March 10, 2018

Is Trump “more worthy” of Nobel Peace Prize than Obama?

Sebastian GorkaRebel Contributor

It's astonishing that President Barack Obama was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Forget the fact that had barely set foot in the Oval Office when he was bestowed the honour — Obama's legacy, in a sad twist of irony, is one of destabilization and chaos around the globe.

Be it pandering to the mullahs in Iran or supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and the undermining of our allies in the Middle East; be it turning a blind eye when Russia invaded Crimea; or in pandering to China — Obama brought havoc and bloodshed, not peace, to the world at large.

Now consider President Donald Trump, who is already slated to engage in talks with the North Korean regime and may be the one president capable of bringing peace to the Korean peninsula.

With NATO revitalized, Jerusalem recognized as the undivided capital of Israel, and ISIS defeated, who is more worthy of that Nobel Prize?

The answer is clear.

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commented 2018-03-12 14:31:23 -0400
CBC says ‘tensions rising’ with the nuclear threat after Trump made Kim blink. The exact opposite is going on. Trump has called check mate and Kim has no option but to relax his posture and meet with the South and talk. Not that North Korea can be trusted, but this is unprecedented progress. Not doing anything, as past leaders have chosen , is what has helped to create this threat in the first place. Trump has shown Kim he isn’t bluffing.
Just about everything Trump has accomplished so far is impressive and more than worthy of recognition. Will he get it? Don’t know.
commented 2018-03-12 11:28:43 -0400
The Nobel Peace Prize is just another leftist award on par with The Oscars. But if Trump was awarded the dubious honour he could donate the award money to the pro-life movement. Now wouldn’t that drive the hens on The View crazy.
commented 2018-03-12 04:19:59 -0400
Paul Taylor.. Fair comment… But what really has to be exposed in the coming years is how a bunch of Chicago lefties and anarchists managed to place a “sleeper” Muslim in the White House…
commented 2018-03-11 17:15:25 -0400
Obozo did squat shit in 8 years aside for making it legal for men to use women’s restrooms. The rest of the time was spent dividing a country. He’s the first black racists I’ve ever seen.

No, he did not rightfully earn a Nobel Prize.
commented 2018-03-11 10:07:03 -0400
If he gets North Korea to de-nuke then he deserves the prize. It may not be worth much but it will drive the left wild. What fun!
commented 2018-03-11 00:46:58 -0500
PETER BABICH commented 2018-03-11 00:41:00 -0500
I don’t care if he gets the prize or not.
It’s lost all it’s credibility in my opinion
That’s how he thinks also.. that’s why he should get it…why not?
commented 2018-03-11 00:41:00 -0500
I don’t care if he gets the prize or not.
It’s lost all it’s credibility in my opinion
commented 2018-03-10 20:31:54 -0500
Absolutely! President Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize!
That POS Obozo needs a nobel CHAOS prize! The narcissistic treasonous SOB should be lynched for what he has done to the Americas & the West! The POS gave himself an award for being the “best” president – what a hollow DUMP that was – & all those DemoncRATS who joyed in that sick show of idiocy need to hang their insane heads in shame! OH! – sorry – DemoncRATS don’t experience shame – they are too removed from reality.
commented 2018-03-10 19:06:31 -0500
The Nobel Peace Prize is no longer relevant, awarding it to Obama confirmed this too has become politicized and worthless.
commented 2018-03-10 18:01:04 -0500
Would like to hear a “briefing” on how your dinner chat at the White House with Donald and Jesse went.
commented 2018-03-10 17:51:19 -0500
Love that clip of Trump retrieving that soldiers’ hat! Truly a leader with the people!
In Canada? A mincing, prancing party boy intent on disrespecting the people he is SUPPOSED to be working for!
commented 2018-03-10 17:15:59 -0500
IMO….President Trump knows in his heart and soul….He could take it or leave it..either way. I say yes he should be given the nobel…it will bring a smile to his face at the very least…
commented 2018-03-10 17:11:08 -0500
While Donald Trump certainly deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, after the Obama fiasco I stopped giving it any attention, much like I don’t watch or care who wins the Oscars…
commented 2018-03-10 16:27:06 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 34,946 Attacks, 226,955 Killed, 306,683 Injured that we know of.
commented 2018-03-10 16:06:44 -0500
I agree give Mr Trump the nobel
commented 2018-03-10 14:15:55 -0500
Excellent as always. No wonder the Ontario PC’s don’t want The Rebel around. Too much truthiness.