September 26, 2017

Trump's expanded travel ban puts North Korea, Venezuela on notice

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I discussed President Trump's newest travel ban with expert immigration lawyer Guidy Mamann.

Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela have all been added to the travel ban list, while Sudan has been removed. The addition of these nations signals a shift in Trump's foreign policy that will include targeting rogue regimes.

North Korea has been developing nuclear weapons and firing missiles over Japan, an ally of the United States. Trump has made clear he will respond to North Korean aggression with "fire and fury"their inclusion in the travel ban is part of a larger American response.

Venezuela's socialist dictatorship recently conducted a sham election that granted Nicolas Maduro even more control over a nation descending into chaos. Trump placing them on the ban list comes after America lead the world in placing economic sanctions on Venezuela.

WATCH our full discussion to see how Trudeau, a supporter of mass migration and open borders, will respond to the revamped travel ban.

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