October 07, 2017

Trump prepares to scrap Iran deal and impose sanctions

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On Friday's show, Andy McCarthy of the National Review joined me to discuss President Trump's comments on the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump campaigned on scrapping Obama's naive Iran deal and has made the prevention of Iran developing nuclear weapons a centerpiece of his administration's foreign policy. 

China, another target of the Trump administration, frequently imports Iranian oil. If these new sanctions target the business partners of Iran, it will be another step towards Trump keeping a campaign promise.

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commented 2017-10-08 19:44:51 -0400
Another election promise fulfilled.
commented 2017-10-07 21:46:13 -0400
At least the incessant crowing by block head John Kerry as to how great a deal it is has been absent for a while. Obumble’s apology tour of 2009 was the writing on the wall. Iran was ready and willing to revolt and were already in the streets, and Dumbo showed us what to expect from him during his term….a mess….and we got an eight year mess. It is somewhat horrifying looking at pictures of Iran pre 1979 hostage taking, and Burkaville today. Another annoying thing is listening to the rhetoric by the Dems extolling the virtues of the deal, knowing full well there are no thorough inspections and NONE on their military sites. Nothing short of a complete joke.
commented 2017-10-07 20:05:00 -0400
trudeau should be exiled out of Canada..I hope all the Canadian important data was locked up and kept out of the current liberals treasonous eyes as they are clearly an incompetent bunch of Losers..
commented 2017-10-07 16:33:18 -0400
Scrapping this deal and (others) with I ran is an integral part of the US cutting off Iranian energy so domestic oil and shale gas development booms.
commented 2017-10-07 16:04:10 -0400
commented 2017-10-07 14:33:41 -0400
Well done, President Trump. You will wake up the Chinese and Hobble Iran.

A couple of Ground Burst Hydrogen bombs at the base of that mountain, where Iran’s underground Nuke Labs are, would also help to make these people realize that America is back again.

It is a pity Whacko Bama returned all their millions to them, typical Democrat, Brain dead.
commented 2017-10-07 11:31:20 -0400
That was a very dangerous deal – initiated by the evil black president of America.

Be aware it was done to make Iran nuclear capable as that evil black president supports islam much as the leader of Canada does – and at the same time both hate Israel.

Israel has many problems but it is the only country in the middle east that is a democracy.

Iran and the evil black president – as well as the Canadian prime minister and his islamic staff – hate Israel – it was a deal made in hell.

Someday Iran will indeed use nukes – and it may very well force Israel in to a first strike position. Something they do not want to do but might be forced to do.