Red Cent, for they are all on Welfare or are Drug Dealers.

Canada needs to be rid of both Trudeau and his new found Play Mates. Sooner rather than later.
commented 2017-05-31 18:49:53 -0400
This is a little off topic but I just received a letter in the mail today and it was mailed from within the province that I live in and it was an Islamic stamp on it..!!! Canada post is acutely a part of Canadian sovereignty so this is very disturbing..! The crescent moon and the star the Arabic writing that can only serve one purpose… That struck me profoundly because this beyond all else is a vanguard of certainty towards sharia law in Canada.. When will we see halal money.. I’m sure that is next.
We are becoming post national and not enough people see it to change it in time.
commented 2017-05-31 18:27:08 -0400
Ron Voss, thanks for posting the link.
Trudeau is doubling down on the fraud he is completely committed to perpetrating! No concern for Canadians, and his lack of education is no excuse.
commented 2017-05-31 18:09:47 -0400
At a Friends of Science event, Climate Dogma Exposed, held in Calgary in early may Robert Lyman, an Ottawa energy economist and policy consultant who was a public servant for 27 believing in sound policy, spoke on the topic, “Can Canada Survive Climate Change Policy?”. FOS provided the text of his talk:
An excerpt:
“You have probably heard before that, as Canada represents only 1.6% of global emissions, nothing that we do in this country will make any difference to the trends in global emissions or the resulting climate effects, if any. If the current projections of the united states EIA are correct, then not only Canada but also the entire OECD region could cease to emit, and the global emissions total would still be far above the levels the IPCC claims must be achieved.”
His conclusion, “Much of Canada’s current political elite favours the pursuit of international goals over the steadfast promotion of the Canadian interest, whether on issues of trade, security or the environment. Never before, however, have we faced a situation in which commitment to an international objective May impose enormous and divisive costs on Canada for no discernable global environmental benefit. Climate change thus offers a clear dichotomy between the Canadian national interest and the global environmental agenda. Which should we value higher? I, for one, choose Canada.”
Obviously Trudeau with his view of Canada as a “post-national state”, thinks otherwise.
commented 2017-05-31 18:05:45 -0400
Climate change, global warming was never a fact. It was all a UN contrived hoax that had no connection to climate. The person who had the socialistic idea was Maurice Strong who was a Canadian socialist who belonged to the ultra radical Club of Rome. He first managed Petrocan for PET and later worked for Ontariowe hydro and is responsible along with Gerald Butts for the utter fiasco of Ontarios Green plan which is devastating the province. The next we hear of Strong is he is a general of climate in the UN where in the 1992 Rio Climate Conference he originated the IPCC who are responsible for the hoax. Another thing he originated was agenda 21 which is a socialist plan to govern the world which has been changed to agenda 2030.
commented 2017-05-31 18:05:21 -0400
Glenn Craig said, “This will be his [Trudeau] undoing. He will not get re-elected.”

Never underestimate the stupidity of the Canadian Liberal voters. Just look to Ontario as an example.
commented 2017-05-31 17:53:47 -0400
Ruining our future, our kids future, our grandkids future…all for the faux purpose of saving the world for us and our descendants. What a brave new world.
And in other depressing news…Alberta just took a double hit in our credit rating now down to A+, same as Ontario and Quebec. 5 downgrades since the NDP started their destructive mission.
commented 2017-05-31 17:49:29 -0400
This will be his undoing. He will not get re-elected.
commented 2017-05-31 17:23:37 -0400
We must never become a
“post national state”