January 23, 2017

Trump inauguration has leftists losing their collectivist minds

Brian LilleyArchive

We knew leftists would lose their minds over Trump’s inauguration, and it happened. From protesters that threw themselves on the ground screaming, to media elites having meltdowns, and the women’s marches - really just left wing political marches - were a sight to behold.

Perhaps the most disturbing tweet I spotted was from Saturday Night live writer Katie Rich who used the social media site to tweet about the 10 year-old son of Donald Trump.

“Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”

Watch as I share some of the more unhinged reactions from journalists and celebrities.

The rocks thrown, the fires set, all in the name of overthrowing democracy. The left says they abhor violence, that they want dialogue, until you speak to them and get hit, like our own Sheila Gunn Reid did, by a man at the supposed women’s march in Edmonton.

That is the left summed up right there. At a women’s march where they warn about the potential violence of the right, a leftist man hits a woman and the women around him protect him while stopping Sheila from getting near the guy.

If you lived through the Bush years, if you lived through the Reagan years, you knew this was coming but I expect it on a bigger scale and the media will be more biased than ever.

The organized left will rise up and denounce Trump, his supporters and anyone that refuses to denounce him as a nazi.

They’ll warn that the right is violent, the mainstream media will report that idea, amplify that idea and scare the world with that idea while excusing the violence of the left, the rhetoric of the left, the divisive and violent rhetoric of the left.

It’s going to be a long four years, which is why alternative media outlets like The Rebel are needed now more than ever.

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commented 2017-01-24 18:00:27 -0500
You better believe it , TRUMP is going to create a special criminal task force , one that he can trust to go after the smashers bosses and money backers
commented 2017-01-24 17:56:05 -0500
The LUGENPRESSE , marchers , and smashers are what got TRUMP elected , until about two years a go the LUGENPRESSE kept this behavior quite , then along comes the REBEL and other on line news sites including Twitter , and even MARK LEVIN looked at what EZRA and BRIAN did , starting out from mustard beginnings and is now out there exposing the smashers

TRUMP will let the marchers March – it’s good p r for him , but he will get around to rule of law and start to lock up the smashers
commented 2017-01-24 16:05:54 -0500
In this 23-minute documentary, “America Under Siege: Civil War 2017”, Trevor Loudon compiled a team of researchers and undercover operatives to probe the roots of the anti-Trump movement, highlighting the ultimate goals and ulterior motive:
James Simpson at the beginning of the documentary cited Lenin having said, “we must speak in a language which brings hate and derision towards those with whom we disagree”.
commented 2017-01-24 14:32:17 -0500
If they do go after George Soros and arrest him they should thoroughly search him so he can’t take the suicide pills that Nazis took in similar situations after ww 2.
commented 2017-01-24 14:28:01 -0500
Daryl Herman, very good comment.
commented 2017-01-24 14:22:54 -0500
The retarded idiot in the green coat sitting on the sidewalk screaming “Nooooooo” looked and sounded like someone demonically possessed, seriously. The liberals in the U.S. and in Canada can all just shut up, as though all their screaming and threats is going to change anything or allow them to overthrow the American election. You lost and we won. Get over it.
commented 2017-01-24 10:53:30 -0500
Ridiculous what people get hauled up for to appear before the Human Rights Commissions, and, yet, someone like Madonna seemingly gets a pass for inciting violence, saying that she would like to blow up the Whitehouse because she hates the newly elected President.
commented 2017-01-24 06:33:34 -0500
Madonnas threats should be taken seriously as she has the financial means and connections to pull off a bombing on the White House.
A lot of Hollywood may have signed off on a lot of their financial future with their disconnect to reality of the life of the average person. Hollywood’s lifestyles do not depend on the health of their home country and I’m sure that this is what makes them globalists.
commented 2017-01-24 02:20:19 -0500
The leftists are determined to jump off the cliff and absolutely insist that we all have to join them. Screw that – they can do it on their own time.
commented 2017-01-24 02:03:21 -0500
At least all these leftist idiots will be entertaining while they have their 8 year long tantrum.
commented 2017-01-24 02:02:22 -0500
That washed up contrived media whore Madonna could not even wear the same color pussy hat as the others.
commented 2017-01-24 01:24:57 -0500
Eh! – everyone – it was announced on Mark Levin or Sean Hannity the other evening – that the FBI are seriously investigating Madonna and all threatening peoples since inauguration, and lay charges against these thugs. And that serious contemplation’s of laying charges of treason on George Soros – an escaped villain of the Nazi regime!!
These people are more disgustingly arrogantly ignorant than all those “crazy” communists of the 60s!
But the wind brings news that TruDope & Nutley are very scared and beginning to “whimper” at the possible wrath of President Trump. lmfao!! – about time these Canadian nit-wits become fearful of someone other than Albertans & most Canadians. …seeing as the Alberta NDPiggers are the most guarded government in Canadian history!! .. next to that tiny spud in Ottawa. Why are Canadian taxpayers paying for protection of lunatic Marxists?!?! Have we lost our collective minds?!?

And to all you leftist Libtards – remember the school bully that was put into place by that meek, mild mannered kid to was 50 lbs lighter ?? Well – keep up the bullshit – and you’ll be relearning that lesson – only this time your violence will be less tolerated than back in school! …and be assured sanity will prevail.
commented 2017-01-23 23:56:48 -0500
George Clooney has actually stated that he wants to see Trump succeed, “because terrible things happen when the President fails” (not that he supports Republican).
Now, if Obama and Clinton would say something sensible, but, they love the chaos.
commented 2017-01-23 23:11:04 -0500
McCarthy was right – Hollywood was (and still is) a cesspool of Communist sympathisers. The faces have changed, but the twisted ideology and their contempt for the citizens of the country that has made them rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams is the same as ever.

It’s time to revive the House Un-American Activities Committee and start exposing the sedition and treason being preached and funded by celebrities, academia, the MSM, and Globalist gazillionaires.

Sixty years ago, we hung traitors like the Rosenbergs. Today, that mentally ill little simp Bradley Manning gets a pat on the head and a get-out-of-jail-free card from the outgoing Imam-in-Chief.

commented 2017-01-23 22:47:27 -0500
almost unbelievable how many so called STARS are now off my list FOREVER ..after the ludicrous so called WOMENS MARCH …..not necessarily because of their parody of Trump , although I am a staunched supporter of the Trump policy , but more because they abused the platform by taking advantage of their reputation to bumble and holler their personal agenda ..the Streep sniffer, the outrageous Madonna, the Ashley Judd senile outcry and many more ..lost all respect …could not watch them perform any longer as SEEN ENOUGH .out of them … A DEFINITE …i am done …
commented 2017-01-23 22:36:32 -0500
sick of apologies …she should definitely be let go …these media mouths should be held in check
commented 2017-01-23 21:45:27 -0500
The irony escapes these activists accusing Trump of being a Hitler, a fascist, and yet their violent actions bare all the hallmarks of Hitler’s Storm Troopers or Brownshirts, whose methods of violent intimidation played a key role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.
commented 2017-01-23 21:20:16 -0500
The Left only cares about what’s popular, not what’s right. All you’ll hear from the Left is propaganda. Thank God The Rebel tells the truth.
commented 2017-01-23 20:53:37 -0500
Post Trumpmatic Stress Disorder is rampant. Noooooooooooooo!
commented 2017-01-23 20:39:34 -0500
This is what happens when low IQ people breed and then it’s all downhill from there . I am amazed how easily brainwashed these people are . Did they miss the day in school when kids learn about peer pressure ? I’m glad I can at least look at things from different angles , evidence and opinions and come to my conclusion even if it does not match what the herd of sheeple think . I’ve seen a lot of highly intelligent people that comment here and learn things from them and I thank you all for your knowledge . I have never been so in tune with what’s going on in these crazy times . Thank God for the Rebel and all it’s facts based news reporting .
commented 2017-01-23 20:07:13 -0500
I have never seen such extremism and hatred and it is entirely from the left!!

The left cannot even explain why they are so freaking hateful and violent against Trump (and taking it out on everyone around them).

They all act like children, like spoiled children!
commented 2017-01-23 19:42:49 -0500
Perhaps somebody should explain to these Dumb Females, Nazi or Nat’zi, is the abbreviation in German, for National Socialist.

Hitler was a Socialist, Trump is a Conservative Republican, not a Nazi.

One would think that if the Clinton Foundation are going to spend money, hiring Protesters, they would at least pick ones with an IQ higher than the average room temperature.
commented 2017-01-23 19:38:58 -0500
Well, OK, maybe Bill can say it just as well as you, Brian.
commented 2017-01-23 19:38:11 -0500
Like posted at length previously, the forward right has caught up to regressive left tactics and surpassed them. It will be ugly. Thanks Obama, Baby Doc, Wynne, Notley for creating a situation not seen since the Reformation. You must sleep well at night, now your job is done.
commented 2017-01-23 19:37:16 -0500
Everyone please forward this vid to everyone you know – it’s the most succinctly accurate analysis on the liberal penchant for violence, fear-mongering, and oppression/suppression (and their subsequent psychological projection of these traits onto conservatives) that I have seen to date.

Thanks Brian. You put into words everything I haven’t been able to, ‘cuz it pisses me off so much to even think about it that I usually can’t type a coherent thought.
commented 2017-01-23 19:28:41 -0500
Brian – in regard to your article title, you first must HAVE a mind in order to lose it. –
What I saw at the woman’s rally against Trump was women, mostly white, mostly emotionally unstable, and mostly obese, – pretending they don’t have equal rights.

Pretending to promote love by peddling hate. Pretending to be enlightened by repeating dark fallacies. Pretending to be intelligent by being fools. They moved as and acted like a cult.

I wish I had the time and motivation to deprogram them but I know it is futile. As the left wing demagogues who spew the garbage that has stolen these women’s reason know so very well ; it is far easier to fool an idiot than it is to convince her she’s been fooled.