February 09, 2017

Trump-style 'Muslim ban' has widespread support — in Europe

Rebel Staff

European attitudes to Muslim immigration are reportedly in line with Donald Trump’s — in fact, according to a new poll, an average of 55% of Europeans agree with the notion that ‘all further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped’. 

The study, carried out by UK-based think-tank Chatham House found that “majorities in all but two of the ten states [surveyed] agreed” with the aforementioned notion — 71% in Poland, 65% in Austria, 64% in Hungary and Belgium, 61% in France, 58% in Greece, 53% in Germany, and 51% in Italy. A sizeable minority of 47% in the United Kingdom and 41% in Spain disagreed.

The report, which was executed before President Trump’s executive order was announced, concludes that “public opposition to any further migration from predominantly Muslim states is by no means confined to Trump’s electorate in the U.S. but is fairly widespread” — “with the exception of Poland, these countries [the eight in agreement] have either been at the centre of the refugee crisis or experienced terror attacks in recent years” — since January 2015, a seemingly arbitrary date, the people of Paris, Nice, Brussels and Berlin have all witnessed, first hand, the ferocity of rampant Islamic fundamentalism.

And it’s no coincidence that in these states it has transpired that right-wing parties are taking hold, have “entrenched [themselves] as a political force”, and are excitedly keen to make significant gains at the ballot box in 2017. As the report states, “these right-wing parties reflect an underlying reservoir of public support.”

A socio-demographic breakdown of the study is equally “sobering”. A chart compiled by the authors of the report — Professor Matthew Goodwin, Thomas Raines, and David Cutts — shows just how ‘across-the-board’ the support for a curb on migration from mainly Muslim countries is. Not one socio-demographic grouping — whether that’s young people between the ages of 18 and 29 or those with advanced degrees — dips below 44%. In fact, as the report also states, there is even little disagreement between Left and Right.

Ultimately, the sentiment across Europe is clear — people are anxious about mass migration from mostly Muslim countries. And it’s politicians and parties on the Right, those that are proposing that we confront that, that are rising to new heights.

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commented 2017-02-11 09:46:44 -0500
And it’s not just terrorists we should be worried about. Anyone supporting sharia law should be denied entry.
commented 2017-02-11 09:44:32 -0500
Im betting the one’s that support more Muslim immigrants are Muslims themselves. Or delusional, suicidal white liberals.
commented 2017-02-11 07:07:34 -0500
I think it’s Myanmar where the Muslims are segregated from the population, and the Muslims don’t have the right to vote in their elections. We need that here in Canada. Only I would prefer for them to be segregated from our population and living in the Middle East where they came from. I just wouldn’t have taken one in after 9/11, they disqualified themselves from living among the civilized with that attack, and continue to prove they are violent, savage, barbarians with each new attack . And yet many Canadians and Americans still insist on welcoming these hostile invaders. I just wonder what would it take for these people to change their position, regarding the depraved, evil ideology of Islam and the Muslims?
commented 2017-02-11 00:20:04 -0500
Thomas. You are correct sir. Maybe more than you know.
commented 2017-02-10 19:05:31 -0500
Why there has not been an Islamist terrorist attack in Poland? Poles have quickly learned from the mistakes of the West and as a result are preventing Muslims from claiming refugee status in their country.

Generally Poles think that Muslims come to Europe often to take advantage of the welfare system and granting them citizenship will eventually result with the rest of the country working for the benefits and ultimately for their retirement pensions. You can not deny that this view has merits in European reality: the rate of unemployment among Moslems in France in 2000 was 40%+ and a huge chunk of the France’s 5+ million Muslims live in social housing. Search: Being Muslim in France – Brookings Institution for details.

The predominantly catholic Poles also resent the Muslims’ claim to Allah being the only God.

There is hardly any political correctness practiced in Poland. On YouTube you can find clips with people displaying and chanting anti-muslim slogans before or during sport events. The current Polish government is in power largely a result of these attitudes.
commented 2017-02-10 18:27:01 -0500
To Whom It May Concern,

You know what? I’m sick and tired of hearing that our rights and freedoms are being taken away from us! I’m sick and tired of hearing that our Prime Minister and others are secretly accepting and passing motions through Parliament that gravely affect us Canadians, and yet, not a single motion is being presented to have he and his cronies charged with treason! What’s up with that! Yes, I mean treason! He obviously is NOT taking into consideration the well-being of his own people, but is setting the stage for their blood bath instead!

He recently had a cabinet shuffle that very conveniently placed a Somali-born Muslim at the helm of Nova Scotia’s Department of Immigration! We can count on him to throw wide open the gates to the country! Furthermore, he was under charges of assaulting his wife prior to Tootsie Trudeau appointing him to this position! TT knew that too! I’ll bet this man, like Mike Duffy and so many others will beat his charges too!

I also believe that our Federal Minister of Defense is a Muslim…it doesn’t get any better than that for our enemy! All the bases are covered for taking down our nation and killing us off…

Maybe someone living near Ottawa who is reading this can start a lobby to have TT charged and indicted for treason! People in the military get charged with it, and they’ve done nothing to this magnitude! I’d prefer to have them sell a national “secret” once in awhile as opposed to what Tootsie Trudeau is doing!

I called an MP this afternoon and left a message that I want to see such a charge brought about! He’s in session until the end of Feb., so I’ll be preparing for his phone call! Considering Muslims are against the LGBT faction, and he is a married man to another, this should hopefully get his attention, and hopefully a loud roar from their corner! I’ll be armed with my Qur’an to educated him on this “peaceful” religion. I’m NOT Muslim; I have such, to keep me informed and to show others what it is all about…in their own “holy” blood-letting book!

I would strongly suggest that everybody get one, so you can also be informed and see what you future is if you don’t convert to Islam. It will be short, I can guarantee you that!

It’s no good to sign petitions and to murmur amongst ourselves! We need someone to write up some motions to present to Ottawa in OUR defense! If the enemy can do it, why can’t we?
commented 2017-02-10 13:08:25 -0500
The average liberal is either clueless or intellectually dishonest. Keep seeing posts saying the President can’t discriminate based on religion. But that is NOT what this ban does. I would love a Muslim ban, but it would never get past the Supreme Court. So Trump did the only thing he could, and put through a temporary ban on a handful of high risk countries, with him left with the ability to make exceptions case by case. The court has no right to micromanage Executive actions. And this action does NOT discriminate based on race or religion.

Another lawsuit is in the works to challenge Trump’s decision to rip out regulations in the resource sector. This is insane. The GOP never tried to use the courts to micromanage Obama. Trump needs to put a stop to this.
commented 2017-02-10 12:24:45 -0500
Redmonton and Calgary ctv, cbc nor global are not coverin the muslim refugee assault at all, nor Calgary Sun and Redmonton Sun and other media outlets. Bet you anything, this despicable act will be swept under the rug again.
commented 2017-02-10 10:23:40 -0500
W. Euro settlers were/are evil to change native life. Sharia, not so much. Lib logic.
commented 2017-02-10 02:05:39 -0500
And it’s too bad they didn’t extend that same poll to the Baltic States where the count would have been in the 99 per cent range… Anyhoo…. A long, hot, summer coming in Europe to be sure…
commented 2017-02-10 02:00:54 -0500
“Oh Poop!.. So the Europeans are not the submissive sheep we expected them to be..”… Angela Merkel
commented 2017-02-10 01:37:39 -0500
Liza Rosie
“Learn from Europe. Anyone who proclaims to love their country shouldn’t want to completely transform it into something else. …”

Not just Europe but that of Australia as well (Australia repealed their carbon tax). Liberals are steadfast in their determination to ignore what has gone on in other countries and what the end result already is in other countries. Liberalism (socialism) is a mental disorder that interferes with the logical cognitive processes. In other words Liza you are asking for the impossible from the Liberals, Liberals do not think nor comprehend future repercussions from their current actions nor do they care.
commented 2017-02-09 22:56:41 -0500
NDP Sucks———Why do women continue to vote for the perverted dork ? They are not women yet , they are giddy young girls that are so far behind adulthood , that they won’t be mature until they are 40 . Some men have the same problem, but a much smaller %.

commented 2017-02-09 22:04:24 -0500
I am not in favour of a temporary ban of muslim immigration. A permanent ban is more appropriate plus immediate deportation for any immigrant that is convicted of a crime. All the justification is contained in the Koran so there is no hate speech involved. What happened yesterday at the West Edmonton Mall Water Park is a perfect example of what will continue under the Trudeau policy and what is truly amazing is women will continue to vote for this perverted dork.
commented 2017-02-09 21:51:12 -0500
This is the same argument as when communism was infiltrating N. America and trying to establish itself.
Daryl Herman is right. I have written emails to various sources saying this very thing. The ‘Terrorist Countries’ identified by this temporary ban were the ‘Terrorist Countries’ identified by the Obama administration.
Why don’t they (Trump’s people) keep reminding the public of this!
commented 2017-02-09 21:28:57 -0500
Learn from Europe.
Anyone who proclaims to love their country shouldn’t want to completely transform it into something else. Justin Trudeau wants to ruin Canada and if you look around he is doing a pretty good job in all areas. He doesn’t love it he wants to change everything about it that most Canadians cherish. I believe Trump really does love America and wants it to retain its identity. There is a difference between a country being a ‘melting pot’ as the U.S. has always been, and multiculturalism which is the mess we are creating in Canada. Canadians can only dream of having a leader who had the foresight to put a temporary ban on immigrants from problematic countries. Unfortunately we will be swamped by those locked out by Trump.
commented 2017-02-09 21:13:29 -0500
The lugenpresse and regressive left will insist this only reflects the “Nazi” vote, therefore democracy, like free speech, should be done away with.
commented 2017-02-09 21:02:55 -0500
Daryl Herman right on, and of course the progressive hypocrites are fine with Muslim countries and their Israel ban , fore some reason that is not a Jew ban.
commented 2017-02-09 20:44:54 -0500
I’m with Daryl Herman with his post 18 minutes ago.
commented 2017-02-09 20:36:12 -0500
What will it take for Canadians to get it?
commented 2017-02-09 20:24:33 -0500
It was NOT a Muslim ban!!! Stop promoting bullshit! That title is a lie!
commented 2017-02-09 19:57:44 -0500
MARILYN NEILSON commented 2 hours ago
All I can say is: what the heck is wrong with the self-destructive thinking in the U.K. and Spain? Perhaps they have not had to experience enough Islamic terrorist brutality to wake up? Just wondering….

Marilyn, In the UK, to sign that petition would be considered a Hate Crime and you would be Jailed if caught signing it. My guess is that a lot of people declined signing, for this very reason.
commented 2017-02-09 19:32:55 -0500
Betcha the Communist Broadcast Corp, propaganda arm of Trudope and the Lieberals never report on this…………….
commented 2017-02-09 18:48:56 -0500
Well some good (hopeful?) news for a change. I’m surprised that the authors of this poll aren’t being charged with hate speech.
commented 2017-02-09 18:12:12 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,783 Attacks, 210,106 Killed, 293,764 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-02-09 17:52:58 -0500
All I can say is: what the heck is wrong with the self-destructive thinking in the U.K. and Spain? Perhaps they have not had to experience enough Islamic terrorist brutality to wake up? Just wondering….