August 09, 2018

Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star isn't going anywhere

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor

If you're angry about reports that President Trump's star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame might be removed by the authorities, I'm here as a resident of Los Angeles to tell you why you can probably stop worrying:


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commented 2018-08-09 22:01:03 -0400
Amanda – are you Laura Loomer’s sister? – no worries – you are both very attractive Conservative Ladies! – with so much in common.
commented 2018-08-09 21:26:55 -0400
Went from theatre actors and especially actresses being considered the lowest of the low a few hundred years ago, to actors and actresses portraying very good people with actual morals during the golden age of Hollywood . . . to this. Isn’t it interesting that with good role models, men were strong and tried to be decent, and women tried to be the same, but with Tarantino-type direction we have almost no reason to see a movie anymore.